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Individual Braille readers, Schools for the Blind, and other organizations that provide Braille may be granted access to the site. WebBraille is now part of the BARD service. To use WebBraille, you will need to fill out the BARD application located at https://nlsbard.loc.gov/NLS/ApplicationInstructions.html.

Books and Magazines on Web-Braille
WebBraille books can be searched in the NLS online catalog. A link to each volume of a WebBraille title will appear in both the brief display and the full display. When a WebBraille link is selected, you will be prompted for your WebBraille username and password. To search only WebBraille titles, you may enter "web braille" (as two words) in the "keyword" field.

Links to WebBraille titles are also available using the online version of Braille Book Review beginning with the July-August, 1999 issue.

All NLS-produced Braille Magazines are now being posted to WebBraille within one working day after the hardcopy version is shipped

Braille music scores, books about music, and music magazines