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Searching The Catalog

The Online Catalog offers both a basic and an advanced search option.

Basic Search

  • Search by Author, Subject, or Title
  • The search engine is very specific and will only find exact matches. To circumvent this, type the first few letters of the index you are using in the Search For box; select the radio button next to Author, Subject, or Title; and click the Browse Index button.
  • To get a list of all the titles in the library, leave the Search For box blank, select the radio button next to Title, and click the Browse Index button.
  • By checking the box next to Use Patron Profile, the search be further limited by items set up in your preferences. If you are unsure of your preferences, you can find them out in Patron Information (link to page). You may also check, set-up, or change preferences by calling a Reader's Advisor.
  • Our subject codes and terms changed in January. If you have grown accustomed to searching for fiction with a subject code like 100 or 200, you will want to look at the new list of subject codes and terms. On the main menu, click on Collection, then Subject Codes. Please note that although a subject code is listed for each fiction category, you will enjoy much more success with your fiction searches if you use a complete word instead of the code. For example, to find science-fiction novels, do a subject search for the word “science” and limit your search to fiction. To find gothic fiction, do a subject search for the word “gothic” and limit your search to fiction. Nonfiction subjects can still be found with a keyword search on the code. For example, U.S. history: 973; or Science: 500. The subject codes for children’s and young-adult materials are now the same as for adult materials. The reading level that is coded on your patron record limits your results to materials at your reading level, if you have clicked Use Patron Profile on the search screen. You can also limit by reading level in the Search Options box.

Advanced Search

  • Search on up to 3 criteria of your choosing: All, Author, Annotations, Series, Subject, Title, or Narrator.
  • Clicking the Browse button next to a criterion, will result in an index search showing all items of that type beginning with the criterion you selected.
  • Entering the criteria and clicking the Submit Search button at the bottom of the page will result in a narrower search.
    • For example: Select Title as the criterion for the Search, enter the word "Mockingbird" in the box, and click Browse. A list of titles starting with Mockingbird and proceeding from there in alphabetical order will be produced. If, however, "Mockingbird" and Title are used and Submit Search is chosen instead, a list of 3 titles containing the word Mockingbird will appear.

Search Options

Use the Search Options box to limit your search on either the Basic or Advanced Search

  • Sort By - sorts search results by Author, Title, or Book Number
  • Availability - shows either all titles that meet requirements of search or only those titles that currently have items available for check out.
  • Media - sets the option for the type of media to search for cassettes, Braille, descriptive videos, large print, or all media.
  • Language - limits the search to items in only the selected language.
  • Age/Reading Level - limits the search to the selected age group
  • Fiction/Nonfiction - gives the option of searching for only fiction, only nonfiction, or both.
  • # records to display - sets how many records are displayed on each page of the search results
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