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Sorted alphabetically by district name

District: Hanover 28
District Code: 1070
Name: Michele Cheesman
Address: 7930 Indian Village Heights
City: Fountain
Zip Code: 80817
Work Phone: 719-382-1260
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Harrison 2
District Code: 980
Name: Scott Weldon
Address: 1060 Harrison Road
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80905
Work Phone: 719-579-2069
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Haxtun RE-2J
District Code: 2630
Name: Alan Coffin
Address: 201 West Powell Street
City: Haxtun
Zip Code: 80731
Work Phone: 970-774-6111
Fax Number: 970-774-7568
Email Address:


District: Hayden RE-1
District Code: 2760
Name: Vicki Blomquist
Address: 300 Breeze Basin Blvd
City: Hayden
Zip Code: 81639
Work Phone: 970-276-3864
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Hinsdale County RE-1
District Code: 1380
Name: Carla Whinnery
Address: PO Box 39
City: Lake City
Zip Code: 81235
Work Phone: 970-944-2314
Fax Number: 970-944-2662
Email Address:


District: Hi-Plains R-23
District Code: 1460
Name: Aileen Richards
Address: 350 Patriot Drive, PO Box 238
City: Seibert
Zip Code: 80834
Work Phone: 970-664-2636
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Hoehne R-3
District Code: 1600
Name: Michele Jones
Address: 19851 CR 75.1 PO Box 91
City: Hoehne
Zip Code: 81046
Work Phone: 719-846-4457
Ext: 101
Fax Number: 719-846-4450
Email Address:


District: Holly RE-3
District Code: 2670
Name: Jennifer Thompson
Address: 206 North 3rd, PO Box 608
City: Holly
Zip Code: 81047
Work Phone: 719-537-6616
Fax Number: 719-537-0315
Email Address:


District: Holyoke RE-1J
District Code: 2620
Name: Stefan Betley
Address: 545 East Hale Street
City: Holyoke
Zip Code: 80734
Work Phone: 970-854-2284
Ext: 1010
Fax Number: 970-854-4578
Email Address:


District: Huerfano RE-1
District Code: 1390
Name: Carey Jones
Address: 201 East 5th Street
City: Walsenburg
Zip Code: 81089
Work Phone: 719-738-1520
Fax Number: 719-738-5746
Email Address: