Note: You can use the alphabetical list below to limit the list by the first letter of the district name.

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Sorted alphabetically by district name

District: Academy 20
District Code: 1040
Name: Jolynn Patterson
Address: 1110 Chapel Hills Drive
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80920
Work Phone: 719-234-1334
Fax Number: 719-234-1299
Email Address:


District: Adams 12 Five Star Schools
District Code: 20
Name: Heidi Shaw
Address: 1500 E. 128th Ave.
City: Thornton
Zip Code: 80241
Work Phone: 720-972-4139
Fax Number: 720-972-3880
Email Address:


District: Adams County 14
District Code: 30
Name: Yvonne Hauke
Address: 5291 E 60th Avenue
City: Commerce City
Zip Code: 80022
Work Phone: 303-853-3255
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Adams-Arapahoe 28J
District Code: 180
Name: Matthew Joy
Address: 15751 E. First Ave
City: Aurora
Zip Code: 80011
Work Phone: 303-340-0861
Ext: 28335
Fax Number: 303-326-2053
Email Address:


District: Agate 300
District Code: 960
Name: Julie Bowman
Address: PO Box 118
City: Agate
Zip Code: 80101
Work Phone: 719-764-2741
Ext: 1210
Fax Number: 719-764-2751
Email Address:


District: Aguilar RE-6
District Code: 1620
Name: Marie Zamora
Address: PO Box 567
City: Aguilar
Zip Code: 81020
Work Phone: 719-941-4188
Fax Number: 719-941-4279
Email Address:


District: Akron R-1
District Code: 3030
Name: Peggy Dreher
Address: 600 Elm Avenue
City: Akron
Zip Code: 80720
Work Phone: 970-554-0546
Fax Number: 970-345-6508
Email Address:


District: Alamosa RE-11J
District Code: 100
Name: Lisa Copley
Address: 209 Victoria Ave
City: Alamosa
Zip Code: 81101
Work Phone: 719-587-1612
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Approved Facility Schools
District Code: 3456
Name: Dede Landry
Address: 1560 Broadway, Suite 1100
City: Denver
Zip Code: 80202
Work Phone: 303-905-2871
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Archuleta County 50 JT
District Code: 220
Name: Kathy Pokorney
Address: PO Box 1498
City: Pagosa Springs
Zip Code: 81147
Work Phone: 970-264-2228
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Arickaree R-2
District Code: 3040
Name: Ronda Peeples
Address: 12155 County Rd. NN
City: Anton
Zip Code: 80801
Work Phone: 970-383-2202
Ext: 114
Fax Number: 970-383-2205
Email Address:


District: Arriba-Flagler C-20
District Code: 1450
Name: Sarah Smithburg
Address: PO Box 218
City: Flagler
Zip Code: 80815
Work Phone: 719-765-4684
Fax Number: 719-765-4418
Email Address:


District: Aspen 1
District Code: 2640
Name: Lauren Scheetz
Address: 235 High School Road
City: Aspen
Zip Code: 81611
Work Phone: 970-925-3760
Ext: 3127
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Bayfield 10JT-R
District Code: 1530
Name: Bill Hesford
Address: 24 S Clover Drive
City: Bayfield
Zip Code: 81122
Work Phone: 970-884-2496
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Bennett 29J
District Code: 50
Name: Shelby Chase
Address: 615 7th Street
City: Bennett
Zip Code: 80102
Work Phone: 303-644-3234
Fax Number: 303-644-4121
Email Address:


District: Bethune R-5
District Code: 1490
Name: Stachia Rice
Address: PO Box 127
City: Bethune
Zip Code: 80805
Work Phone: 719-346-7513
Ext: 118
Fax Number: 719-346-5048
Email Address:


District: Big Sandy 100J
District Code: 940
Name: Chad Thieman
Address: PO Box 68
City: Simla
Zip Code: 80835
Work Phone: 719-541-2291
Fax Number: 719-541-2443
Email Address:


District: Boulder Valley RE 2
District Code: 480
Name: Lucy Repaci
Address: 6500 Arapahoe Road
City: Boulder
Zip Code: 80303
Work Phone: 720-561-5091
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Branson RE-82
District Code: 1750
Name: Kristen Sim
Address: 101 Saddle Rock Drive
City: Branson
Zip Code: 81027
Work Phone: 719-946-5531
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Brush RE-2(J)
District Code: 2395
Name: Lindsey Kimball
Address: PO Box 585
City: Brush
Zip Code: 80723
Work Phone: 970-842-4794
Fax Number: 970-842-4481
Email Address:


District: Buena Vista R-31
District Code: 490
Name: Lisa Yates (Supt.)
Address: PO Box 2021
City: Buena Vista
Zip Code: 81211
Work Phone: 719-395-7005
Fax Number: 719-395-7007
Email Address:


District: Buffalo RE-4
District Code: 1860
Name: Courtney Rank
Address: 315 Lee Street
City: Merino
Zip Code: 80741
Work Phone: 970-522-7229
Ext: 219
Fax Number: 970-522-1541
Email Address:


District: Burlington RE-6J
District Code: 1500
Name: Jade Trahern
Address: 2600 Rose Avenue
City: Burlington
Zip Code: 80807
Work Phone: 719-346-5440
Ext: 14
Fax Number: 719-346-7900
Email Address:


District: Byers 32J
District Code: 190
Name: Kelly Boren
Address: 444 East Front St
City: Byers
Zip Code: 80103
Work Phone: 303-822-5292
Ext: 1115
Fax Number: 303-822-9592
Email Address:


District: Calhan RJ-1
District Code: 970
Name: James Rotenberry
Address: 780 8th Street
City: Calhan
Zip Code: 80808
Work Phone: 719-347-2766
Ext: 308
Fax Number: 719-347-2144
Email Address:


District: Campo RE-6
District Code: 270
Name: Kim Jenkins
Address: PO Box 70
City: Campo
Zip Code: 81029
Work Phone: 719-787-2226
Fax Number: 719-787-0140
Email Address:


District: Canon City RE-1
District Code: 1140
Name: Brian Zamarripa
Address: 101 North 14th St
City: Caņon City
Zip Code: 81212
Work Phone: 719-276-5710
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Centennial BOCES
District Code: 9035
Name: Nicole Jackson
Address: 2020 Clubhouse Drive
City: Greeley
Zip Code: 80634
Work Phone: 970-352-7404
Ext: 1184
Fax Number: 970-352-7350
Email Address:


District: Centennial R-1
District Code: 640
Name: Kimba Rael
Address: PO Box 350
City: San Luis
Zip Code: 81152
Work Phone: 719-672-3322
Ext: 3421
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Center 26 JT
District Code: 2810
Name: Christine Hintz
Address: 550 Sylvester Ave
City: Center
Zip Code: 81125
Work Phone: 719-754-2821
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Charter School Institute
District Code: 8001
Name: Kali Winn
Address: 1600 N Broadway, Suite 1250
City: Denver
Zip Code: 80202
Work Phone: 303-532-7403
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Cheraw 31
District Code: 2560
Name: Mariah Quick
Address: 110 Lakeview Avenue
City: Cheraw
Zip Code: 81030
Work Phone: 719-853-6655
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Cherry Creek 5
District Code: 130
Name: Kim Valentine
Address: 5416 S Riveria Way
City: Centennial
Zip Code: 80015
Work Phone: 720-554-5002
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Cheyenne County RE-5
District Code: 520
Name: Tori Beek
Address: PO Box 577
City: Cheyenne Wells
Zip Code: 80810
Work Phone: 719-767-5656
Ext: 1002
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Cheyenne Mountain 12
District Code: 1020
Name: Stacey Huebner
Address: 1775 LaClede St
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80905
Work Phone: 719-475-6100
Fax Number: 719-475-6106
Email Address:


District: Clear Creek RE-1
District Code: 540
Name: Michelle McNeil
Address: 185 Beaver Brook Canyon Rd
City: Evergreen
Zip Code: 80439
Work Phone: 303-679-4678
Fax Number: 303-679-4690
Email Address:


District: Colorado River BOCES
District Code: 9030
Name: Leigh McGown
Address: 695 Red Mountain Drive
City: Glenwood Springs
Zip Code: 81601
Work Phone: 970-945-9463
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind
District Code: 9000
Name: Jennifer Thompson
Address: 33 North Institute Street
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80903
Work Phone: 719-578-2202
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Colorado Springs 11
District Code: 1010
Name: Natasha Crouse
Address: 1033 North Franklin Street
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80903
Work Phone: 719-520-2078
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Cotopaxi RE-3
District Code: 1160
Name: Amber Canterbury
Address: 345 CR 12
City: Cotopaxi
Zip Code: 81223
Work Phone: 719-942-4131
Ext: 246
Fax Number: 719-942-4134
Email Address:


District: Creede Consolidated School
District Code: 2010
Name: Johanna Gray
Address: 450 Corsair Drive
City: Creede
Zip Code: 81130
Work Phone: 719-658-2220
Ext: 116
Fax Number: 719-658-2942
Email Address:


District: Cripple Creek-Victor RE-1
District Code: 3010
Name: Phyllis Heldman
Address: 410 North B Street, PO Box 897
City: Cripple Creek
Zip Code: 80813
Work Phone: 719-689-2661
Ext: 3006
Fax Number: 719-689-2256
Email Address:


District: Crowley County RE-1J
District Code: 770
Name: Trish Guillermo
Address: 1001 Main Street
City: Ordway
Zip Code: 81063
Work Phone: 719-267-3582
Fax Number: 719-267-3585
Email Address:


District: Custer County School District C-1
District Code: 860
Name: Ryan Donovan
Address: PO Box 730
City: Westcliffe
Zip Code: 81252
Work Phone: 719-783-4923
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: De Beque 49JT
District Code: 1980
Name: Andrew Jones
Address: PO Box 70
City: DeBeque
Zip Code: 81630
Work Phone: 970-283-5596
Fax Number: 970-283-5598
Email Address:


District: Deer Trail 26J
District Code: 170
Name: Kyle Dasenbrock
Address: 130 South 2nd Avenue
City: Deer Trail
Zip Code: 80105
Work Phone: 303-769-4421
Ext: 142
Fax Number: 303-769-4600
Email Address:


District: Delta County 50(J)
District Code: 870
Name: Jennifer Magner
Address: 145 W 4th Street
City: Delta
Zip Code: 81416
Work Phone: 970-874-4438
Fax Number: 970-874-5744
Email Address:


District: Denver County 1
District Code: 880
Name: Amy Corr
Address: 1860 Lincoln Street, 7th Floor
City: Denver
Zip Code: 80203
Work Phone: 720-423-3477
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: District 49
District Code: 1110
Name: Kathleen Granaas
Address: 3850 Pony Tracks Drive
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80922
Work Phone: 719-494-8949
Fax Number: 719-495-8998
Email Address:


District: Division of Youth
District Code: 8104
Name: Irwin Faaiu
Address: 4255 S. Knox Court, Bld. 42
City: Denver
Zip Code: 80236
Work Phone: 303-866-7912
Fax Number: 303-866-7930
Email Address:


District: Dolores County RE-2
District Code: 890
Name: Dealila Huskey
Address: PO Box 459
City: Dove Creek
Zip Code: 81324
Work Phone: 970-677-2296
Fax Number: 970-677-2237
Email Address:


District: Dolores RE-4A
District Code: 2055
Name: Alesa Reed
Address: 100 North 6th Street
City: Dolores
Zip Code: 81323
Work Phone: 970-882-7255
Fax Number: 970-882-7685
Email Address:


District: Douglas County RE-1
District Code: 900
Name: Kelly Kirkpatrick
Address: 620 Wilcox
City: Castle Rock
Zip Code: 80104
Work Phone: 303-387-0040
Fax Number: 303-387-0281
Email Address:


District: Durango 9-R
District Code: 1520
Name: Valerie Simpson
Address: 201 East 12th Street
City: Durango
Zip Code: 81301
Work Phone: 970-247-5411
Ext: 1419
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Eads RE-1
District Code: 1430
Name: LaDawne Britten
Address: 210 West 10th Street
City: Eads
Zip Code: 81036
Work Phone: 719-438-2218
Fax Number: 719-438-2272
Email Address:


District: Eagle County RE-50J
District Code: 910
Name: Brenda Baltierrez
Address: PO Box 740
City: Eagle
Zip Code: 81631
Work Phone: 970-328-1929
Fax Number: 970-328-1024
Email Address:


District: East Grand 2
District Code: 1350
Name: Sarahbeth Bankert
Address: 299 County Road 611
City: Granby
Zip Code: 80446
Work Phone: 970-887-2581
Fax Number: 970-887-2635
Email Address:


District: East Otero R-1
District Code: 2520
Name: Dee Rangel
Address: 301 Raton Ave.
City: La Junta
Zip Code: 81050
Work Phone: 719-384-6906
Fax Number: 719-384-6910
Email Address:


District: Eaton RE-2
District Code: 3085
Name: Marcy Sanger
Address: 211 1st Street
City: Eaton
Zip Code: 80615
Work Phone: 970-454-3402
Ext: 613
Fax Number: 970-454-5193
Email Address:


District: Edison 54JT
District Code: 1120
Name: Sandra Everhart
Address: 14550 Edison Road
City: Yoder
Zip Code: 80864
Work Phone: 719-478-2125
Fax Number: 719-478-3000
Email Address:


District: Education reEnvisioned BOCES
District Code: 9170
Name: Andy Franko
Address: 430 Beacon Lite Road, Suite 150
City: Monument
Zip Code: 80132
Work Phone: 719-368-6392
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Elbert 200
District Code: 950
Name: Maretta Glander
Address: PO Box 38
City: Elbert
Zip Code: 80106
Work Phone: 303-648-3030
Ext: 115
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Elizabeth School District
District Code: 920
Name: Bill Dallas
Address: 634 South Elbert Street
City: Elizabeth
Zip Code: 80107
Work Phone: 303-646-1839
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Ellicott 22
District Code: 1050
Name: Lexi Van Patten
Address: 375 South Ellicott Hwy
City: Calhan
Zip Code: 80808
Work Phone: 719-683-2700
Ext: 4414
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Englewood 1
District Code: 120
Name: Becky Jones
Address: 300 West Chenango Avenue
City: Englewood
Zip Code: 80110
Work Phone: 303-806-2003
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Estes Park R-3
District Code: 1570
Name: Carmen Williams
Address: 1605 Brodie Avenue
City: Estes Park
Zip Code: 80517
Work Phone: 970-586-2361
Ext: 3016
Fax Number: 970-586-1108
Email Address:


District: Expeditionary BOCES
District Code: 9130
Name: Lindsay Emery
Address: 1700 South Holly Street
City: Denver
Zip Code: 80222
Work Phone: 303-759-2076
Ext: 2227
Fax Number: 303-757-7442
Email Address:


District: Fort Morgan RE-3
District Code: 2405
Name: Rena Frasco
Address: 715 West Platte Ave.
City: Fort Morgan
Zip Code: 80701
Work Phone: 970-370-6113
Fax Number: 970-867-0262
Email Address:


District: Fountain 8
District Code: 1000
Name: Sed Keller
Address: 10665 Jimmy Camp Rd
City: Fountain
Zip Code: 80817
Work Phone: 719-382-1570
Fax Number: 719-382-0680
Email Address:


District: Fowler R-4J
District Code: 2540
Name: Alfie Lotrich (Supt.)
Address: PO Box 218
City: Fowler
Zip Code: 81039
Work Phone: 719-263-4224
Fax Number: 719-263-4625
Email Address:


District: Fremont RE-2
District Code: 1150
Name: Michelle Lesser
Address: 403 West 5th Street
City: Florence
Zip Code: 81226
Work Phone: 719-784-2514
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Frenchman RE-3
District Code: 1850
Name: Derek Feather
Address: 506 North Fremont Ave
City: Fleming
Zip Code: 80728
Work Phone: 970-265-2111
Ext: 334
Fax Number: 970-265-2029
Email Address:


District: Garfield 16
District Code: 1220
Name: Nathan Humphrey
Address: 460 Stone Quarry Road
City: Parachute
Zip Code: 81635
Work Phone: 970-285-5701
Ext: 5121
Fax Number: 970-285-5711
Email Address:


District: Garfield RE-2
District Code: 1195
Name: Jacob Pingel
Address: 839 Whiteriver Avenue
City: Rifle
Zip Code: 81650
Work Phone: 970-665-760
Fax Number: 970-655-7623
Email Address:


District: Genoa-Hugo C113
District Code: 1780
Name: Shari Humphrey
Address: 25 Pirate Lane
City: Hugo
Zip Code: 80821
Work Phone: 719-743-2428
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Gilpin County RE-1
District Code: 1330
Name: David MacKenzie (Supt.)
Address: 10595 Highway 119
City: Black Hawk
Zip Code: 80422
Work Phone: 303-582-3444
Ext: 3102
Fax Number: 303-582-3346
Email Address:


District: Granada RE-1
District Code: 2650
Name: Lorretta Sanchez
Address: PO Box 259
City: Granada
Zip Code: 81041
Work Phone: 719-734-5492
Fax Number: 719-734-5495
Email Address:


District: Gunnison Watershed RE-1J
District Code: 1360
Name: Shari Sullivan-Marshall
Address: 800 North Blvd Street
City: Gunnison
Zip Code: 81230
Work Phone: 970-641-7760
Ext: 2901
Fax Number: 970-641-7777
Email Address:


District: Hanover 28
District Code: 1070
Name: Jeff Jordahl
Address: 17050 South Peyton Highway
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80928
Work Phone: 719-683-2247
Ext: 203
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Harrison 2
District Code: 980
Name: Scott Weldon
Address: 1060 Harrison Road
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80905
Work Phone: 719-579-2069
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Haxtun RE-2J
District Code: 2630
Name: Marsha Cody (Supt.)
Address: 201 West Powell Street
City: Haxtun
Zip Code: 80731
Work Phone: 970-774-6111
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Hayden RE-1
District Code: 2760
Name: Vicki Blomquist
Address: 300 Breeze Basin Blvd
City: Hayden
Zip Code: 81639
Work Phone: 970-276-3864
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Hinsdale County RE-1
District Code: 1380
Name: Carla Whinnery
Address: PO Box 39
City: Lake City
Zip Code: 81235
Work Phone: 970-944-2314
Fax Number: 970-944-2662
Email Address:


District: Hi-Plains R-23
District Code: 1460
Name: Aileen Richards
Address: 350 Patriot Drive, PO Box 238
City: Seibert
Zip Code: 80834
Work Phone: 970-664-2636
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Hoehne R-3
District Code: 1600
Name: Michele Jones
Address: 19851 CR 75.1 PO Box 91
City: Hoehne
Zip Code: 81046
Work Phone: 719-846-4457
Ext: 101
Fax Number: 719-846-4450
Email Address:


District: Holly RE-3
District Code: 2670
Name: Jennifer Thompson
Address: 206 North 3rd, PO Box 608
City: Holly
Zip Code: 81047
Work Phone: 719-537-6616
Fax Number: 719-537-0315
Email Address:


District: Holyoke RE-1J
District Code: 2620
Name: Stefan Betley
Address: 545 East Hale Street
City: Holyoke
Zip Code: 80734
Work Phone: 970-854-2284
Ext: 1010
Fax Number: 970-854-4578
Email Address:


District: Huerfano RE-1
District Code: 1390
Name: Megan Gurule
Address: 375 West Pine
City: Walsenburg
Zip Code: 81089
Work Phone: 719-738-2190
Fax Number: 719-738-5746
Email Address:


District: Idalia RJ-3
District Code: 3220
Name: Caprise Cominiello
Address: PO Box 40
City: Idalia
Zip Code: 80735
Work Phone: 970-354-7298
Ext: 209
Fax Number: 970-354-7416
Email Address:


District: Ignacio 11 JT
District Code: 1540
Name: Cori Stevens
Address: PO Box 460
City: Ignacio
Zip Code: 81137
Work Phone: 970-563-0500
Ext: 302
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Jefferson County R-1
District Code: 1420
Name: Carol Eaton
Address: 1829 Denver West Dr. #27
City: Golden
Zip Code: 80401
Work Phone: 303-982-6565
Fax Number: 303-982-0841
Email Address:


District: Julesburg RE-1
District Code: 2862
Name: Rhonda Palic
Address: 525 Spruce Street
City: Julesburg
Zip Code: 80737
Work Phone: 970-474-3365
Ext: 1
Fax Number: 970-474-3319
Email Address:


District: Karval RE-23
District Code: 1810
Name: Kami Binning
Address: PO Box 5
City: Karval
Zip Code: 80823
Work Phone: 719-446-5311
Ext: 106
Fax Number: 719-446-5332
Email Address:


District: Kim Reorganized 88
District Code: 1760
Name: Michelle Wait
Address: PO Box 100
City: Kim
Zip Code: 81049
Work Phone: 719-643-5295
Ext: 229
Fax Number: 719-643-5299
Email Address:


District: Kiowa C-2
District Code: 930
Name: Vaden Holmes
Address: PO Box 128
City: Kiowa
Zip Code: 80117
Work Phone: 303-867-8405
Fax Number: 303-621-2239
Email Address:


District: Kit Carson R-1
District Code: 510
Name: Alexis Gekeler
Address: Box 185
City: Kit Carson
Zip Code: 80825
Work Phone: 719-962-3219
Fax Number: 719-962-3317
Email Address:


District: La Veta RE-2
District Code: 1400
Name: Rick Sciacca
Address: 126 East Garland Street
City: La Veta
Zip Code: 81055
Work Phone: 719-742-6421
Fax Number: 719-742-5799
Email Address:


District: Lake County R-1
District Code: 1510
Name: Bunny Taylor
Address: 328 W 5th Street
City: Leadville
Zip Code: 80461
Work Phone: 719-486-6800
Ext: 5
Fax Number: 719-486-2048
Email Address:


District: Lamar RE-2
District Code: 2660
Name: Gabrielle Hammer
Address: 210 W. Pearl Street
City: Lamar
Zip Code: 81052
Work Phone: 719-336-3251
Fax Number: 719-336-2817
Email Address:


District: Las Animas RE-1
District Code: 290
Name: Addie Wallace
Address: 1021 2nd Street
City: Las Animas
Zip Code: 81054
Work Phone: 719-456-0211
Fax Number: 719-456-0932
Email Address:


District: Lewis-Palmer 38
District Code: 1080
Name: Michael Brom
Address: 146 N. Jefferson St. PO Box 40
City: Monument
Zip Code: 80132
Work Phone: 719-867-8033
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Liberty J-4
District Code: 3230
Name: Jane Bellows
Address: PO Box 112
City: Joes
Zip Code: 80822
Work Phone: 970-358-4288
Ext: 125
Fax Number: 970-358-4282
Email Address:


District: Limon RE-4J
District Code: 1790
Name: Shirelle Bandy
Address: PO Box 249
City: Limon
Zip Code: 80828
Work Phone: 719-775-2350
Ext: 321
Fax Number: 719-775-9052
Email Address:


District: Littleton 6
District Code: 140
Name: Kevin Fraser
Address: 5776 South Crocker St
City: Littleton
Zip Code: 80120
Work Phone: 303-347-3433
Fax Number: 303-347-3339
Email Address:


District: Lone Star 101
District Code: 3060
Name: Mike Bowers
Address: 44940 CR 54
City: Otis
Zip Code: 80743
Work Phone: 970-848-2778
Fax Number: 970-848-0340
Email Address:


District: Mancos RE-6
District Code: 2070
Name: Louis Horton
Address: 355 West Grand Avenue
City: Mancos
Zip Code: 81328
Work Phone: 970-533-7746
Ext: 4311
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Manitou Springs 14
District Code: 1030
Name: Kolleen Johnson
Address: 405 El Monte Place
City: Manitou Springs
Zip Code: 80829
Work Phone: 719-685-2040
Fax Number: 719-685-4536
Email Address:


District: Manzanola 3-J
District Code: 2535
Name: David Judd (Supt.)
Address: 32475 County Road 11.5
City: Manzanola
Zip Code: 81058
Work Phone: 719-462-5528
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Mapleton 1
District Code: 10
Name: Eleanor Burns
Address: 7350 N Broadway
City: Denver
Zip Code: 80221
Work Phone: 303-853-1046
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: McClave RE-2
District Code: 310
Name: Melissa Goble
Address: 308 Lincoln Avenue
City: McClave
Zip Code: 81057
Work Phone: 719-829-4517
Fax Number: 719-829-4430
Email Address:


District: Meeker RE-1
District Code: 2710
Name: Diane Ewing
Address: PO Box 1089
City: Meeker
Zip Code: 81641
Work Phone: 970-878-9040
Ext: 417
Fax Number: 970-878-3682
Email Address:


District: Mesa County Valley 51
District Code: 2000
Name: Curry Newton
Address: 930 Ute Ave.
City: Grand Junction
Zip Code: 81501
Work Phone: 970-254-5328
Ext: 13123
Fax Number: 970-254-5391
Email Address:


District: Miami-Yoder JT-60
District Code: 1130
Name: Meg Meadow
Address: 420 South Rush Rd
City: Rush
Zip Code: 80833
Work Phone: 719-478-2186
Ext: 1152
Fax Number: 719-478-5380
Email Address:


District: Moffat 2
District Code: 2800
Name: Zachary Schwartz
Address: PO Box 371
City: Moffat
Zip Code: 81143
Work Phone: 719-745-0500
Ext: 126
Fax Number: 719-312-4011
Email Address:


District: Moffat County RE-1
District Code: 2020
Name: Breanna Ford
Address: 600 Texas Avenue
City: Craig
Zip Code: 81625
Work Phone: 970-826-6337
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Monte Vista C-8
District Code: 2740
Name: Charles Losee
Address: 345 East Prospect Avenue
City: Monte Vista
Zip Code: 81144
Work Phone: 719-852-7721
Fax Number: 719-852-6196
Email Address:


District: Montezuma-Cortez RE-1
District Code: 2035
Name: James Parr
Address: 25 E. Second Street
City: Cortez
Zip Code: 81321
Work Phone: 970-570-3162
Fax Number: 970-565-2161
Email Address:


District: Montrose County RE-1J
District Code: 2180
Name: Debra Biermann
Address: PO Box 10000
City: Montrose
Zip Code: 81401
Work Phone: 970-249-7726
Ext: 4901
Fax Number: 970-249-7173
Email Address:


District: Mountain Valley RE-1
District Code: 2790
Name: Elizabeth Schroeder
Address: 403 Pitkin Avenue
City: Saguache
Zip Code: 81149
Work Phone: 719-655-2578
Fax Number: 719-655-2875
Email Address:


District: North Conejos RE-1J
District Code: 550
Name: Brad Huffaker
Address: 17889 Highway 285 South
City: La Jara
Zip Code: 81140
Work Phone: 719-274-5174
Ext: 3906
Fax Number: 719-274-5621
Email Address:


District: North Park R-1
District Code: 1410
Name: Christine Carlstrom
Address: 910 4th Street
City: Walden
Zip Code: 80480
Work Phone: 970-723-3300
Ext: 2512
Fax Number: 970-723-8486
Email Address:


District: Norwood R-2J
District Code: 2840
Name: Richard Williams
Address: 1225 W. Summit Avenue
City: Norwood
Zip Code: 81423
Work Phone: 970-327-4336
Ext: 121
Fax Number: 970-327-4116
Email Address:


District: Otis R-3
District Code: 3050
Name: Margaret Chouinard
Address: 518 Dungan Street
City: Otis
Zip Code: 80743
Work Phone: 970-246-3486
Fax Number: 970-246-3487
Email Address:


District: Ouray R-1
District Code: 2580
Name: Paige Sackman
Address: PO Box N, 400 7th Ave.
City: Ouray
Zip Code: 81427
Work Phone: 970-325-4505
Ext: 11
Fax Number: 970-325-7343
Email Address:


District: Park County RE-2
District Code: 2610
Name: Susan Haley
Address: PO Box 189
City: Fairplay
Zip Code: 80440
Work Phone: 719-836-2949
Ext: 556
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Pawnee RE-12
District Code: 3148
Name: Cindy Franks
Address: 19 Chatoga Avenue, P. O. Box 220
City: Grover
Zip Code: 80729
Work Phone: 970-895-2222
Ext: 123
Fax Number: 970-895-2221
Email Address:


District: Peyton 23 JT
District Code: 1060
Name: Raquel Gee
Address: 18320 Main Street
City: Peyton
Zip Code: 80831
Work Phone: 719-749-2330
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Pikes Peak BOCES
District Code: 9045
Name: Amanda Conrad
Address: 2883 South Circle Drive
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80906
Work Phone: 719-635-6333
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Plainview RE-2
District Code: 1440
Name: Jennifer Wilson
Address: 13997 CR 71
City: Sheridan Lake
Zip Code: 81071
Work Phone: 719-729-3331
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Plateau RE-5
District Code: 1870
Name: Megan Schumacher
Address: PO Box 39
City: Peetz
Zip Code: 80747
Work Phone: 970-334-2361
Ext: 146
Fax Number: 970-334-2360
Email Address:


District: Plateau Valley 50
District Code: 1990
Name: Joanna Gibbs
Address: 56600 Highway 330
City: Collbran
Zip Code: 81624
Work Phone: 970-487-3547
Ext: 249
Fax Number: 970-487-3196
Email Address:


District: Platte Canyon 1
District Code: 2600
Name: Kay Genschorck
Address: P.O. Box 1069
City: Bailey
Zip Code: 80421
Work Phone: 303-838-7666
Ext: 1019
Fax Number: 303-679-7495
Email Address:


District: Platte Valley RE-7
District Code: 3130
Name: D''Lane Joens
Address: 501 Clark Street
City: Kersey
Zip Code: 80644
Work Phone: 970-336-8504
Fax Number: 970-336-8511
Email Address:


District: Poudre R-1
District Code: 1550
Name: Susan Thomas
Address: 2407 La Porte Ave
City: Fort Collins
Zip Code: 80521
Work Phone: 970-490-3124
Fax Number: 970-490-3027
Email Address:


District: Prairie RE-11
District Code: 3147
Name: Jessica Mason
Address: 42315 WCR 133
City: New Raymer
Zip Code: 80742
Work Phone: 970-437-5351
Ext: 118
Fax Number: 970-437-5732
Email Address:


District: Primero RE-2
District Code: 1590
Name: Jeanine Duran
Address: 20200 State Hwy 12
City: Weston
Zip Code: 81091
Work Phone: 719-868-2715
Ext: 111
Fax Number: 719-868-2241
Email Address:


District: Pritchett RE-3
District Code: 240
Name: Jessica Anderson
Address: 533 Irving Street
City: Pritchett
Zip Code: 81064
Work Phone: 719-523-4045
Fax Number: 719-523-6991
Email Address:


District: Pueblo City 60
District Code: 2690
Name: Tiffany Dehn
Address: 315 West 11th Street
City: Pueblo
Zip Code: 81003
Work Phone: 719-423-3076
Fax Number: 719-549-7152
Email Address:


District: Pueblo County 70
District Code: 2700
Name: Casey King
Address: 24951 East Highway 50
City: Pueblo
Zip Code: 81006
Work Phone: 719-295-6559
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Rangely RE-4
District Code: 2720
Name: Mary Lansing
Address: 402 West Main Street
City: Rangely
Zip Code: 81648
Work Phone: 970-629-5398
Fax Number: 970-675-5403
Email Address:


District: Revere School District
District Code: 2865
Name: Jessica Oliver
Address: 500 Main Street
City: Ovid
Zip Code: 80744
Work Phone: 970-463-5477
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Ridgway R-2
District Code: 2590
Name: Janessa Torrey
Address: 1115 West Clinton Street
City: Ridgway
Zip Code: 81432
Work Phone: 970-626-4320
Fax Number: 970-626-4337
Email Address:


District: Roaring Fork RE-1
District Code: 1180
Name: Cammie Newmyer
Address: 400 Sopris Avenue
City: Carbondale
Zip Code: 81623
Work Phone: 970-384-7994
Fax Number: 970-384-5795
Email Address:


District: Rocky Ford R-2
District Code: 2530
Name: Kermit Snyder (Supt.)
Address: 601 S. 8th Street
City: Rocky Ford
Zip Code: 81067
Work Phone: 719-254-7423
Fax Number: 719-254-7425
Email Address:


District: Salida R-32-J
District Code: 500
Name: William Wooddell
Address: 627 Oak Street
City: Salida
Zip Code: 81201
Work Phone: 719-530-5469
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: San Juan BOCES
District Code: 9050
Name: Meagan Johnson
Address: 701 Camino Del Rio, Suite 220
City: Durango
Zip Code: 81301
Work Phone: 970-403-0946
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Sanford 6J
District Code: 560
Name: Mandy Mortensen
Address: PO Box 39
City: Sanford
Zip Code: 81151
Work Phone: 719-274-5167
Fax Number: 719-274-5830
Email Address:


District: Sangre De Cristo RE-22J
District Code: 110
Name: Christy Mortensen
Address: 8751 Lane 7
City: Mosca
Zip Code: 81146
Work Phone: 719-378-2321
Ext: 179
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Sargent RE-33
District Code: 2750
Name: Kristin Stambaugh
Address: 7090 North County Road 2 East
City: Monte Vista
Zip Code: 81144
Work Phone: 719-852-4024
Fax Number: 719-852-0399
Email Address:


District: School District 27J
District Code: 40
Name: Evelyn Hernandez
Address: 18551 E. 160th Avenue
City: Brighton
Zip Code: 80601
Work Phone: 720-685-7653
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Sheridan 2
District Code: 123
Name: Maegan Daigler
Address: 4150 S. Hazel Court
City: Englewood
Zip Code: 80110
Work Phone: 720-833-6779
Fax Number: 720-833-6650
Email Address:


District: Sierra Grande R-30
District Code: 740
Name: Anne Gile
Address: 17523 Highway 160
City: Blanca
Zip Code: 81123
Work Phone: 719-379-3257
Ext: 3259
Fax Number: 719-379-2572
Email Address:


District: Silverton 1
District Code: 2820
Name: Kim White (Supt.)
Address: PO Box 128
City: Silverton
Zip Code: 81433
Work Phone: 970-387-5544
Fax Number: 970-387-5791
Email Address:


District: South Conejos RE-10
District Code: 580
Name: Weldon Colbert
Address: PO Box 398
City: Antonito
Zip Code: 81120
Work Phone: 719-376-7000
Ext: 7021
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: South Routt RE-3
District Code: 2780
Name: Mark Clemmons
Address: 305 Grant Avenue
City: Oak Creek
Zip Code: 80467
Work Phone: 970-870-2661
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Springfield RE-4
District Code: 250
Name: Ginger Walker
Address: 389 Tipton Street
City: Springfield
Zip Code: 81073
Work Phone: 719-523-6522
Fax Number: 719-523-4361
Email Address:


District: St Vrain Valley RE 1J
District Code: 470
Name: Jamie Ball
Address: 401 S. Pratt Pkwy
City: Longmont
Zip Code: 80501
Work Phone: 303-682-7503
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Steamboat Springs RE-2
District Code: 2770
Name: Annie Barbier
Address: 325 7th Street
City: Steamboat Springs
Zip Code: 80487
Work Phone: 970-871-3169
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Strasburg 31-J
District Code: 60
Name: Ronda Lee
Address: 56729 East Colorado Avenue
City: Strasburg
Zip Code: 80136
Work Phone: 303-622-9213
Ext: 712
Fax Number: 303-622-2613
Email Address:


District: Stratton R-4
District Code: 1480
Name: Jennifer May
Address: 219 Illinois Ave.
City: Stratton
Zip Code: 80836
Work Phone: 719-348-5369
Ext: 123
Fax Number: 719-348-5555
Email Address:


District: Summit RE-1
District Code: 3000
Name: Ross Morgan
Address: PO Box 7
City: Frisco
Zip Code: 80443
Work Phone: 970-368-1251
Fax Number: 970-368-1049
Email Address:


District: Swink 33
District Code: 2570
Name: Alexandrea Snowy Schroeder
Address: 610 Columbia
City: Swink
Zip Code: 81077
Work Phone: 719-384-8103
Fax Number: 719-384-5471
Email Address:


District: Telluride R-1
District Code: 2830
Name: John Pandolfo (Supt.)
Address: 725 W. Colorado Avenue
City: Telluride
Zip Code: 81435
Work Phone: 970-369-1213
Fax Number: 970-728-0257
Email Address:


District: Thompson R2-J
District Code: 1560
Name: Carrie Bartmann
Address: 800 South Taft Avenue
City: Loveland
Zip Code: 80537
Work Phone: 970-613-6173
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Trinidad 1
District Code: 1580
Name: Mary Gansz
Address: 607 Miner Drive
City: Trinidad
Zip Code: 81082
Work Phone: 719-846-3324
Ext: 2050
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Upper Rio Grande School District C-7
District Code: 2730
Name: Amy Trujillo
Address: 950 French Street
City: Del Norte
Zip Code: 81132
Work Phone: 719-657-4030
Ext: 2100
Fax Number: 719-657-3087
Email Address:


District: Valley RE-1
District Code: 1828
Name: Brenda Kloberdanz
Address: 301 Hagen Street
City: Sterling
Zip Code: 80751
Work Phone: 970-522-0792
Ext: 1230
Fax Number: 970-522-0525
Email Address:


District: Vilas RE-5
District Code: 260
Name: Edna Neuhold
Address: PO Box 727
City: Vilas
Zip Code: 81087
Work Phone: 719-523-6738
Fax Number: 719-523-4818
Email Address:


District: Walsh RE-1
District Code: 230
Name: Desirae Mundell
Address: 301 N. California, PO Box 68
City: Walsh
Zip Code: 81090
Work Phone: 719-324-5426
Fax Number: 719-324-5734
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE-9 (Ault-Highland)
District Code: 3145
Name: Clay Naughton
Address: 210 West First Street PO Box 68
City: Ault-Highland Weld RE-9
Zip Code: 80610
Work Phone: 970-834-2829
Fax Number: 970-834-2663
Email Address:


District: Weld County 4 (Windsor)
District Code: 3100
Name: Vanessa Gonzales
Address: 1020 Main Street
City: Windsor
Zip Code: 80550
Work Phone: 970-686-8021
Fax Number: 970-686-8001
Email Address:


District: Weld County 6 (Greeley)
District Code: 3120
Name: Stacie Datteri
Address: 1025 9th Avenue
City: Greeley
Zip Code: 80631
Work Phone: 970-348-6266
Fax Number: 970-348-6292
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE 10J (Briggsdale)
District Code: 3146
Name: Cathi Fulton (Supt.)
Address: 515 Leslie St
City: Briggsdale
Zip Code: 80611
Work Phone: 970-656-3469
Fax Number: 970-656-3479
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE-1
District Code: 3080
Name: Jeff Angus
Address: PO Box 157
City: Gilcrest
Zip Code: 80623
Work Phone: 970-350-4201
Ext: 4205
Fax Number: 970-737-2516
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE-3(J) (Keenesburg)
District Code: 3090
Name: Rebecca Langlois
Address: 1101 4th Avenue
City: Hudson
Zip Code: 80642
Work Phone: 303-536-2000
Ext: 2065
Fax Number: 303-536-2010
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE-5J (Johnstown-Milliken)
District Code: 3110
Name: Karen Weiser
Address: 110 S. Centennial Drive
City: Milliken
Zip Code: 80543
Work Phone: 970-473-5276
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Weld County RE-8 (Ft. Lupton)
District Code: 3140
Name: Michael Kimbrough
Address: 200 South Fulton Avenue
City: Fort Lupton
Zip Code: 80621
Work Phone: 303-857-7293
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Weldon Valley RE-20 (J)
District Code: 2505
Name: Christine Chisum
Address: 911 North Ave
City: Weldona
Zip Code: 80653
Work Phone: 970-645-2411
Ext: 119
Fax Number: 970-645-2377
Email Address:


District: West End RE-2
District Code: 2190
Name: Malisha Reed
Address: PO Box 570
City: Nucla
Zip Code: 81424
Work Phone: 970-864-7350
Ext: 107
Fax Number: 970-864-7269
Email Address:


District: West Grand 1-JT
District Code: 1340
Name: Jennifer Hooks
Address: PO Box 515
City: Kremmling
Zip Code: 80459
Work Phone: 970-724-3425
Ext: 2017
Fax Number: 970-724-3450
Email Address:


District: Westminster Public Schools
District Code: 70
Name: Amy Sulley
Address: 7002 Raleigh Street
City: Denver
Zip Code: 80030
Work Phone: 720-542-5073
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Widefield 3
District Code: 990
Name: Megan Houtchens
Address: 930 Leta Drive
City: Colorado Springs
Zip Code: 80911
Work Phone: 719-391-3009
Fax Number: 719-391-3097
Email Address:


District: Wiggins RE-50(J)
District Code: 2515
Name: Erica Gilliland
Address: 404 Chapman Street
City: Wiggins
Zip Code: 80654
Work Phone: 970-483-7762
Ext: 4216
Fax Number: 970-483-6205
Email Address:


District: Wiley RE-13 JT
District Code: 2680
Name: Ashley Tixier
Address: PO Box 247
City: Wiley
Zip Code: 81092
Work Phone: 719-829-4806
Fax Number: 719-829-4808
Email Address:


District: Woodland Park RE-2
District Code: 3020
Name: Kim Moore
Address: PO Box 99
City: Woodland Park
Zip Code: 80863
Work Phone: 719-686-2032
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Woodlin R-104
District Code: 3070
Name: Verta Walker
Address: 15400 County Road L, Box 185
City: Woodrow
Zip Code: 80757
Work Phone: 970-386-2223
Ext: 50
Fax Number: 970-386-2241
Email Address:


District: Wray RD-2
District Code: 3210
Name: Bobbi Cure
Address: 30222 CR 35
City: Wray
Zip Code: 80758
Work Phone: 970-332-5764
Fax Number: 720-506-2912
Email Address:


District: Yuma 1
District Code: 3200
Name: Beth Dischner
Address: 1115 South Ash
City: Yuma
Zip Code: 80759
Work Phone: 970-848-5831
Ext: 2004
Fax Number: 970-848-2256
Email Address: