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District Assessment Coordinators

DACs must be registered with the Office of Student Assessment and approved by the district Superintendent in order to access state assessment data, secure sites, and receive important communications from our office and assessment vendors. Click Here for the DAC Appointment Form.


Note: You can use the alphabetical list below to limit the list by the first letter of the district name.

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Sorted alphabetically by district name

District: Hanover 28
District Code: 1070
Name: Danielle Van Esselstine
Address: 17050 S. Peyton Hwy
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80928
Work Phone: 719-683-2247
Ext: 203
Fax Number: 719-683-3805
Email Address:


District: Harrison 2
District Code: 980
Name: Laurie Eastup
Address: 1060 Harrison Road
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80905
Work Phone: 719-579-2660
Fax Number: 719-579-2019
Email Address:


District: Haxtun RE-2J
District Code: 2630
Name: Alan Coffin
Address: 201 West Powell Street
City: Haxtun
Zip Code: 80731
Work Phone: 970-774-6111
Fax Number: 970-774-7568
Email Address:


District: Hayden RE-1
District Code: 2760
Name: Lauren Burns
Address: 495 W. Jefferson Ave.
City: Hayden
Zip Code: 81639
Work Phone: 970-276-3761
Fax Number: 970-276-4374
Email Address:


District: Hinsdale County RE-1
District Code: 1380
Name: Dan Wampler
Address: PO Box 39
City: Lake City
Zip Code: 81235
Work Phone: 970-944-2314
Fax Number: 970-944-2662
Email Address:


District: Hi-Plains R-23
District Code: 1460
Name: Dorothy Leoffler
Address: 350 Patriot Drive, PO Box 238
City: Seibert
Zip Code: 80834
Work Phone: 970-664-2636
Fax Number: 970-664-2283
Email Address:


District: Hoehne RE-3
District Code: 1600
Name: Michele Jones
Address: 19851 CR 75.1 PO Box 91
City: Hoehne
Zip Code: 81046
Work Phone: 719-846-4457
Ext: 101
Fax Number: 719-846-4450
Email Address:


District: Holly RE-3
District Code: 2670
Name: Heather Flint
Address: 201 N Main
City: Holly
Zip Code: 81047
Work Phone: 719-537-6662
Fax Number: 719-537-0822
Email Address:


District: Holyoke RE-1J
District Code: 2620
Name: Angela Powell
Address: 435 S. Morlan Avenue
City: Holyoke
Zip Code: 80734
Work Phone: 970-854-2284
Ext: 154
Fax Number: 970-854-4578
Email Address:


District: Huerfano RE-1
District Code: 1390
Name: Carey Jones
Address: 201 East 5th Street
City: Walsenburg
Zip Code: 81089
Work Phone: 719-738-1520
Fax Number: 719-738-5746
Email Address: