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CTBL Digital Book Machine Migration Policy

In the upcoming transition to digital, the library will transition patrons from the current tape machine to the digital talking book machine (DTBM). This process will take some time as CTBL will receive only a small number of new machines per month. This policy outlines how this migration will take place.

The policy is based on the premise that those patrons reading the most will be migrated to the new DTBM first.

CTBL is required by law to transition patrons who are veterans first and then patrons over 100 years of age. Once these patrons, who want the new DTBM, have the machine, the library will migrate individual patrons. All patrons must be in good standing with no overdue books out. Once all individual patrons have the new DTBM organizational patrons will receive new machines. Those patrons who are part of BARD, the NLS digital download of books program, will receive their DBTM last.

Patrons not in good standing will not be included in the monthly patron activity report until their overdue library material is returned to the library or they have talked with library staff to remedy the issue.

CTBL will run a monthly patron activity report excluding those patrons who already have the DTBM, those who are part of BARD and those who have said they do not want the new machine. The top names on the list that match the number of DTBM's that CTBL received that month will receive a phone call asking them if they would like to convert to the new digital machine. CTBL will work our way through the patron list.

Please be aware that not every book title will be available on digital cartridge for the first couple of years in the transition. Patrons who are part of the BARD program will have access to every magazine and book title recorded by NLS. Participants in BARD must purchase their own equipment and have a computer broadband/high speed internet connection. For more information on the BARD program please call the library.

We expect to begin this migration in June of 2009.