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Library Policies

CTBL Book Selection Policy
CTBL Braille Policy
CTBL Collection Development Policy
CTBL Collection Maintenance Policy
CTBL Digital Talking Book Machine Migration Policy
CTBL Interlibrary Loan Policies
CTBL Loan Policy


CTBL Interlibrary Loan Policies

CTBL Interlibrary Loan Policy for CTBL Patrons:

Patron Reserves: Because of the great demand for new books, classics, and other categories of poplar materials, it is often necessary to put books on reserve for CTBL patrons. The term “reserve” refers to books being sent on a delayed basis as they become available.

Student Requests: CTBL recognizes the special case need of students to receive materials in a timely manner. Therefore, if an audio book is requested and is unavailable, and it is stated that it is being used for a school assignment, CTBL will immediately make a copy on demand or request a copy from the Multistate Center by telephone.

Book Club Requests: Book club requests will be treated as student requests.

Books Produced by Other Regional Libraries: CTBL cooperates with other libraries around the country in an exchange program of locally produced materials. If a book needed by a patron is available from another library, CTBL will request it according to the other library’s ILL guidelines. The only exception is that CTBL cannot request textbooks from Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic for patrons.

Braille Interlibrary Loans: CTBL will request titles through interlibrary loan from the Multistate Center for a CTBL patron when the requested title is not in our collection.


CTBL Interlibrary Loan Policy for Requests to CTBL:

Purpose: As part of the cooperative network serving all NLS regional libraries throughout the country, CTBL will make locally recorded books and other materials available to other network participants according to the following rules and with the stated limitations:

Terms of Loan: CTBL will loan materials directly to other participating network libraries. We will loan copies of tapes that exist in our circulation collection.

If the requesting library needs to have a book sent directly to a patron, either because of processing problems or time considerations, the requesting library must provide that information to CTBL in the ILL request. The loaned book will be processed on the library's computer file, sent directly to the patron and an acknowledgement will be sent to the requesting library confirming of the date of the loan or reserve.

Audio Books will be loaned to the requesting library for sixty (60) days. If the book is not returned to CTBL, it will remain as part of the circulation history of the participating library.

If an audio book is unavailable, it will be reserved to the requesting library, not to the library's patron, and will be sent to the library as it becomes available. The library should maintain their own records of the requesting patron.

ILL School Requests: If a book is being requested to fulfill a school assignment, and the requesting library indicates this need, we will expedite the order to the best of our ability.

Future Revision: This policy will be reviewed periodically, and revised as necessary to ensure the continued growth of the collection. (revised December 2010)