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2012 Summer Reading Program

2012 Summer Reading Challenge: Lt. Governor Garcia has challegened Colorado residents to read 1.5 million more pages this year. In order to meet this challenge we are encouraging summer reading participants to read 10% more and have reflected that in the guidelines.

CHILDREN - dream big

Poster of two bats reading a book on the history of rock and roll and dreaming of being rock stars

  • Dreams and Wishes - What do you dream about or wish for? Read stories about other people's wishes and dreams. Create your own dream jar.
  • Night Night - Learn about night visitors such as Mr. Sandman, the Tooth Fairy, elves or even the moon.
  • Night Owls - There are many sounds in the night. Find out which nocturnal animals and insects are making those sounds.
  • Night Adventures - Imagine what a trip to space would be like. Read about astronaunts and space exploration. Or do some night sleuthing and read a good mystery.
  • Night Shivers - Nighttime is scary. What monsters are lurking under your bed? Discover ways to overcome your fears.

Listen to Audio PSA for Dream Big - (MP3 file)


Poster with shadow outlines of teens performing various activities with slogan "Own the Night"

  • We Own the Night - Nighttime is for dreaming. Learn about dream interpretation or keep a dream journal. What dreams (hopes) do you have?
  • Vampires, Zombies, Ghosts and Monsters - Read about these denizens of the night.
  • Nighttime Activities - Discover the activities of nocturnal animals.
  • Dark Stories - Fairie Tales often have dark elements in them - try reading one.
  • Crime and Death - Research famous crypts of the world such as the Great Pyramids or Taj Mahal. Or learn about forensics and other crime fighting techniques.
  • Murder Mystery - Become a sleuth and figure out who did it with a good mystery story.

CTBL’s summer reading program will run from June 11th to August 5th. To register please fill out the application and send it back to us. You can also call a reader’s advisor to sign up and select your books. A reading list with possible titles to choose from will be sent upon registration.


  • Read or listen at least 2.5 hours per week, using large print, cassette or digital books, either by yourself or with a parent or sibling.
  • Call a reader’s advisor each week to log your hours (weeks run Monday through Sunday).
  • For those patrons not using BARD - A blank 1 GB digital cartridge and download cable for reading at least 3 hours a week for 4 weeks. During the final 4 weeks of the program, participants will be encouraged to sign up for BARD if possible and coached on downloading books to the cartridge.
  • For those patrons using BARD - An additional blank 1 GB digital cartridge.
  • Grand prize – the names of the top ten readers will be entered into a grand prize drawing. The winner will receive a choice of a $25.00 gift certificate to amazon.com or Barnes & Noble!

Reading Lists (PDF files that open in another window):
To be posted at a later date

We look forward to a great summer!

Application for Summer Reading Program - PDF file opens in new window

Images on this page are copyrighted by Upstart for exclusive use by CSLP members during this year and are used by permission. Copying or reproducing these images in any way by non-CSLP members is prohibited.