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Sorted alphabetically by district name

District: Eagle County RE-50J
District Code: 910
Name: Jessica Martinez
Address: 948 Chamber Avenue PO BOX 740
City: Eagle
Zip Code: 81631
Work Phone: 970-328-2187
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: East Central BOCES
District Code: 9025
Name: Debbie James
Address: 450 11th St
City: Burlington
Zip Code: 80807
Work Phone: 7193423090
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: East Grand 2
District Code: 1350
Name: Kelly Martin
Address: PO Box 125
City: Granby
Zip Code: 80446
Work Phone: 970-887-2581
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: East Otero R-1
District Code: 2520
Name: Joe Hermicillo
Address: 1802 Colorado Avenue, Suite 200
City: La Junta
Zip Code: 81050
Work Phone: 719-394-6900
Fax Number: 719-384-6910
Email Address:


District: Eaton RE-2
District Code: 3085
Name: Brigette Muse
Address: 200 Park Ave.
City: Eaton
Zip Code: 80615
Work Phone: 9704543402 x613
Fax Number: 9704545193
Email Address:


District: Elbert 200
District Code: 950
Name: Richard McCloskey
Address: 24489 Main St., P. O. Box 38
City: Elbert
Zip Code: 80106
Work Phone: 3036483070 x318
Fax Number: 3036483652
Email Address:


District: Elizabeth C1
District Code: 920
Name: Andrea Duran
Address: 634 S. Elbert St., Box 610
City: Elizabeth
Zip Code: 80107
Work Phone: 3036461853
Fax Number: 3036460337
Email Address:


District: Englewood 1
District Code: 120
Name: Carrie DeWaters
Address: 4101 S Bannock Street
City: Englewood
Zip Code: 80110
Work Phone: 3038067027
Fax Number:
Email Address:


District: Estes Park R-3
District Code: 1570
Name: Karen Glassman
Address: 1505 Brodie Ave.
City: Estes Park
Zip Code: 80517
Work Phone: 9705867406 x3601
Fax Number: 9705867407
Email Address: