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Patron Handbook

Audio file for Catalogs

NLS publishes bimonthly catalogs containing the current releases in that two month timefram. Talking Book Topics covers audio books and Braille Book Review covers Braille books. These two catalogs are available in alternative formats. You may review them electronically at our website or the following websites:

Talking Book Topics-http://www.loc.gov/nls/tbt/ (opens in new window)

Braille Book Review-http://www.loc.gov/nls/bbr/(opens in new window)

For a listing of magazines either request a catalog or go to the following website:

http://www.loc.gov/nls/reference/circulars/magazines.html(opens in new window)

Unfortunately, we do not have a catalog for our large print collection. Please call a reader advisor for assistance or you may use our website to search the large print collection.

Some catalogs include titles in various formats. To assist you, each book has a prefix code indicating its format. For example:

BR = Braille Books

DB = Digital Talking Book

DBC = Digital Talking Book - locally recorded

DBF = Digital Talking Book Foreign language

DC = Colorado Collection (specific to CTBL collection)

DO = Compliations

MB = Descriptive Blu-ray movie (specific to CTBL collection)

MD = Descriptive DVD movie (specific to CTBL collection)

OS = Other stuff (specific to CTBL collection)

PR = Large Print Books (specific to CTBL collection)

RC = Recorded Cassette

VO = Descriptive Video (specific to CTBL collection)

Not every book is available in every format

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