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Library Policies

CTBL Book Selection Policy
CTBL Braille Policy
CTBL Collection Development Policy
CTBL Collection Maintenance Policy
CTBL Digital Talking Book Machine Migration Policy
CTBL Interlibrary Loan Policies
CTBL Loan Policy


CTBL Loan Period Policy

You may not lend CTBL materials to other people.

Loan Period for Books: The loan period begins from the date the patron receives the book. The length of the loan period for individual patrons is 1 month, for students 2 months and institutional deposit collections 3 months.

We would like to remind patrons that the newest books are the most popular and always have a waiting list. We encourage patrons to listen to and return these books in a timely fashion so other patrons will not have too long to wait.

Loan period for Braille: The loan period for Braille books is 2 months from the date the patron receives the book.

Loan Period for Magazines: Magazines are circulated by NLS through their production contractors. Magazines are duplicated onto cartridge and shipped in mailing containers adn they need to be returend just as the books are returned. CTBL recorded magazines arrive in plastic mailing containers should be returned to CTBL. They count as a book in patron accounts.

Loan Period for Descriptive Video: The loan period for descriptive video is 1 month from the date the patron receives the video.

You will not be charged a fine for overdue materials; however, persistent failure to abide by the Loan Policy may result in suspension of service for up to six months. Loosing excessive numbers of books may result in a reduction in the number of books allowed to be checked out at any one time or a suspension of service for up to six months.

Future Revision: This policy will be reviewed periodically, and revised as necessary to ensure the continued growth of the collection. (revised November 2015)