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Looking Up Patron Information

When you are logged into the Online Catalog, you will be able to look up information about your patron record. You can select from six options located under Patron Information on the left-hand navigation bar.

  • Summary - shows the date the last shipment of books was sent to you; equipment you currently have; the number of items you have checked out; the number of items on your reserve list; and your current magazine subscriptions.

  • Has Now - shows a title listing of items you currently checked out.

  • Reserves/Requests - shows a title listing of items currently on your request list.

  • Has Had - shows a title listing of items you had read in the past.

  • Search Options - gives a list of options to include when searching the catalog for a book

  • Patron Record - Lists the information we currently have in our database for you: address, phone number, and e-mail; subscribed media with the type of service (service option); reading preferences; and magazine subscriptions. To change this information, you will need to contact a Reader's Advisor.

When reviewing items on your request list, you have the option to either delete the request or rush the request. Using the rush request option will assign the books to the next day's mailing. Items on the request list not marked as a rush item or a reserve will be sent according to your service option (which can be viewed under your patron record). Available service options are:

  • Turnaround service - you are automatically sent more books as you return the books you've finished reading. Books can be sent based on your preferences or from your request list.

  • Automatic service from request list - the computer checks your request list and sends a set number of books. This service can be set-up to run weekly or monthly.

  • Automatic service using preferences - the computer checks available books against subjects or authors you like and sends a set number of books. This service can be set-up to run weekly or monthly.

  • On demand - books are only sent if you request them. You will either need to use the rush option on the website or call a Reader's Advisor to request books be sent from your request list.

If you need more information on service options, contact a Reader's Advisor at 303-727-9277 or toll free in state at 800-685-2136.

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