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District Assessment Coordinators

DACs must be registered with the Office of Student Assessment and approved by the district Superintendent in order to access state assessment data, secure sites, and receive important communications from our office and assessment vendors. Click Here for the DAC Appointment Form.


Note: You can use the alphabetical list below to limit the list by the first letter of the district name.

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Sorted alphabetically by district name

District: Park County RE-2
District Code: 2610
Name: Cindy Shane
Address: PO Box 189
City: Fairplay
Zip Code: 80440
Work Phone: 719-836-4424
Fax Number: 719-836-4431
Email Address:


District: Pawnee RE-12
District Code: 3148
Name: Cindy Franks
Address: 19 Chatoga Avenue, P. O. Box 220
City: Grover
Zip Code: 80729
Work Phone: 970-895-2222
Ext: 123
Fax Number: 970-895-2221
Email Address:


District: Peyton 23-JT
District Code: 1060
Name: Jamie Justice
Address: 13990 Bradshaw Rd
City: Peyton
Zip Code: 80831
Work Phone: 719-749-0170
Ext: 313
Fax Number: 719-749-0060
Email Address:


District: Pikes Peak BOCES
District Code: 9045
Name: Leslie Burdekin
Address: 2883 South Circle Drive
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80906
Work Phone: 719-380-6218
Fax Number: 719-380-6249
Email Address:


District: Plainview RE-2
District Code: 1440
Name: Jennifer Wilson
Address: 13997 CR 71
City: Sheridan Lake
Zip Code: 81071
Work Phone: 719-729-3331
Fax Number: 719-729-3541
Email Address:


District: Plateau RE-5
District Code: 1870
Name: Megan Schumacher
Address: PO Box 39
City: Peetz
Zip Code: 80747
Work Phone: 970-334-2361
Ext: 146
Fax Number: 970-334-2360
Email Address:


District: Plateau Valley 50
District Code: 1990
Name: Kristi Mease
Address: 56600 Highway 330
City: Collbran
Zip Code: 81624
Work Phone: 970-487-3547
Ext: 206
Fax Number: 970-487-3150
Email Address:


District: Platte Canyon 1
District Code: 2600
Name: Kay Genschorck
Address: P.O. Box 1069
City: Bailey
Zip Code: 80421
Work Phone: 303-838-7666
Ext: 1019
Fax Number: 303-679-7495
Email Address:


District: Platte Valley RE-7
District Code: 3130
Name: D'Lane Joens
Address: 501 Clark Street
City: Kersey
Zip Code: 80644
Work Phone: 970-336-8504
Fax Number: 970-336-8511
Email Address:


District: Poudre R-1
District Code: 1550
Name: Susan Thomas
Address: 2407 La Porte Ave
City: Fort Collins
Zip Code: 80521
Work Phone: 970-222-9514
Fax Number: 970-490-3027
Email Address:


District: Prairie RE-11
District Code: 3147
Name: Tabitha Piel
Address: PO Box 68
City: New Raymer
Zip Code: 80742
Work Phone: 970-437-5351
Fax Number: 970-437-5732
Email Address:


District: Primero RE-2
District Code: 1590
Name: Heidi Dasko
Address: 20200 Hwy 12
City: Weston
Zip Code: 81091
Work Phone: 719-868-2715
Ext: 110
Fax Number: 719-868-2241
Email Address:


District: Pritchett RE-3
District Code: 240
Name: Jessica Anderson
Address: 533 Irving Street
City: Pritchett
Zip Code: 81064
Work Phone: 719-523-4045
Fax Number: 719-523-6991
Email Address:


District: Pueblo City 60
District Code: 2690
Name: Roe Ann Collette
Address: 315 West 11th Street
City: Pueblo
Zip Code: 81003
Work Phone: 719-549-7293
Fax Number: 719-549-7152
Email Address:


District: Pueblo County Rural 70
District Code: 2700
Name: Ginger Andenucio
Address: 24951 East Highway 50
City: Pueblo
Zip Code: 81006
Work Phone: 719-295-6509
Fax Number: 719-542-0225
Email Address: