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Digital Talking Book Machine (cont)

External Connectors
Headphone-A bright green, circular headphone jack is located on the right side of the player. The player accepts headphones with a 3.5 mm (mini) ring, tip, and sleeve plug. It will also accept a mono 3.5 mm (mini) tip and sleeve connector. The player senses the presence of a connector and disconnects the speaker audio output. This output may be used to drive external amplified speakers or a pillow speaker.

USB Host-Behind the headphone jack is a USB port. This USB port can be used for several purposes:

  • Patrons may connect Assistive Technology (AT) remote control devices to control the player. Please call the library.
  • Patrons can connect commercial off-the-shelf USB flash drives to play books obtained from the NLS Internet library.
  • Repair personnel may use this port to access diagnostic information during servicing.
This USB receptacle is provided with a cover to protect it when not in use. (Note - CTBL removes this cover before mailing the player out to patrons.)

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