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Patron Handbook
Digital Talking Book Machine (cont)

Advanced Features
The Advanced Model has an additional row of controls between the raised line and the round speaker. The advanced controls are for setting and retrieving bookmarks and for navigating through the structured levels of a NISO, Daisy 2.02, or CEA-2003 book.
Drawing of Advanced Digital talking Book Machine with extra buttons labeled as to their function

  • The white, rectangular Menu button in the center of the player selects the level at which step navigation by the Next and Previous buttons occurs. Pressing this button repeatedly selects progressively finer navigation levels available in a particular book. Navigation by phrase and by bookmark is also selectable.
  • The white, blunt arrow-shaped Previous and Next buttons on the left and right sides of the Menu button respectively move the reading position to the previous or next element in the book. The level at which navigation occurs by the Previous and Next buttons is set by using the Menu button. When set to the bookmark level, the Previous button can be used to go to the beginning and the Next button to move to the end of the book. These are two non-erasable bookmarks.
  • The white, diamond-shaped Information button near the left edge of the player is used to obtain information about the reading position, the book currently being read, and the power and battery status of the player.
  • The white, rectangular Bookmark button near the right edge is used to insert and delete bookmarks. Once a bookmark is set, the reading position may be returned to the bookmark by using the Previous and Next buttons provided the bookmark navigation level has been selected with the Menu button. Pressing this button at a previously set bookmark will remove it.

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