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Patron Handbook
Cassette Machine

The library loans the cassette playback machine, or C1, free of charge to its patrons.

Please keep the carton and packing material in which your machine arrives. The packaging will be needed to return the machine for repair or if you cancel your service. You may keep your machine until it either needs to be replaced or you cancel your service.

When you cancel your service, it is necessary to return the cassette machine and other materials on loan to you from the library. These may be returned in person or through the mail, postage-free. CTBL will send empty boxes and packing material for this purpose upon request. You may also take the machine to your local library and have them send it back to CTBL through the courier.

CTBL does not deliver or pick up equipment. The Postal Service performs this function.

Patrons must order at least one book a year or receive one direct mail magazine in order to continue to borrow NLS cassette machines. This does not include receiving books, magazines or other materials from sources other than those provided by NLS and its network libraries. If the cassette machine is not being used in conjunction with reading materials provided as outlined above, it must be returned.

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