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Patron Handbook
Requesting Books

Audio file for Requesting Books

There are several ways to have books sent to you. See the section Service Options. If you want to select specific titles you may browse through our catalogs or call us to request specific titles or authors. Any book that you order will be sent or added to your personal request list. There is no limit to the number of titles that can be added to your Request List. For optimal service, you should keep plenty of requests on file with us so there are selections waiting to replace each book you return.

You can control the number of books sent to you by raising or lowering the quantity that is established for each active format (audio, Braille, large print, etc.). If you would like to have 12 audio books checked out to you at any given time, then your audio book quantity would be set at 12. This includes books that you may have and books in transit between you and the library. You may call us and change this number as often as you like.

If you have difficulty finding books on a specific topic, staff members can perform research for you upon request. Selections resulting from this research will be sent to you if available.

Books can be selected for you, based on your reading interests, through our automatic selection program. For example, if you enjoy westerns, you can determine the number of westerns you would like to have on loan, and each time you return a western, the automatic selection program will randomly select another one for you in order to keep books circulating continuously. A wide range of subjects are available to you through automatic selection. The computer also remembers which titles you have previously read and will not resend those titles.

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