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Library Policies

CTBL Book Selection Policy
CTBL Braille Policy
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CTBL Book Selection Policy

Purpose: The selection policy of CTBL is designed to supplement the National Library Service’s “Selection Policy for Reading Materials”. The Library will adhere to NLS’s program which supports the American Library Association’s “Library Bill of Rights” (opens in a new window) and “Freedom to Read” statement (opens in a new window); and encourages regional libraries to develop a supplemental collection of materials of local and regional interest.

Scope: This policy covers the acquisition of titles for CTBL’s large print collection, descriptive video collection, as well as those titles locally produced in Braille or audio formats. This policy is intended as a guide for library staff choosing material to be added to CTBL’s collection.

General Policies: To augment the titles selected by NLS for the collection, Colorado Talking Book Library will use the following criteria:

  • Assurance of competent transcription
  • Characteristics relating to the particular needs of library patrons
  • Cost
  • Excellence of literary style
  • Popular interest or high demand
  • Quality of treatment of subject
  • Timeless or permanent value
  • Timeliness
  • Non-availability of the material elsewhere in other print-disabled resources

The criteria are not listed in order of importance, nor is it the intention that each title selected meet every factor cited.

Large Print Collection: Shall include titles of both fiction and non-fiction. Also included are titles dealing with visual, physical and reading disabilities. The collection may include, but is not limited to: popular works, biographical and autobiographical works, research works, source books and informational articles. This will also apply to descriptive video.

Braille and Colorado Collection: - shall include titles meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • By or about a Colorado author
  • Focus on Colorado e.g.: history, geography, culture
  • Focus on The West
  • By or about a library patron
  • Patron request

Whenever possible, books will be examined to determine their suitability for production. If a book is determined to be unacceptable for production, it will be returned.

Foreign Language Material: Books for the large print collection will be added in Spanish as part of regular collection development. Books in other languages will be added at the discretion of CTBL’s Director. Books requested by patrons will be considered following the criteria listed in the General Policy section above. Books in other formats and languages will be added at the discretion of CTBL’s Director or requested by patrons will be considered following the criteria listed in the General Policy section above.

Gifts: Gifts of materials will be accepted by the Library with the understanding that the Library assumes unconditional ownership of the gift. The same criteria listed in the General Policy section above will be applied in evaluating gift material for inclusion in the collection as is utilized for purchased material.

Future Revision: This policy will be reviewed periodically, and revised as necessary to ensure the continued growth of the collection. (revised December 2010)