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Digital Flash

Digital Audio Books
Service provided by NLS for download of audio books.

To apply for BARD: https://nlsbard.loc.gov/login/NLS
For more information: BARD - Braille and Audio Reading Download

Digital Braille - WebBraille
Electronic files of Braille books and magazines that can be downloaded to any device with a refreshable Braille display. The files can also be sent to an embosser for a hard copy. Some playback devices can use text-to-speech to read the BRF files. WebBraille is now part of the BARD service listed above. If you are a WebBraille user and don't have a BARD account, you will need to sign up to use BARD. For more information: WebBraille

Creating Digital Markup using LCM - PDF file opens in new window
Presented by Joe Burkins, CTBL, and Scott Sholz, Nebraska Library Commission, during the pre-Conference, for the NLS National Conference in Rhode Island, May 2012.

Digital Transition Information
Check out the latest information on the transition to the new digital players and cartridges.