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District Assessment Coordinators

DACs must be registered with the Office of Student Assessment and approved by the district Superintendent in order to access state assessment data, secure sites, and receive important communications from our office and assessment vendors. Click Here for the DAC Appointment Form.


Note: You can use the alphabetical list below to limit the list by the first letter of the district name.

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Sorted alphabetically by district name

District: Academy 20
District Code: 1040
Name: Jolynn Patterson
Address: 1110 Chapel Hills Drive
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80920
Work Phone: 719-234-1334
Fax Number: 719-234-1299
Email Address:


District: Adams 12 Five Star Schools
District Code: 20
Name: Melissa Sivernell
Address: 1500 E. 128th Ave.
City: Thornton
Zip Code: 80241
Work Phone: 720-972-4139
Fax Number: 720-972-3880
Email Address:


District: Adams County 14
District Code: 30
Name: Heidi Shaw
Address: 5291 E. 60th Avenue
City: Commerce City
Zip Code: 80022
Work Phone: 303-853-3215
Fax Number: 720-322-8139
Email Address:


District: Adams-Arapahoe 28J
District Code: 180
Name: Kimberly Patten
Address: 15751 E. First Ave
City: Aurora
Zip Code: 80011
Work Phone: 303-340-0861
Ext: 28335
Fax Number: 303-326-2053
Email Address:


District: Agate 300
District Code: 960
Name: Jolene Chambers
Address: PO Box 118
City: Agate
Zip Code: 80101
Work Phone: 719-764-2741
Fax Number: 719-764-2751
Email Address:


District: Aguilar RE-6
District Code: 1620
Name: Sara Dembs
Address: PO Box 567
City: Aguilar
Zip Code: 81020
Work Phone: 719-941-4188
Fax Number: 719-941-4279
Email Address:


District: Akron R-1
District Code: 3030
Name: Britney Weers
Address: 600 Elm Avenue
City: Akron
Zip Code: 80720
Work Phone: 970-345-0612
Fax Number: 970-345-2827
Email Address:


District: Alamosa RE- 11J
District Code: 100
Name: Tracy Wetzler
Address: 209 Victoria Ave
City: Alamosa
Zip Code: 81101
Work Phone: 719-587-1600
Fax Number: 719-587-1712
Email Address:


District: Archuleta County 50JT
District Code: 220
Name: David Hamilton
Address: PO Box 1498
City: Pagosa Springs
Zip Code: 81147
Work Phone: 970-264-2228
Ext: 405
Fax Number: 970-264-4631
Email Address:


District: Arickaree R-2
District Code: 3040
Name: Ronda Peeples
Address: 12155 County Rd. NN
City: Anton
Zip Code: 80801
Work Phone: 970-383-2202
Ext: 16
Fax Number: 970-383-2205
Email Address:


District: Arriba-Flagler C-20
District Code: 1450
Name: Sarah Smithburg
Address: PO Box 218
City: Flagler
Zip Code: 80815
Work Phone: 719-765-4684
Ext: 237
Fax Number: 719-765-4418
Email Address:


District: Aspen 1
District Code: 2640
Name: Tom Heald
Address: 235 High School Road
City: Aspen
Zip Code: 81611
Work Phone: 970-925-3760
Ext: 4005
Fax Number: 970-925-5721
Email Address:


District: Bayfield 10JT-R
District Code: 1530
Name: Karen Rodberg
Address: 24 Clover Street
City: Bayfield
Zip Code: 81122
Work Phone: 970-884-5509
Fax Number: 970-884-4284
Email Address:


District: Bennett 29J
District Code: 50
Name: Laurie Warren
Address: 610 7th Street
City: Bennett
Zip Code: 80102
Work Phone: 303-644-3234
Ext: 7224
Fax Number: 303-644-2894
Email Address:


District: Bethune R-5
District Code: 1490
Name: Stachia Rice
Address: PO Box 127
City: Bethune
Zip Code: 80805
Work Phone: 719-346-7513
Ext: 107
Fax Number: 719-346-5048
Email Address:


District: Big Sandy 100J
District Code: 940
Name: Chad Thieman
Address: PO Box 68
City: Simla
Zip Code: 80835
Work Phone: 719-541-2291
Fax Number: 719-541-2443
Email Address:


District: Boulder Valley RE-2
District Code: 480
Name: Brigitte Mutter
Address: 6500 East Arapahoe
City: Boulder
Zip Code: 80303
Work Phone: 720-561-5147
Fax Number: 720 561 5538
Email Address:


District: Branson RE-82
District Code: 1750
Name: Kelly Kenney
Address: 8690 Crow Cut Off
City: Pueblo
Zip Code: 81004
Work Phone: 719-248-7184
Fax Number: 719-676-2116
Email Address:


District: Brush RE-2J
District Code: 2395
Name: William Wilson
Address: PO Box 585
City: Brush
Zip Code: 80723
Work Phone: 970-842-5176
Ext: 203
Fax Number: 970-842-4481
Email Address:


District: Buena Vista R-31
District Code: 490
Name: Lisa Yates
Address: PO Box 2021
City: Buena Vista
Zip Code: 81211
Work Phone: 719-395-7005
Fax Number: 719-395-7007
Email Address:


District: Buffalo RE-4
District Code: 1860
Name: Courtney Rank
Address: 315 Lee Street
City: Merino
Zip Code: 80741
Work Phone: 970-522-7229
Ext: 219
Fax Number: 970-522-1541
Email Address:


District: Burlington RE-6J
District Code: 1500
Name: Brenda Miltenberger
Address: 380 Mike Lounge Drive
City: Burlington
Zip Code: 80807
Work Phone: 719-346-8455
Fax Number: 719-346-5599
Email Address:


District: Byers 32J
District Code: 190
Name: Kelly Boren
Address: 444 East Front St
City: Byers
Zip Code: 80103
Work Phone: 303-822-5292
Ext: 1115
Fax Number: 303-822-9592
Email Address:


District: Calhan RJ-1
District Code: 970
Name: James Rotenberry
Address: 780 8th Street
City: Calhan
Zip Code: 80808
Work Phone: 719-347-2766
Ext: 308
Fax Number: 719-347-2144
Email Address:


District: Campo RE-6
District Code: 270
Name: Kim Jenkins
Address: PO Box 70
City: Campo
Zip Code: 81029
Work Phone: 719-787-2226
Fax Number: 719-787-0140
Email Address:


District: Caņon City RE-1
District Code: 1140
Name: Adam Hartman
Address: 101 North 14th St
City: Caņon City
Zip Code: 81212
Work Phone: 719-276-5710
Fax Number: 719-276-5739
Email Address:


District: Centennial BOCES
District Code: 9035
Name: Mark Rangel
Address: 2020 Clubhouse Drive
City: Greeley
Zip Code: 80634
Work Phone: 970-352-7404
Ext: 1122
Fax Number: 970-352-7350
Email Address:


District: Centennial R-1
District Code: 640
Name: Brian Crowther
Address: PO Box 350
City: San Luis
Zip Code: 81152
Work Phone: 719-672-3322
Ext: 3403
Fax Number: 719-372-3345
Email Address:


District: Center 26-JT
District Code: 2810
Name: Lori Cooper
Address: 550 S. Sylvester Ave
City: Center
Zip Code: 81125
Work Phone: 719-754-3442
Fax Number: 719-754-3952
Email Address:


District: Charter School Institute
District Code: 8001
Name: Ryan Marks
Address: 1580 Logan St, Suite 210
City: Denver
Zip Code: 80203
Work Phone: 303-866-2572
Fax Number: 303-866-2530
Email Address:


District: Cheraw 31
District Code: 2560
Name: Todd Werner
Address: 110 Lakeview Ave
City: La Junta
Zip Code: 81030
Work Phone: 719-853-6645
Fax Number: 719-853-6322
Email Address:


District: Cherry Creek 5
District Code: 130
Name: Linda Elliott
Address: 5416 S. Riveria Way
City: Aurora
Zip Code: 80015
Work Phone: 720-554-5008
Fax Number: 720-554-5088
Email Address:


District: Cheyenne County RE-5
District Code: 520
Name: Mary Jo Tallman
Address: PO Box 577
City: Cheyenne Wells
Zip Code: 80810
Work Phone: 719-767-5612
Ext: 1002
Fax Number: 719-767-5574
Email Address:


District: Cheyenne Mountain 12
District Code: 1020
Name: John Fogarty
Address: 1775 LeClede St
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80905
Work Phone: 719-475-6100
Ext: 14
Fax Number: 719-475-6106
Email Address:


District: Clear Creek RE-1
District Code: 540
Name: Michelle McNeil
Address: 185 Beaver Brook Canyon Rd
City: Evergreen
Zip Code: 80439
Work Phone: 303-679-4653
Fax Number: 303-679-4690
Email Address:


District: Colorado Digital BOCES
District Code: 9170
Name: Phillip Williams
Address: 4035 Tutt Blvd
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80922
Work Phone: 719-418-5276
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind
District Code: 9000
Name: Tera Wilkins
Address: 33 North Institute St
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80903
Work Phone: 719-578-2184
Fax Number: 719-578-2239
Email Address:


District: Colorado Springs 11
District Code: 1010
Name: Janeen Demi-Smith
Address: 1033 N. Franklin Street
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80903
Work Phone: 719-520-2252
Fax Number: 719-520-2388
Email Address:


District: Cotopaxi RE-3
District Code: 1160
Name: Amber Canterbury
Address: 345 CR 12
City: Cotopaxi
Zip Code: 81223
Work Phone: 719-942-4131
Ext: 246
Fax Number: 719-942-4134
Email Address:


District: Creede Consolidated School
District Code: 2010
Name: Johanna Gray
Address: PO Box 429
City: Mineral
Zip Code: 81130
Work Phone: 719-658-2220
Fax Number: 719-658-2942
Email Address:


District: Cripple Creek-Victor RE-1
District Code: 3010
Name: Stephanie Korb
Address: 410 North B Street
City: Cripple Creek
Zip Code: 80813
Work Phone: 719-689-2685
Ext: 213
Fax Number: 719-689-2256
Email Address:


District: Crowley County RE-1J
District Code: 770
Name: Trish Guillermo
Address: 1001 Main Street
City: Ordway
Zip Code: 81063
Work Phone: 719-267-3582
Fax Number: 719-267-3585
Email Address:


District: Custer County C-1
District Code: 860
Name: Joy Parrish
Address: PO Box 730
City: Westcliffe
Zip Code: 81252
Work Phone: 719-783-4930
Fax Number: 719-783-4944
Email Address:


District: DeBeque 49 JT
District Code: 1980
Name: Amy Largent
Address: PO Box 70
City: DeBeque
Zip Code: 81630
Work Phone: 970-283-5596
Ext: 403
Fax Number: 970-283-5598
Email Address:


District: Deer Trail 26-J
District Code: 170
Name: Krista Rector
Address: PO Box 129
City: Deer Trail
Zip Code: 80105
Work Phone: 303-769-4421
Fax Number: 303-769-4812
Email Address:


District: Del Norte C7
District Code: 2730
Name: Tracy Madrid
Address: 770 11th St.
City: Del Norte
Zip Code: 81132
Work Phone: 719-657-4040
Ext: 1003
Fax Number: 719-657-3082
Email Address:


District: Delta County 50J
District Code: 870
Name: Kurt Clay
Address: 7655-2075 Road
City: Delta
Zip Code: 81416
Work Phone: 970-874-4438
Ext: 2113
Fax Number: 970-874-5744
Email Address:


District: Denver County 1
District Code: 880
Name: Rochanda Jackson
Address: 1860 Lincoln, 10th Floor
City: Denver
Zip Code: 80203
Work Phone: 720-423-3758
Fax Number: 720-423-3646
Email Address:


District: Division of Youth
District Code: 9991
Name: Christy Lehnerz
Address: 4141 S. Julian Way
City: Denver
Zip Code: 80236
Work Phone: 303-866-7973
Fax Number: 303-866-7930
Email Address:


District: Dolores County RE-2J
District Code: 890
Name: Ty Gray
Address: PO Box 459
City: Dove Creek
Zip Code: 81324
Work Phone: 970-677-2237
Ext: 205
Fax Number: 970-677-2927
Email Address:


District: Dolores RE-4A
District Code: 2055
Name: Scott Cooper
Address: PO Box 727
City: Dolores
Zip Code: 81323
Work Phone: 970-882-7255
Ext: 222
Fax Number: 970-882-7685
Email Address:


District: Douglas County RE-1
District Code: 900
Name: Kelly Kirkpatrick
Address: 620 Wilcox
City: Castle Rock
Zip Code: 80104
Work Phone: 303-387-0040
Fax Number: 303-387-0281
Email Address:


District: Durango 9-R
District Code: 1520
Name: Christy Bloomquist
Address: 201 East 12th Street
City: Durango
Zip Code: 81301
Work Phone: 970-247-5411
Ext: 1420
Fax Number: 970-247-9581
Email Address:


District: Eads RE-1
District Code: 1430
Name: LaDawne Britten
Address: 210 West 10th Street
City: Eads
Zip Code: 81036
Work Phone: 719-438-2218
Fax Number: 719-438-2272
Email Address:


District: Eagle County RE-50J
District Code: 910
Name: Heather Eberts
Address: PO Box 740
City: Eagle
Zip Code: 81631
Work Phone: 970-328-1920
Fax Number: 970-328-1024
Email Address:


District: East Grand 2
District Code: 1350
Name: Kelly Martin
Address: 299 County Rd. 611, Box 125
City: Granby
Zip Code: 80446
Work Phone: 970-887-3312
Fax Number: 970-887-9565
Email Address:


District: East Otero R-1
District Code: 2520
Name: Corrie Jones
Address: 301 Raton Ave.
City: La Junta
Zip Code: 81050
Work Phone: 719-384-6902
Fax Number: 719-384-6910
Email Address:


District: Eaton RE-2
District Code: 3085
Name: Bridgette Muse
Address: 211 1st Street
City: Eaton
Zip Code: 80615
Work Phone: 970-454-3402
Fax Number: 970-454-2926
Email Address:


District: Edison 54-JT
District Code: 1120
Name: Patrick Bershinsky
Address: 14550 Edison Road
City: Yoder
Zip Code: 80864
Work Phone: 719-478-2125
Fax Number: 719-478-3000
Email Address:


District: Elbert 200
District Code: 950
Name: Lauren Millard
Address: PO Box 38
City: Elbert
Zip Code: 80106
Work Phone: 303-648-3030
Fax Number: 303-648-3652
Email Address:


District: Eligible Facilities
District Code: 9990
Name: Dede Landry
Address: 1150 Broadway, Suite 1175
City: Denver
Zip Code: 80203
Work Phone: 303-905-2871
Fax Number: None
Email Address:


District: Elizabeth C1
District Code: 920
Name: Robert McMullen
Address: 589 S. Banner St., PO Box 610
City: Elizabeth
Zip Code: 80107
Work Phone: 303-646-1798
Fax Number: 303-646-1329
Email Address:


District: Ellicott 22
District Code: 1050
Name: Diane Garduno
Address: 395 South Ellicott Hwy
City: Ellicott
Zip Code: 80808
Work Phone: 719-683-2700
Ext: 2208
Fax Number: 719-683-4442
Email Address:


District: Englewood 1
District Code: 120
Name: Joanna Polzin
Address: 4101 South Bannock St
City: Englewood
Zip Code: 80110
Work Phone: 303-806-2013
Fax Number: 303-806-2064
Email Address:


District: Estes Park R-3
District Code: 1570
Name: Kevin Aten
Address: 1605 Brodie Ave
City: Estes Park
Zip Code: 80517
Work Phone: 970-586-2361
Ext: 3016
Fax Number: 970-586-1108
Email Address:


District: Expeditionary BOCES
District Code: 9130
Name: Marci Elder
Address: 1700 South Holly St
City: Denver
Zip Code: 80222
Work Phone: 303-759-2076
Ext: 2226
Fax Number: 303-757-7442
Email Address:


District: Falcon 49
District Code: 1110
Name: Kathleen Granaas
Address: 10850 E. Woodmen Rd
City: Falcon
Zip Code: 80831
Work Phone: 719-494-8949
Fax Number: 719-495-1157
Email Address:


District: Fort Morgan RE-3
District Code: 2405
Name: Rena Frasco
Address: 715 West Platte Ave.
City: Fort Morgan
Zip Code: 80701
Work Phone: 970-370-6113
Fax Number: 970-867-0262
Email Address:


District: Fountain 8
District Code: 1000
Name: Jacqueline S. Law
Address: 10665 Jimmy Camp Rd
City: Fountain
Zip Code: 80817
Work Phone: 719-382-1570
Fax Number: 719-382-7338
Email Address:


District: Fowler R-4J
District Code: 2540
Name: Steven Grasmick
Address: PO Box 218
City: Fowler
Zip Code: 81039
Work Phone: 719-263-4224
Fax Number: 719-263-4625
Email Address:


District: Fremont RE-2
District Code: 1150
Name: Maria Fieth
Address: 403 West 5th Street
City: Florence
Zip Code: 81226
Work Phone: 719-784-6312
Ext: 2514
Fax Number: 719-784-6040
Email Address:


District: Frenchman RE-3
District Code: 1850
Name: Randy Stahley
Address: 506 North Fremont Ave
City: Fleming
Zip Code: 80728
Work Phone: 970-265-2111
Ext: 330
Fax Number: 970-265-2029
Email Address:


District: Garfield 16
District Code: 1220
Name: Brad Ray
Address: PO Box 68
City: Parachute
Zip Code: 81635
Work Phone: 970-285-5700
Ext: 5103
Fax Number: 970-285-5711
Email Address:


District: Garfield RE-2
District Code: 1195
Name: Julie Knowles
Address: 839 Whiteriver Ave
City: Rifle
Zip Code: 81650
Work Phone: 970-665-7639
Fax Number: 970-655-7623
Email Address:


District: Genoa Hugo C113
District Code: 1780
Name: Shari Humphrey
Address: PO Box 247
City: Hugo
Zip Code: 80821
Work Phone: 719-743-2428
Fax Number: 719-743-2194
Email Address:


District: Gilpin County RE-1
District Code: 1330
Name: David MacKenzie
Address: 10595 Highway 119
City: Black Hawk
Zip Code: 80422
Work Phone: 303-582-3444
Ext: 3102
Fax Number: 303-582-3346
Email Address:


District: Granada RE-1
District Code: 2650
Name: Lorretta Sanchez
Address: PO Box 259
City: Granada
Zip Code: 81041
Work Phone: 719-734-5492
Fax Number: 719-734-5495
Email Address:


District: Gunnison Watershed RE-1J
District Code: 1360
Name: Shari Sullivan-Marshall
Address: 800 North Blvd Street
City: Gunnison
Zip Code: 81230
Work Phone: 970-641-7760
Ext: 2901
Fax Number: 970-641-7777
Email Address:


District: Hanover 28
District Code: 1070
Name: Danielle Van Esselstine
Address: 17050 S. Peyton Hwy
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80928
Work Phone: 719-683-2247
Ext: 203
Fax Number: 719-683-3805
Email Address:


District: Harrison 2
District Code: 980
Name: Laurie Eastup
Address: 1060 Harrison Road
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80905
Work Phone: 719-579-2660
Fax Number: 719-579-2019
Email Address:


District: Haxtun RE-2J
District Code: 2630
Name: Alan Coffin
Address: 201 West Powell Street
City: Haxtun
Zip Code: 80731
Work Phone: 970-774-6111
Fax Number: 970-774-7568
Email Address:


District: Hayden RE-1
District Code: 2760
Name: Lauren Burns
Address: 495 W. Jefferson Ave.
City: Hayden
Zip Code: 81639
Work Phone: 970-276-3761
Fax Number: 970-276-4374
Email Address:


District: Hinsdale County RE-1
District Code: 1380
Name: Dan Wampler
Address: PO Box 39
City: Lake City
Zip Code: 81235
Work Phone: 970-944-2314
Fax Number: 970-944-2662
Email Address:


District: Hi-Plains R-23
District Code: 1460
Name: Dorothy Leoffler
Address: 350 Patriot Drive, PO Box 238
City: Seibert
Zip Code: 80834
Work Phone: 970-664-2636
Fax Number: 970-664-2283
Email Address:


District: Hoehne RE-3
District Code: 1600
Name: Michele Jones
Address: 19851 CR 75.1 PO Box 91
City: Hoehne
Zip Code: 81046
Work Phone: 719-846-4457
Ext: 101
Fax Number: 719-846-4450
Email Address:


District: Holly RE-3
District Code: 2670
Name: Heather Flint
Address: 201 N Main
City: Holly
Zip Code: 81047
Work Phone: 719-537-6662
Fax Number: 719-537-0822
Email Address:


District: Holyoke RE-1J
District Code: 2620
Name: Angela Powell
Address: 435 S. Morlan Avenue
City: Holyoke
Zip Code: 80734
Work Phone: 970-854-2284
Ext: 154
Fax Number: 970-854-4578
Email Address:


District: Huerfano RE-1
District Code: 1390
Name: Carey Jones
Address: 201 East 5th Street
City: Walsenburg
Zip Code: 81089
Work Phone: 719-738-1520
Fax Number: 719-738-5746
Email Address:


District: Idalia RJ-3
District Code: 3220
Name: Kelli Kite
Address: 26845 CR 9.2
City: Idalia
Zip Code: 80735
Work Phone: 970-354-7298
Fax Number: 970-354-7416
Email Address:


District: Ignacio 11-JT
District Code: 1540
Name: Kathryn Pokorney
Address: PO Box 460
City: Ignacio
Zip Code: 81137
Work Phone: 970-563-0650
Fax Number: 970-563-4537
Email Address:


District: Jefferson County R-1
District Code: 1420
Name: Carol Eaton
Address: 1829 Denver West Dr. #27
City: Golden
Zip Code: 80401
Work Phone: 303-982-6565
Fax Number: 303-982-0841
Email Address:


District: Julesburg RE-1
District Code: 2862
Name: Rhonda Palic
Address: 525 Spruce Street
City: Julesburg
Zip Code: 80737
Work Phone: 970-474-3318
Ext: 312
Fax Number: 970-474-3319
Email Address:


District: Karval RE-23
District Code: 1810
Name: McKenzi Stone
Address: PO Box 5
City: Karval
Zip Code: 80823
Work Phone: 719-446-5311
Fax Number: 719-446-5332
Email Address:


