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District Assessment Coordinators

DACs must be registered with the Office of Student Assessment and approved by the district Superintendent in order to access state assessment data, secure sites, and receive important communications from our office and assessment vendors. Click Here for the DAC Appointment Form.


Note: You can use the alphabetical list below to limit the list by the first letter of the district name.

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Sorted alphabetically by district name

District: Walsh RE-I
District Code: 230
Name: Linette Crawford
Address: 300 Poplar, PO Box 68
City: Walsh
Zip Code: 81090
Work Phone: 719-324-5221
Ext: 107
Fax Number: 719-324-5734
Email Address:


District: Weld County 4 (Windsor)
District Code: 3100
Name: Amy Heinsma
Address: 1020 Main St.
City: Windsor
Zip Code: 80550
Work Phone: 970-686-8028
Fax Number: 970-686-5280
Email Address:


District: Weld County 6 (Greeley)
District Code: 3120
Name: Stacie Datteri
Address: 1025 9th Avenue
City: Greeley
Zip Code: 80631
Work Phone: 970-348-6266
Fax Number: 970-348-6292
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE 10J (Briggsdale)
District Code: 3146
Name: Cathi Fulton
Address: 515 Leslie St
City: Briggsdale
Zip Code: 80611
Work Phone: 970-656-3469
Fax Number: 970-656-3479
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE-1
District Code: 3080
Name: Mary Meersman
Address: PO Box 157
City: Gilcrest
Zip Code: 80623
Work Phone: 970-350-4216
Fax Number: 970-737-2516
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE-3(J) (Keensburg)
District Code: 3090
Name: Judy Orbanosky
Address: 99 West Broadway
City: Keenesburg
Zip Code: 80643
Work Phone: 303-536-2006
Fax Number: 303-536-2010
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE-5J (Johnstown-Milliken)
District Code: 3110
Name: Jason Seybert
Address: 110 S. Centennial Drive Ste. A
City: Milliken
Zip Code: 80543
Work Phone: 970-587-6804
Fax Number: 970-587-2607
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE-9 (Ault-Highland)
District Code: 3145
Name: Clay Naughton
Address: 210 West First Street PO Box 68
City: Ault-Highland Weld RE-9
Zip Code: 80610
Work Phone: 970-834-2829
Fax Number: 970-834-2663
Email Address:


District: Weld RE-8 (Ft. Lupton)
District Code: 3140
Name: Scott Graham
Address: 301 Reynolds Street
City: Fort Lupton
Zip Code: 80621
Work Phone: 303-857-3213
Fax Number: 303-857-3219
Email Address:


District: Weldon Valley RE-20
District Code: 2505
Name: Kelly Bellendir
Address: 911 North Ave
City: Weldona
Zip Code: 80653
Work Phone: 970-645-2424
Fax Number: 970-645-2377
Email Address:


District: West End RE-2
District Code: 2190
Name: Charlene Stevenson
Address: 225 W. 4th. Ave.
City: Nucla
Zip Code: 81424
Work Phone: 970-864-7350
Ext: 11
Fax Number: 970-864-7269
Email Address:


District: West Grand 1-JT
District Code: 1340
Name: Tommy Byrnes
Address: PO Box 515
City: Kremmling
Zip Code: 80459
Work Phone: 970-724-3425
Fax Number: 970-724-3450
Email Address:


District: Westminster 50
District Code: 70
Name: Nancee Sprigg
Address: 6933 Raleigh St
City: Denver
Zip Code: 80221
Work Phone: 720-542-5072
Fax Number: 303-657-3802
Email Address:


District: Widefield 3
District Code: 990
Name: Kirsten Toy
Address: 930 Leta Drive, Room 16
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80911
Work Phone: 719-391-3009
Ext: 3058
Fax Number: 719-391-3097
Email Address:


District: Wiggins RE-50J
District Code: 2515
Name: Erica Gilliland
Address: 320 Chapman St.
City: Wiggins
Zip Code: 80654
Work Phone: 970-483-7762
Ext: 4216
Fax Number: 970-483-6205
Email Address:


District: Wiley RE-13JT
District Code: 2680
Name: Michelle Wallace
Address: PO Box 247
City: Wiley
Zip Code: 81092
Work Phone: 719-829-4806
Fax Number: 719-829-4808
Email Address:


District: Woodland Park RE-2
District Code: 3020
Name: Linda Murray
Address: PO Box 99
City: Woodland Park
Zip Code: 80866
Work Phone: 719-686-2012
Fax Number: 719-687-8408
Email Address:


District: Woodlin R-104
District Code: 3070
Name: Rose Cronk
Address: 15400 CR L
City: Woodrow
Zip Code: 80757
Work Phone: 970-386-2223
Ext: 12
Fax Number: 970-386-2241
Email Address:


District: Wray RD-2
District Code: 3210
Name: TC Travis
Address: 30222 CR 35
City: Wray
Zip Code: 80758
Work Phone: 970-332-3761
Fax Number: 970-332-5773
Email Address: