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Patron Handbook
Digital Talking Book Cartridge

Audio file for Digital Talking Book Catridge

The player plays DTBs stored on USB flash drive cartridges. These cartridges contain a type of solid state memory that is nonvolatile and can be rewritten thousands of times. They are resistant to damage by extremes of temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions expected to be encountered by patrons and libraries.

The cartridge has a feature that enables erasing or rewriting of the contents, but only by authorized parties. Thus, it is impossible for patrons to inadvertently or maliciously alter the contents of the book.

Drawing of top of the Digital Book Cartridge

Cartridges accommodate a print and braille label in a slightly recessed area to protect the embossed braille. This label contains two 30-point print lines, four large-print (14-point) lines, and five rows of book information in braille. The underside of the cartridge has an area available for a library-specific label or identifier.

Drawing of underside of Digital Talking Book Cartridge

The cartridge has mechanical features that assist handling by physically handicapped persons. It can be inserted into the player in only one orientation.

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