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Sorted alphabetically by district name

District: Walsh RE-1
District Code: 230
Name: Linette Crawford
Address: 300 Poplar, PO Box 68
City: Walsh
Zip Code: 81090
Work Phone: 719-324-5221
Ext: 107
Fax Number: 719-324-5734
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE-9 (Ault-Highland)
District Code: 3145
Name: Clay Naughton
Address: 210 West First Street PO Box 68
City: Ault-Highland Weld RE-9
Zip Code: 80610
Work Phone: 970-834-2829
Fax Number: 970-834-2663
Email Address:


District: Weld County 4 (Windsor)
District Code: 3100
Name: Vanessa Gonzales
Address: 1020 Main Street
City: Windsor
Zip Code: 80550
Work Phone: 970-686-8021
Fax Number: 970-686-8001
Email Address:


District: Weld County 6 (Greeley)
District Code: 3120
Name: Stacie Datteri
Address: 1025 9th Avenue
City: Greeley
Zip Code: 80631
Work Phone: 970-348-6266
Fax Number: 970-348-6292
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE 10J (Briggsdale)
District Code: 3146
Name: Cathi Fulton (Supt.)
Address: 515 Leslie St
City: Briggsdale
Zip Code: 80611
Work Phone: 970-656-3469
Fax Number: 970-656-3479
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE-1
District Code: 3080
Name: Jeff Angus
Address: PO Box 157
City: Gilcrest
Zip Code: 80623
Work Phone: 970-350-4201
Ext: 4205
Fax Number: 970-737-2516
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE-3(J) (Keenesburg)
District Code: 3090
Name: Rebecca Langlois
Address: 1101 4th Avenue
City: Hudson
Zip Code: 80642
Work Phone: 303-536-2000
Ext: 2065
Fax Number: 303-536-2010
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE-5J (Johnstown-Milliken)
District Code: 3110
Name: Tami Kramer
Address: 110 S. Centennial Drive
City: Milliken
Zip Code: 80543
Work Phone: 970-587-6050
Ext: 3024
Fax Number: 970-587-2607
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE-8 (Ft. Lupton)
District Code: 3140
Name: Stephanie Mehnert
Address: 200 South Fulton Avenue
City: Fort Lupton
Zip Code: 80621
Work Phone: 303-857-3200
Ext: 3302
Fax Number: 303-857-3219
Email Address:


District: Weldon Valley RE-20 (J)
District Code: 2505
Name: Christine Chisum
Address: 911 North Ave
City: Weldona
Zip Code: 80653
Work Phone: 970-645-2411
Ext: 119
Fax Number: 970-645-2377
Email Address:


District: West End RE-2
District Code: 2190
Name: Malisha Reed
Address: PO Box 570
City: Nucla
Zip Code: 81424
Work Phone: 970-864-7350
Ext: 107
Fax Number: 970-864-7269
Email Address:


District: West Grand 1-JT
District Code: 1340
Name: Jennifer Hooks
Address: PO Box 515
City: Kremmling
Zip Code: 80459
Work Phone: 970-724-3425
Ext: 2017
Fax Number: 970-724-3450
Email Address:


District: Westminster Public Schools
District Code: 70
Name: Amy Sulley
Address: 7002 Raleigh Street
City: Denver
Zip Code: 80030
Work Phone: 720-542-5073
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Widefield 3
District Code: 990
Name: Megan Houtchens
Address: 930 Leta Drive
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80911
Work Phone: 719-391-3009
Fax Number: 719-391-3097
Email Address:


District: Wiggins RE-50(J)
District Code: 2515
Name: Erica Gilliland
Address: 404 Chapman Street
City: Wiggins
Zip Code: 80654
Work Phone: 970-483-7762
Ext: 4216
Fax Number: 970-483-6205
Email Address:


District: Wiley RE-13 JT
District Code: 2680
Name: Ashley Tixier
Address: PO Box 247
City: Wiley
Zip Code: 81092
Work Phone: 719-829-4806
Fax Number: 719-829-4808
Email Address:


District: Woodland Park RE-2
District Code: 3020
Name: Karen Hamlow
Address: 155 Panther Way
City: Woodland Park
Zip Code: 80863
Work Phone: 719-424-2175
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Woodlin R-104
District Code: 3070
Name: Verta Walker
Address: 15400 County Road L, Box 185
City: Woodrow
Zip Code: 80757
Work Phone: 970-386-2223
Ext: 50
Fax Number: 970-386-2241
Email Address:


District: Wray RD-2
District Code: 3210
Name: Bobbi Cure
Address: 30222 CR 35
City: Wray
Zip Code: 80758
Work Phone: 970-332-5764
Fax Number: 720-506-2912
Email Address: