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District Assessment Coordinators

DACs must be registered with the Office of Student Assessment and approved by the district Superintendent in order to access state assessment data, secure sites, and receive important communications from our office and assessment vendors. Click Here for the DAC Appointment Form.


Note: You can use the alphabetical list below to limit the list by the first letter of the district name.

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Sorted alphabetically by district name

District: Calhan RJ-1
District Code: 970
Name: James Rotenberry
Address: 780 8th Street
City: Calhan
Zip Code: 80808
Work Phone: 719-347-2766
Ext: 308
Fax Number: 719-347-2144
Email Address:


District: Campo RE-6
District Code: 270
Name: Kim Jenkins
Address: PO Box 70
City: Campo
Zip Code: 81029
Work Phone: 719-787-2226
Fax Number: 719-787-0140
Email Address:


District: Caņon City RE-1
District Code: 1140
Name: Adam Hartman
Address: 101 North 14th St
City: Caņon City
Zip Code: 81212
Work Phone: 719-276-5710
Fax Number: 719-276-5739
Email Address:


District: Centennial BOCES
District Code: 9035
Name: Mark Rangel
Address: 2020 Clubhouse Drive
City: Greeley
Zip Code: 80634
Work Phone: 970-352-7404
Ext: 1122
Fax Number: 970-352-7350
Email Address:


District: Centennial R-1
District Code: 640
Name: Brian Crowther
Address: PO Box 350
City: San Luis
Zip Code: 81152
Work Phone: 719-672-3322
Ext: 3403
Fax Number: 719-372-3345
Email Address:


District: Center 26-JT
District Code: 2810
Name: Lori Cooper
Address: 550 S. Sylvester Ave
City: Center
Zip Code: 81125
Work Phone: 719-754-3442
Fax Number: 719-754-3952
Email Address:


District: Charter School Institute
District Code: 8001
Name: Ryan Marks
Address: 1580 Logan St, Suite 210
City: Denver
Zip Code: 80203
Work Phone: 303-866-2572
Fax Number: 303-866-2530
Email Address:


District: Cheraw 31
District Code: 2560
Name: Todd Werner
Address: 110 Lakeview Ave
City: La Junta
Zip Code: 81030
Work Phone: 719-853-6645
Fax Number: 719-853-6322
Email Address:


District: Cherry Creek 5
District Code: 130
Name: Linda Elliott
Address: 5416 S. Riveria Way
City: Aurora
Zip Code: 80015
Work Phone: 720-554-5008
Fax Number: 720-554-5088
Email Address:


District: Cheyenne County RE-5
District Code: 520
Name: Mary Jo Tallman
Address: PO Box 577
City: Cheyenne Wells
Zip Code: 80810
Work Phone: 719-767-5612
Ext: 1002
Fax Number: 719-767-5574
Email Address:


District: Cheyenne Mountain 12
District Code: 1020
Name: John Fogarty
Address: 1775 LeClede St
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80905
Work Phone: 719-475-6100
Ext: 14
Fax Number: 719-475-6106
Email Address:


District: Clear Creek RE-1
District Code: 540
Name: Michelle McNeil
Address: 185 Beaver Brook Canyon Rd
City: Evergreen
Zip Code: 80439
Work Phone: 303-679-4653
Fax Number: 303-679-4690
Email Address:


District: Colorado Digital BOCES
District Code: 9170
Name: Phillip Williams
Address: 4035 Tutt Blvd
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80922
Work Phone: 719-418-5276
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind
District Code: 9000
Name: Tera Wilkins
Address: 33 North Institute St
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80903
Work Phone: 719-578-2184
Fax Number: 719-578-2239
Email Address:


District: Colorado Springs 11
District Code: 1010
Name: Janeen Demi-Smith
Address: 1033 N. Franklin Street
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80903
Work Phone: 719-520-2252
Fax Number: 719-520-2388
Email Address:


District: Cotopaxi RE-3
District Code: 1160
Name: Amber Canterbury
Address: 345 CR 12
City: Cotopaxi
Zip Code: 81223
Work Phone: 719-942-4131
Ext: 246
Fax Number: 719-942-4134
Email Address:


District: Creede Consolidated School
District Code: 2010
Name: Johanna Gray
Address: PO Box 429
City: Mineral
Zip Code: 81130
Work Phone: 719-658-2220
Fax Number: 719-658-2942
Email Address:


District: Cripple Creek-Victor RE-1
District Code: 3010
Name: Stephanie Korb
Address: 410 North B Street
City: Cripple Creek
Zip Code: 80813
Work Phone: 719-689-2685
Ext: 213
Fax Number: 719-689-2256
Email Address:


District: Crowley County RE-1J
District Code: 770
Name: Trish Guillermo
Address: 1001 Main Street
City: Ordway
Zip Code: 81063
Work Phone: 719-267-3582
Fax Number: 719-267-3585
Email Address:


District: Custer County C-1
District Code: 860
Name: Joy Parrish
Address: PO Box 730
City: Westcliffe
Zip Code: 81252
Work Phone: 719-783-4930
Fax Number: 719-783-4944
Email Address: