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Sorted alphabetically by district name

District: La Veta RE-2
District Code: 1400
Name: Rick Sciacca
Address: 126 East Garland Street
City: La Veta
Zip Code: 81055
Work Phone: 719-742-6421
Fax Number: 719-742-5799
Email Address:


District: Lake County R-1
District Code: 1510
Name: Bunny Taylor
Address: 328 W 5th Street
City: Leadville
Zip Code: 80461
Work Phone: 719-486-6800
Ext: 5
Fax Number: 719-486-2048
Email Address:


District: Lamar RE-2
District Code: 2660
Name: Gabrielle Hammer
Address: 210 W. Pearl Street
City: Lamar
Zip Code: 81052
Work Phone: 719-336-3251
Fax Number: 719-336-2817
Email Address:


District: Las Animas RE-1
District Code: 290
Name: Addie Wallace
Address: 1021 2nd Street
City: Las Animas
Zip Code: 81054
Work Phone: 719-456-0211
Fax Number: 719-456-0932
Email Address:


District: Lewis-Palmer 38
District Code: 1080
Name: Michael Brom
Address: 146 Jefferson St. PO Box 40
City: Monument
Zip Code: 80132
Work Phone: 719-488-4700
Fax Number: 719-785-4219
Email Address:


District: Liberty J-4
District Code: 3230
Name: Jane Bellows
Address: PO Box 112
City: Joes
Zip Code: 80822
Work Phone: 970-358-4288
Ext: 125
Fax Number: 970-358-4282
Email Address:


District: Limon RE-4J
District Code: 1790
Name: Shirelle Bandy
Address: PO Box 249
City: Limon
Zip Code: 80828
Work Phone: 719-775-2350
Ext: 321
Fax Number: 719-775-9052
Email Address:


District: Littleton 6
District Code: 140
Name: Kevin Fraser
Address: 5776 South Crocker St
City: Littleton
Zip Code: 80120
Work Phone: 303-347-3433
Fax Number: 303-347-3339
Email Address:


District: Lone Star 101
District Code: 3060
Name: Mike Bowers
Address: 44940 CR 54
City: Otis
Zip Code: 80743
Work Phone: 970-848-2778
Fax Number: 970-848-0340
Email Address: