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2015 Summer Reading Program

Kids - Every Hero has a Story

Picture of an eBook with earbuds in front of an explosion with big red lettering "BOOM!" above the book

Bam! Pow! Read! - Practice your super skills by reading about superpowers, protecting others from evil, and rescuing those in danger.


Teens - Unmask!

Picture of a searchlight shinging an image of a book on the clouds over a big city skyline .

Real Heroes - Who do you consider a real hero? Military personnel, scientists, athletes, social reformers, or firefighters? Choose a story to read about one of these types of people.

CTBL’s summer reading program will run from June 8th to August 9th using the themes shown above. A reading list with possible titles to choose from will be sent upon registration or can be downloaded using the links below. However, participants can read any books they want and the program is not restricted to the theme.

Reading Lists (PDF files that open in another window):

This year we will do a “CTBL Reads” and the selected book is Savvy, by Ingrid Law, a local author. We will host a call-in book discussion on 7/14, details to follow. This book is available in Braille BR018369), audio (DB069819) and large print (PR019196).

To register please fill out the application and send it back to us. You can also call a reader advisor to sign up and select your books.


  • Read or listen at least 3 hours per week using audio, Braille or large print books, either by yourself or with a parent or sibling.
  • Call a reader’s advisor each week to log your hours (weeks run Monday through Sunday).
  • Participants will be encouraged to sign up for BARD and can call the library at any point to be coached on downloading books to a cartridge.
  • For those patrons new to BARD - a blank digital cartridge and a download cable will be sent after reading at least 3 hours a week for 4 weeks.
  • Prizes:
  • There will be two drawings this summer, each time we will enter the names of the top ten readers into the drawing. The winner of each drawing will receive a choice of a $25.00 gift certificate to either amazon.com or Barnes & Noble. The drawings will be held on July 8th and August 12th.
We look forward to a great summer!

Kids - Every Hero has a Story

Three plataypus police detectives running, holding their badges and a book. In the backgroud are two large city buildings with the slogan Every Hero Has a Story as neon lights on top of the buildings.

  • Heroes Throughout History - Read a story about an animal hero, a character from a tall tale or even Greek mythology.
  • Community Heroes - Learn about the heroes right in your own neighborhood: Firefighters, Police Officer, members of the military, or even the Founding Fathers. Who else might be considered a hero?
  • Superheroes - Who is your favorite superhero? Who is their arch-enemy? Create your own superhero character and the villian they will fight against. Click here to match famous superheroes with their arch-enemies.
  • Spectacular Sidekicks - Every hero has a sidekick - a team member who makes what they do possible! Imagine a Police Officer's partner or K-9 dog. Who else has sidekicks?


Teens - unmask!

Comic strip type graphic - At the top a girl is using a book as a mask while she is a superhero. Below is the word Unmask. The bottom half is split showing her transforming back into a regular teenager on the left side and on the right side she is walking down the street listening to an iPod.

  • Superheroes - Imagine yourself as a superhero: What would you call yourself? What are your superpowers? Or write some fan fiction about your favorite superhero. Click here for a superhero trivia and matching game.
  • Villians - Where would superheroes be without a villian? Explore the world of the "bad guys" such as Dracula, Lord Voldemort and others.
  • Unmask Your Talent - What are you good at? Can you sing or dance? Discover your hidden talents by reading about and trying various activities.
  • Be a Hero! - How can you be a hero? Think of words you can use to describe yourself (maybe brave or helpful). Think of ways you help others and realize that makes you a hero!

Images on this page are copyrighted by Upstart for exclusive use by CSLP members during this year and are used by permission. Copying or reproducing these images in any way by non-CSLP members is prohibited.