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Patron Handbook
Service Options

Most patrons are put on Turn Around Service as a policy of the library. Alternate options are available by speaking with a reader advisor at the library.

OL Service
Books will be sent only when you contact the library and let us know what titles to send. The library generally does not recommend this option as patrons tend to forget they selected it and wonder why they are not getting books.

Turn Around Service - computer selects - "NA"
The computer selects books first from your request list of titles, if you have one, and then from your categories or subject listings. As you return books, replacement books are sent automatically to you.

Turn Around Service - you select - "NL"
The computer only selects books from titles that you have put on your Request List. As you return books, replacement books are sent automatically to you. We recommend that you have at least 50 titles on your list to ensure that we can send books you have chosen. If you don't think you can maintain a request list please select one of the automatic options.

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