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Sorted alphabetically by district name

District: Park County RE-2
District Code: 2610
Name: Susan Haley
Address: PO Box 189
City: Fairplay
Zip Code: 80440
Work Phone: 719-836-2949
Ext: 556
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Pawnee RE-12
District Code: 3148
Name: Cindy Franks
Address: 19 Chatoga Avenue, P. O. Box 220
City: Grover
Zip Code: 80729
Work Phone: 970-895-2222
Ext: 123
Fax Number: 970-895-2221
Email Address:


District: Peyton 23 JT
District Code: 1060
Name: Raquel Gee
Address: 18320 Main Street
City: Peyton
Zip Code: 80831
Work Phone: 719-749-2330
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Pikes Peak BOCES
District Code: 9045
Name: Amanda Conrad
Address: 2883 South Circle Drive
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80906
Work Phone: 719-635-6333
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Plainview RE-2
District Code: 1440
Name: Jennifer Wilson
Address: 13997 CR 71
City: Sheridan Lake
Zip Code: 81071
Work Phone: 719-729-3331
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Plateau RE-5
District Code: 1870
Name: Megan Schumacher
Address: PO Box 39
City: Peetz
Zip Code: 80747
Work Phone: 970-334-2361
Ext: 146
Fax Number: 970-334-2360
Email Address:


District: Plateau Valley 50
District Code: 1990
Name: Joanna Gibbs
Address: 56600 Highway 330
City: Collbran
Zip Code: 81624
Work Phone: 970-487-3547
Ext: 249
Fax Number: 970-487-3196
Email Address:


District: Platte Canyon 1
District Code: 2600
Name: Kay Genschorck
Address: P.O. Box 1069
City: Bailey
Zip Code: 80421
Work Phone: 303-838-7666
Ext: 1019
Fax Number: 303-679-7495
Email Address:


District: Platte Valley RE-7
District Code: 3130
Name: D''Lane Joens
Address: 501 Clark Street
City: Kersey
Zip Code: 80644
Work Phone: 970-336-8504
Fax Number: 970-336-8511
Email Address:


District: Poudre R-1
District Code: 1550
Name: Susan Thomas
Address: 2407 La Porte Ave
City: Fort Collins
Zip Code: 80521
Work Phone: 970-490-3124
Fax Number: 970-490-3027
Email Address:


District: Prairie RE-11
District Code: 3147
Name: Jessica Mason
Address: 42315 WCR 133
City: New Raymer
Zip Code: 80742
Work Phone: 970-437-5351
Ext: 118
Fax Number: 970-437-5732
Email Address:


District: Primero RE-2
District Code: 1590
Name: Jeanine Duran
Address: 20200 State Hwy 12
City: Weston
Zip Code: 81091
Work Phone: 719-868-2715
Ext: 111
Fax Number: 719-868-2241
Email Address:


District: Pritchett RE-3
District Code: 240
Name: Jessica Anderson
Address: 533 Irving Street
City: Pritchett
Zip Code: 81064
Work Phone: 719-523-4045
Fax Number: 719-523-6991
Email Address:


District: Pueblo City 60
District Code: 2690
Name: Tiffany Dehn
Address: 315 West 11th Street
City: Pueblo
Zip Code: 81003
Work Phone: 719-423-3076
Fax Number: 719-549-7152
Email Address:


District: Pueblo County 70
District Code: 2700
Name: Casey King
Address: 24951 East Highway 50
City: Pueblo
Zip Code: 81006
Work Phone: 719-295-6559
Fax Number:
Email Address: