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Patron Handbook
Cassette Machine (cont)

Cassettes That Play Too Fast on the C1
Sometimes a cassette will play too fast. If this occurs, check the speed selector switch to be sure it is in the 15/16 position. Also check the variable speed switch to make sure it hasn't been moved out of position. The normal position is to the far left. Sliding the switch to the right will play the tape at different speeds.

If the cassette still plays too fast, remove the cassette from the machine and make sure that none of the tape is pulled from the cassette, or that the tape hasn't been slightly pushed into the cassette. Insert a pen or your finger into one of the holes of the cassette, and turn so that the tape tightens up. Be sure when reinserting the cassette into the machine that you do not touch the tape. Keep your fingers on the plastic case of the cassette

Equipment Care
Readers are reminded to keep food and beverages away from cassette players. Spills into the machines can cause the equipment to fail and make for messy and lengthy cleanup. Direct sunlight and excessive heat can also cause problems for equipment and cassettes. Repeated and deliberate abuse of equipment may result in suspension of service.

Equipment Purchase
None of the models of equipment loaned by CTBL are for sale. However, there are national and local sources for the purchase of cassette players that are compatible with NLS materials provided by CTBL. Sources for the purchase of cassette machines are listed in Part 2-Sources of Products of this handbook and noted with an *.

Repair and Replacement
Please do not attempt to repair library equipment. If your equipment is not performing properly, contact CTBL for assistance and initiate a replacement machine request. If the defective machine cannot be exchanged in person, a replacement machine can be mailed to you immediately when you contact the library by telephone. You must telephone the library to receive a replacement machine. If the original machine box and packaging is unavailable, the box in which the new machine arrives may then be used to return the defective machine. Equipment may be returned postage-free by turning over the address card on the carton.

Rechargeable Battery
Due to the use of a new type of battery, the battery issues of the past are being eliminated. This means that you can simply plug your machine into the wall outlet until you need to move the machine. If the battery does not play for very long after being charged overnight, send the machine back and we will replace the battery.

Helpful Hints
If a tape does not move when in "play," remove the tape and tap it firmly on a flat surface. Place the tape back in the player and try again.

Always push the stop button on your cassette machine before pushing any other button (eject, rewind, etc.).

Be sure the proper speed is selected. If voices sound garbled on your machine, it may be set to the wrong speed.

Keep the player in a clean and safe storage area when not in use. Do not eat or drink near the player.

Adaptive attachments are available for use with the player. Please contact us for information about these accessories.

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