District: Kim Reogranized 88
District Code: 1760
Name: Michelle Wait
Address: PO Box 100
City: Kim
Zip Code: 81049
Work Phone: 719-643-5295
Ext: 229
Fax Number: 719-643-5299
Email Address:


District: Kiowa C-2
District Code: 930
Name: Elizabeth Morrone
Address: PO Box 128
City: Kiowa
Zip Code: 80117
Work Phone: 303-621-2115
Ext: 3005
Fax Number: 303-621-2566
Email Address:


District: Kit Carson RE-1
District Code: 510
Name: Penny Isenbart
Address: Box 185
City: Kit Carson
Zip Code: 80825
Work Phone: 719-962-3219
Fax Number: 719-962-3317
Email Address:


District: La Veta RE-2
District Code: 1400
Name: Gaye Davis
Address: PO Box 85
City: La Veta
Zip Code: 81055
Work Phone: 719-742-3662
Ext: 13
Fax Number: 719-742-5799
Email Address:


District: Lake County R-1
District Code: 1510
Name: Bunny Taylor
Address: 107 Spruce Street
City: Leadville
Zip Code: 80461
Work Phone: 719-486-6800
Fax Number: 719-486-2048
Email Address:


District: Lamar RE-2
District Code: 2660
Name: Kett Winsor
Address: 210 W. Pearl Street
City: Lamar
Zip Code: 81052
Work Phone: 719-336-3251
Fax Number: 719-336-2817
Email Address:


District: Las Animas RE-1
District Code: 290
Name: Addie Wallace
Address: 1021 2nd Street
City: Las Animas
Zip Code: 81054
Work Phone: 719-456-0211
Fax Number: 719-456-0932
Email Address:


District: Lewis-Palmer 38
District Code: 1080
Name: Lori Benton
Address: 146 Jefferson St. PO Box 40
City: Monument
Zip Code: 80132
Work Phone: 719-785-4207
Fax Number: 719-785-4219
Email Address:


District: Liberty J-4
District Code: 3230
Name: Laura Keeler
Address: 9332 Highway 36
City: Joes
Zip Code: 80822
Work Phone: 970-358-4288
Ext: 16
Fax Number: 970-358-4282
Email Address:


District: Limon RE-4J
District Code: 1790
Name: Shirelle Bandy
Address: PO Box 249
City: Limon
Zip Code: 80828
Work Phone: 719-775-2350
Ext: 321
Fax Number: 719-775-9052
Email Address:


District: Littleton 6
District Code: 140
Name: Patti Turner
Address: 5776 South Crocker St
City: Littleton
Zip Code: 80120
Work Phone: 303-347-3437
Fax Number: 303-347-3480
Email Address:


District: Lone Star 101
District Code: 3060
Name: Mike Bowers
Address: 44940 CR 54
City: Otis
Zip Code: 80743
Work Phone: 970-848-2778
Fax Number: 970-848-0340
Email Address:


District: Mancos RE-6
District Code: 2070
Name: Adam Priestley
Address: 355 W. Grand Ave
City: Mancos
Zip Code: 81328
Work Phone: 970-533-7746
Ext: 426
Fax Number: 970-533-7537
Email Address:


District: Manitou Springs 14
District Code: 1030
Name: Chris Briggs-Hale
Address: 405 El Monte Place
City: Manitou Springs
Zip Code: 80829
Work Phone: 719-685-2024
Fax Number: 719-685-4536
Email Address:


District: Manzanola 3-J
District Code: 2535
Name: Rhonda Bohlander
Address: PO Box 148
City: Manzanola
Zip Code: 81058
Work Phone: 719-462-5527
Fax Number: 719-462-5708
Email Address:


District: Mapleton 1
District Code: 10
Name: Brian Fuller
Address: 591 East 80th Ave
City: Denver
Zip Code: 80229
Work Phone: 303-853-1041
Fax Number: 303-853-1087
Email Address:


District: McClave RE-2
District Code: 310
Name: Rachel Dunning
Address: PO Box 1
City: McClave
Zip Code: 81057
Work Phone: 719-829-4517
Fax Number: 719-829-4430
Email Address:


District: Meeker RE-1
District Code: 2710
Name: Mark Meyer
Address: 555 Garfield St.
City: Meeker
Zip Code: 81641
Work Phone: 970-878-9040
Fax Number: 970-878-3682
Email Address:


District: Mesa County Valley 51
District Code: 2000
Name: Curry Newton
Address: 930 Ute Ave.
City: Grand Junction
Zip Code: 81501
Work Phone: 970-254-5328
Ext: 13123
Fax Number: 970-254-5391
Email Address:


District: Miami-Yoder 60JT
District Code: 1130
Name: Glenda Strouse
Address: 420 South Rush Rd
City: Rush
Zip Code: 80833
Work Phone: 719-478-2186
Ext: 1100
Fax Number: 719-478-5380
Email Address:


District: Moffat 2
District Code: 2800
Name: Zach Schwartz
Address: PO Box 428
City: Moffat
Zip Code: 81143
Work Phone: 719-256-4710
Fax Number: 719-256-4730
Email Address:


District: Moffat County RE-1
District Code: 2020
Name: Vera Turner
Address: 775 Yampa Ave.
City: Craig
Zip Code: 81625
Work Phone: 970-826-6337
Fax Number: 970-824-6655
Email Address:


District: Monte Vista C-8
District Code: 2740
Name: Charles Losee
Address: 545 Second Avenue
City: Monte Vista
Zip Code: 81144
Work Phone: 719-852-4041
Ext: 4145
Fax Number: 719-852-6196
Email Address:


District: Montezuma-Cortez RE-1
District Code: 2035
Name: James Parr
Address: 25 E. Second Street
City: Cortez
Zip Code: 81321
Work Phone: 970-570-3162
Fax Number: 970-565-2161
Email Address:


District: Montrose County RE-1J
District Code: 2180
Name: Shannon Champlin
Address: 930 Colorado Avenue
City: Montrose
Zip Code: 81401
Work Phone: 970-252-7920
Fax Number: 970-249-7173
Email Address:


District: Mountain BOCES
District Code: 9030
Name: Leigh McGown
Address: 695 Red Mountain Drive
City: Glenwood Springs
Zip Code: 81601
Work Phone: 970-945-9463
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Mountain Valley RE-1
District Code: 2790
Name: Amy Garoutte
Address: PO Box 127
City: Saguache
Zip Code: 81149
Work Phone: 719-655-2578
Fax Number: 719-655-2875
Email Address:


District: North Conejos
District Code: 550
Name: Brad Huffaker
Address: 17889 Highway 285 South
City: La Jara
Zip Code: 81140
Work Phone: 719-274-5174
Ext: 3906
Fax Number: 719-274-5621
Email Address:


District: North Park R-1
District Code: 1410
Name: Jack Daly
Address: 910 4th Street
City: Walden
Zip Code: 80480
Work Phone: 970-723-3300
Ext: 2112
Fax Number: 970-723-8486
Email Address:


District: Norwood R-2J
District Code: 2840
Name: Richard Williams
Address: 1225 W. Summit Avenue
City: Norwood
Zip Code: 81423
Work Phone: 970-327-4336
Ext: 121
Fax Number: 970-327-4116
Email Address:


District: Otis R-3
District Code: 3050
Name: Shae Smith
Address: 301 Work Street
City: Otis
Zip Code: 80743
Work Phone: 970-246-3486
Fax Number: 970-246-3487
Email Address:


District: Ouray R-1
District Code: 2580
Name: Paige Sackman
Address: PO Box N, 400 7th Ave.
City: Ouray
Zip Code: 81427
Work Phone: 970-325-4505
Ext: 11
Fax Number: 970-325-7343
Email Address:


District: Park County RE-2
District Code: 2610
Name: Cindy Shane
Address: PO Box 189
City: Fairplay
Zip Code: 80440
Work Phone: 719-836-4424
Fax Number: 719-836-4431
Email Address:


District: Pawnee RE-12
District Code: 3148
Name: Cindy Franks
Address: 19 Chatoga Avenue, P. O. Box 220
City: Grover
Zip Code: 80729
Work Phone: 970-895-2222
Ext: 123
Fax Number: 970-895-2221
Email Address:


District: Peyton 23-JT
District Code: 1060
Name: Jamie Justice
Address: 13990 Bradshaw Rd
City: Peyton
Zip Code: 80831
Work Phone: 719-749-0170
Ext: 313
Fax Number: 719-749-0060
Email Address:


District: Pikes Peak BOCES
District Code: 9045
Name: Leslie Burdekin
Address: 2883 South Circle Drive
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80906
Work Phone: 719-380-6218
Fax Number: 719-380-6249
Email Address:


District: Plainview RE-2
District Code: 1440
Name: Jennifer Wilson
Address: 13997 CR 71
City: Sheridan Lake
Zip Code: 81071
Work Phone: 719-729-3331
Fax Number: 719-729-3541
Email Address:


District: Plateau RE-5
District Code: 1870
Name: Megan Schumacher
Address: PO Box 39
City: Peetz
Zip Code: 80747
Work Phone: 970-334-2361
Ext: 146
Fax Number: 970-334-2360
Email Address:


District: Plateau Valley 50
District Code: 1990
Name: Kristi Mease
Address: 56600 Highway 330
City: Collbran
Zip Code: 81624
Work Phone: 970-487-3547
Ext: 206
Fax Number: 970-487-3150
Email Address:


District: Platte Canyon 1
District Code: 2600
Name: Kay Genschorck
Address: P.O. Box 1069
City: Bailey
Zip Code: 80421
Work Phone: 303-838-7666
Ext: 1019
Fax Number: 303-679-7495
Email Address:


District: Platte Valley RE-7
District Code: 3130
Name: D'Lane Joens
Address: 501 Clark Street
City: Kersey
Zip Code: 80644
Work Phone: 970-336-8504
Fax Number: 970-336-8511
Email Address:


District: Poudre R-1
District Code: 1550
Name: Susan Thomas
Address: 2407 La Porte Ave
City: Fort Collins
Zip Code: 80521
Work Phone: 970-222-9514
Fax Number: 970-490-3027
Email Address:


District: Prairie RE-11
District Code: 3147
Name: Tabitha Piel
Address: PO Box 68
City: New Raymer
Zip Code: 80742
Work Phone: 970-437-5351
Fax Number: 970-437-5732
Email Address:


District: Primero RE-2
District Code: 1590
Name: Heidi Dasko
Address: 20200 Hwy 12
City: Weston
Zip Code: 81091
Work Phone: 719-868-2715
Ext: 110
Fax Number: 719-868-2241
Email Address:


District: Pritchett RE-3
District Code: 240
Name: Jessica Anderson
Address: 533 Irving Street
City: Pritchett
Zip Code: 81064
Work Phone: 719-523-4045
Fax Number: 719-523-6991
Email Address:


District: Pueblo City 60
District Code: 2690
Name: Roe Ann Collette
Address: 315 West 11th Street
City: Pueblo
Zip Code: 81003
Work Phone: 719-549-7293
Fax Number: 719-549-7152
Email Address:


District: Pueblo County Rural 70
District Code: 2700
Name: Ginger Andenucio
Address: 24951 East Highway 50
City: Pueblo
Zip Code: 81006
Work Phone: 719-295-6509
Fax Number: 719-542-0225
Email Address:


