Preschool Standards & Assessments

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Teaching Strategies GOLD Preschool Academic Standards HighScope COR Colorado Building Blocks Head Start Child Development & Early Learning Framework

Science and Technology

24 - Uses scientific inquiry skills




Physical Science

1 - Objects have properties and characteristics

a - Use senses to gather information about objects


C - Initiating Play

1 - Child engages in exploratory play.

Language and Literacy

R - Using vocabulary

1 - Child talks about people or objects close at hand.

Mathematics and Science

FF - Identifying natural and living things

0 - Child watches, picks up, examines, or uses a natural object or material.


2 - Scientific Knowledge

Children learn about the development of the natural and physical world.

b - Use tools and their senses to make observations, gather and record information and make predictions about what might happen.

Science Knowledge & Skills

Scientific Skills & Method: The skills to observe and collect information and use it to ask questions, predict, explain, and draw conclusions.

Uses senses and tools, including technology, to gather information, investigate materials, and observe processes and relationships.