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Library Policies

CTBL Book Selection Policy
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CTBL Collection Development Policy
CTBL Collection Maintenance Policy
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CTBL Loan Policy


CTBL Collection Maintenance Policy

Purpose: This policy is intended to assist CTBL in maintaining the collection of materials from the National Library Service, as well as those produced and acquired by CTBL.

Policy: CTBL attempts to maintain a complete collection of current and usable titles produced by NLS, as well as those produced and acquired locally. CTBL also conducts a bi-annual weeding program to identify unneeded copies of audio books which are then offered to other network libraries through the NLS XESS program. The large print collection is also evaluated annually, but generally not weeded.

Quality control checks for damage and completeness are made daily on all returned copies of multiple-part titles and returned cassette books. All books received from the XESS program are also checked prior to being added to the collection.

CTBL Organizational Responsibility: The Director identifies NLS books which are candidates for weeding. The Library staff identifies any title that may need duplicating. Volunteers and mail operations personnel carry out the book inspection program. The large print collection is evaluated by the Director and staff assigned to that part of the collection.

Procedures for Copy Allotment: The quantities of books selected for the copy allotment are based on anticipated reader interest and potential longevity of the title. The reader advisor coordinator inputs the data into the NLS system.

Procedures for Additional Copies: Audio titles will be produced locally based on CTBL staff requests, school and book club requests from patrons, those in high demand, or those titles lost or damaged. Requests are placed on a spreadsheet monitored by the Volunteer Coordinator.

Procedures for XESS: NLS initiates the beginning of the process. The Director reviews the collection in the assigned number range and determines the quantity of each title to excess based on circulation data and projected future use. Mail operations pulls the material and withdraws it from inventory. When XESS mail cards are received, mail operations personnel mails them.

Future Revision: This policy will be reviewed periodically, and revised as necessary to ensure the continued growth of the collection. (revised December 2010)