District: Rangely RE-4
District Code: 2720
Name: Mary Lansing
Address: 402 West Main Street, Suite 233
City: Rangely
Zip Code: 81648
Work Phone: 970-675-2207
Fax Number: 970-675-5403
Email Address:


District: Revere School District
District Code: 2865
Name: James Engelker
Address: 500 Main Street
City: Ovid
Zip Code: 80744
Work Phone: 970-463-5477
Fax Number: 888-503-2318
Email Address:


District: Ridgway R-2
District Code: 2590
Name: Jim Unruh
Address: 1115 West Clinton
City: Ridgway
Zip Code: 81432
Work Phone: 970-626-5468
Ext: 109
Fax Number: 970-626-5597
Email Address:


District: Roaring Fork RE-1
District Code: 1180
Name: Lindsay Redd
Address: 400 Sopris Ave.
City: Carbondale
Zip Code: 81623
Work Phone: 970-384-7994
Fax Number: 970-384-5795
Email Address:


District: Rocky Ford R-2
District Code: 2530
Name: Kermit Snyder
Address: 601 S. 8th Street
City: Rocky Ford
Zip Code: 81067
Work Phone: 719-254-7423
Fax Number: 719-254-7425
Email Address:


District: Salida R-32-J
District Code: 500
Name: Amy Ward
Address: 310 East 9th Street
City: Salida
Zip Code: 81201
Work Phone: 719-530-5469
Fax Number: 719-539-6220
Email Address:


District: San Juan BOCES
District Code: 9050
Name: Mike Freeburn
Address: 201 East 12th St.
City: Durango
Zip Code: 81301
Work Phone: 970-903-0684
Fax Number: 970-247-8333
Email Address:


District: Sanford 6-J
District Code: 560
Name: Luella Crowther
Address: PO Box 39
City: Sanford
Zip Code: 81151
Work Phone: 719-274-5167
Fax Number: 719-274-5830
Email Address:


District: Sangre DeCristo RE-22J
District Code: 110
Name: Brady Stagner
Address: 5401 Terry St
City: Mosca
Zip Code: 81146
Work Phone: 719-378-2310
Fax Number: 719-378-2327
Email Address:


District: Sargent RE-33
District Code: 2750
Name: Brian Haddican
Address: 7079 North County Road 2 East
City: Monte Vista
Zip Code: 81144
Work Phone: 719-852-4025
Fax Number: 719-852-9672
Email Address:


District: School District 27J
District Code: 40
Name: Peggy Robertson
Address: 18551 E. 160th Ave. Educational Services Ctr
City: Brighton
Zip Code: 80601
Work Phone: 303-655-2916
Fax Number: 303-655-2916
Email Address:


District: Sheridan 2
District Code: 123
Name: Susan Switzer
Address: 4150 S. Hazel Court
City: Englewood
Zip Code: 80110
Work Phone: 720-833-6779
Fax Number: 720-833-6649
Email Address:


District: Sierra Grande R-30
District Code: 740
Name: Anne Gile
Address: 17523 Highway 160
City: Blanca
Zip Code: 81123
Work Phone: 719-379-3257
Ext: 3259
Fax Number: 719-379-2572
Email Address:


District: Silverton 1
District Code: 2820
Name: Kim White
Address: PO Box 128
City: Silverton
Zip Code: 81433
Work Phone: 970-387-5544
Fax Number: 970-387-5791
Email Address:


District: South Conejos RE-10
District Code: 580
Name: Tre Howell
Address: 13099 County Road G
City: Antonito
Zip Code: 81120
Work Phone: 719-376-7044
Fax Number: 719-376-5509
Email Address:


District: South Routt RE-3
District Code: 2780
Name: Rim Watson
Address: PO Box 158
City: Oak Creek
Zip Code: 80467
Work Phone: 970-870-3773
Fax Number: 970-736-0211
Email Address:


District: Springfield RE-4
District Code: 250
Name: Kyle Lasley
Address: 389 Tipton Street
City: Springfield
Zip Code: 81073
Work Phone: 719-523-6522
Fax Number: 719-523-3461
Email Address:


District: St Vrain Valley RE-1J
District Code: 470
Name: Tori Teague
Address: 395 S. Pratt Pkwy
City: Longmont
Zip Code: 80501
Work Phone: 303-682-7242
Fax Number: 303-682-7392
Email Address:


District: Steamboat Springs RE-2
District Code: 2770
Name: Karla Setter
Address: 325 7th Street
City: Steamboat Springs
Zip Code: 80487
Work Phone: 970-871-3170
Fax Number: 970-879-3943
Email Address:


District: Strasburg 31-J
District Code: 60
Name: Lynsey Karagan
Address: 2100 Wagner St.
City: Strasburg
Zip Code: 80136
Work Phone: 303-622-2674
Fax Number: 303-622-2613
Email Address:


District: Stratton R-4
District Code: 1480
Name: Colleen Simon
Address: 219 Illinois Ave.
City: Stratton
Zip Code: 80836
Work Phone: 719-348-5369
Fax Number: 719-348-5555
Email Address:


District: Summit RE-1
District Code: 3000
Name: Bethany Massey
Address: PO Box 7
City: Frisco
Zip Code: 80443
Work Phone: 970-368-1007
Ext: 1007
Fax Number: 970-368-1049
Email Address:


District: Swink 33
District Code: 2570
Name: Scott Eckhart
Address: PO Box 487
City: Swink
Zip Code: 81077
Work Phone: 719-384-8103
Fax Number: 719-384-5471
Email Address:


District: Telluride R-1
District Code: 2830
Name: Kari Clements
Address: 725 W. Colorado Avenue
City: Telluride
Zip Code: 81435
Work Phone: 970-728-4377
Fax Number: 970-728-0257
Email Address:


District: Thompson R2-J
District Code: 1560
Name: Ronda Hanson
Address: 800 South Taft Avenue
City: Loveland
Zip Code: 80537
Work Phone: 970-613-5107
Fax Number: 970-613-5139
Email Address:


District: Trinidad 1
District Code: 1580
Name: Selina Vallejos
Address: 612 Park Street
City: Trinidad
Zip Code: 81082
Work Phone: 719-846-3324
Ext: 5
Fax Number: 719-846-2957
Email Address:


District: Valley RE-1
District Code: 1828
Name: Ron Marostica
Address: 301 Hagen Street
City: Sterling
Zip Code: 80751
Work Phone: 970-522-0792
Ext: 1230
Fax Number: 970-522-0525
Email Address:


District: Vilas RE-5
District Code: 260
Name: Edna Neuhold
Address: PO Box 727
City: Vilas
Zip Code: 81087
Work Phone: 719-523-6738
Fax Number: 719-523-4818
Email Address:


District: Walsh RE-I
District Code: 230
Name: Linette Crawford
Address: 300 Poplar, PO Box 68
City: Walsh
Zip Code: 81090
Work Phone: 719-324-5221
Ext: 107
Fax Number: 719-324-5734
Email Address:


District: Weld County 4 (Windsor)
District Code: 3100
Name: Amy Heinsma
Address: 1020 Main St.
City: Windsor
Zip Code: 80550
Work Phone: 970-686-8028
Fax Number: 970-686-5280
Email Address:


District: Weld County 6 (Greeley)
District Code: 3120
Name: Stacie Datteri
Address: 1025 9th Avenue
City: Greeley
Zip Code: 80631
Work Phone: 970-348-6266
Fax Number: 970-348-6292
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE 10J (Briggsdale)
District Code: 3146
Name: Cathi Fulton
Address: 515 Leslie St
City: Briggsdale
Zip Code: 80611
Work Phone: 970-656-3469
Fax Number: 970-656-3479
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE-1
District Code: 3080
Name: Mary Meersman
Address: PO Box 157
City: Gilcrest
Zip Code: 80623
Work Phone: 970-350-4216
Fax Number: 970-737-2516
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE-3(J) (Keenesburg)
District Code: 3090
Name: Judy Orbanosky
Address: 99 West Broadway
City: Keenesburg
Zip Code: 80643
Work Phone: 303-536-2006
Fax Number: 303-536-2010
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE-5J (Johnstown-Milliken)
District Code: 3110
Name: Jason Seybert
Address: 110 S. Centennial Drive Ste. A
City: Milliken
Zip Code: 80543
Work Phone: 970-587-6804
Fax Number: 970-587-2607
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE-9 (Ault-Highland)
District Code: 3145
Name: Clay Naughton
Address: 210 West First Street PO Box 68
City: Ault-Highland Weld RE-9
Zip Code: 80610
Work Phone: 970-834-2829
Fax Number: 970-834-2663
Email Address:


District: Weld RE-8 (Ft. Lupton)
District Code: 3140
Name: Scott Graham
Address: 301 Reynolds Street
City: Fort Lupton
Zip Code: 80621
Work Phone: 303-857-3213
Fax Number: 303-857-3219
Email Address:


District: Weldon Valley RE-20
District Code: 2505
Name: Kelly Bellendir
Address: 911 North Ave
City: Weldona
Zip Code: 80653
Work Phone: 970-645-2424
Fax Number: 970-645-2377
Email Address:


District: West End RE-2
District Code: 2190
Name: Charlene Stevenson
Address: 225 W. 4th. Ave.
City: Nucla
Zip Code: 81424
Work Phone: 970-864-7350
Ext: 11
Fax Number: 970-864-7269
Email Address:


District: West Grand 1-JT
District Code: 1340
Name: Tommy Byrnes
Address: PO Box 515
City: Kremmling
Zip Code: 80459
Work Phone: 970-724-3425
Fax Number: 970-724-3450
Email Address:


District: Westminster 50
District Code: 70
Name: Nancee Sprigg
Address: 6933 Raleigh St
City: Denver
Zip Code: 80221
Work Phone: 720-542-5072
Fax Number: 303-657-3802
Email Address:


District: Widefield 3
District Code: 990
Name: Kirsten Toy
Address: 930 Leta Drive, Room 16
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80911
Work Phone: 719-391-3009
Ext: 3058
Fax Number: 719-391-3097
Email Address:


District: Wiggins RE-50J
District Code: 2515
Name: Erica Gilliland
Address: 320 Chapman St.
City: Wiggins
Zip Code: 80654
Work Phone: 970-483-7762
Ext: 4216
Fax Number: 970-483-6205
Email Address:


District: Wiley RE-13JT
District Code: 2680
Name: Michelle Wallace
Address: PO Box 247
City: Wiley
Zip Code: 81092
Work Phone: 719-829-4806
Fax Number: 719-829-4808
Email Address:


District: Woodland Park RE-2
District Code: 3020
Name: Linda Murray
Address: PO Box 99
City: Woodland Park
Zip Code: 80866
Work Phone: 719-686-2012
Fax Number: 719-687-8408
Email Address:


District: Woodlin R-104
District Code: 3070
Name: Rose Cronk
Address: 15400 CR L
City: Woodrow
Zip Code: 80757
Work Phone: 970-386-2223
Ext: 12
Fax Number: 970-386-2241
Email Address:


District: Wray RD-2
District Code: 3210
Name: TC Travis
Address: 30222 CR 35
City: Wray
Zip Code: 80758
Work Phone: 970-332-3761
Fax Number: 970-332-5773
Email Address:


District: Yuma 1
District Code: 3200
Name: Beth Dischner
Address: 418 S. Main
City: Yuma
Zip Code: 80759
Work Phone: 970-848-5831
Ext: 2004
Fax Number: 970-848-2256
Email Address: