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District Assessment Coordinators

DACs must be registered with the Office of Student Assessment and approved by the district Superintendent in order to access state assessment data, secure sites, and receive important communications from our office and assessment vendors. Click Here for the DAC Appointment Form.


Note: You can use the alphabetical list below to limit the list by the first letter of the district name.

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Sorted alphabetically by district name

District: Salida R-32-J
District Code: 500
Name: Amy Ward
Address: 310 East 9th Street
City: Salida
Zip Code: 81201
Work Phone: 719-530-5469
Fax Number: 719-539-6220
Email Address:


District: San Juan BOCES
District Code: 9050
Name: Mike Freeburn
Address: 201 East 12th St.
City: Durango
Zip Code: 81301
Work Phone: 970-903-0684
Fax Number: 970-247-8333
Email Address:


District: Sanford 6-J
District Code: 560
Name: Luella Crowther
Address: PO Box 39
City: Sanford
Zip Code: 81151
Work Phone: 719-274-5167
Fax Number: 719-274-5830
Email Address:


District: Sangre DeCristo RE-22J
District Code: 110
Name: Brady Stagner
Address: 5401 Terry St
City: Mosca
Zip Code: 81146
Work Phone: 719-378-2310
Fax Number: 719-378-2327
Email Address:


District: Sargent RE-33
District Code: 2750
Name: Brian Haddican
Address: 7079 North County Road 2 East
City: Monte Vista
Zip Code: 81144
Work Phone: 719-852-4025
Fax Number: 719-852-9672
Email Address:


District: School District 27J
District Code: 40
Name: Peggy Robertson
Address: 18551 E. 160th Ave. Educational Services Ctr
City: Brighton
Zip Code: 80601
Work Phone: 303-655-2916
Fax Number: 303-655-2916
Email Address:


District: Sheridan 2
District Code: 123
Name: Susan Switzer
Address: 4150 S. Hazel Court
City: Englewood
Zip Code: 80110
Work Phone: 720-833-6779
Fax Number: 720-833-6649
Email Address:


District: Sierra Grande R-30
District Code: 740
Name: Anne Gile
Address: 17523 Highway 160
City: Blanca
Zip Code: 81123
Work Phone: 719-379-3257
Ext: 3259
Fax Number: 719-379-2572
Email Address:


District: Silverton 1
District Code: 2820
Name: Kim White
Address: PO Box 128
City: Silverton
Zip Code: 81433
Work Phone: 970-387-5544
Fax Number: 970-387-5791
Email Address:


District: South Conejos RE-10
District Code: 580
Name: Tre Howell
Address: 13099 County Road G
City: Antonito
Zip Code: 81120
Work Phone: 719-376-7044
Fax Number: 719-376-5509
Email Address:


District: South Routt RE-3
District Code: 2780
Name: Rim Watson
Address: PO Box 158
City: Oak Creek
Zip Code: 80467
Work Phone: 970-870-3773
Fax Number: 970-736-0211
Email Address:


District: Springfield RE-4
District Code: 250
Name: Kyle Lasley
Address: 389 Tipton Street
City: Springfield
Zip Code: 81073
Work Phone: 719-523-6522
Fax Number: 719-523-3461
Email Address:


District: St Vrain Valley RE-1J
District Code: 470
Name: Tori Teague
Address: 395 S. Pratt Pkwy
City: Longmont
Zip Code: 80501
Work Phone: 303-682-7242
Fax Number: 303-682-7392
Email Address:


District: Steamboat Springs RE-2
District Code: 2770
Name: Karla Setter
Address: 325 7th Street
City: Steamboat Springs
Zip Code: 80487
Work Phone: 970-871-3170
Fax Number: 970-879-3943
Email Address:


District: Strasburg 31-J
District Code: 60
Name: Lynsey Karagan
Address: 2100 Wagner St.
City: Strasburg
Zip Code: 80136
Work Phone: 303-622-2674
Fax Number: 303-622-2613
Email Address:


District: Stratton R-4
District Code: 1480
Name: Colleen Simon
Address: 219 Illinois Ave.
City: Stratton
Zip Code: 80836
Work Phone: 719-348-5369
Fax Number: 719-348-5555
Email Address:


District: Summit RE-1
District Code: 3000
Name: Bethany Massey
Address: PO Box 7
City: Frisco
Zip Code: 80443
Work Phone: 970-368-1007
Ext: 1007
Fax Number: 970-368-1049
Email Address:


District: Swink 33
District Code: 2570
Name: Scott Eckhart
Address: PO Box 487
City: Swink
Zip Code: 81077
Work Phone: 719-384-8103
Fax Number: 719-384-5471
Email Address: