Preschool Standards & Assessments

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Teaching Strategies GOLD Preschool Academic Standards HighScope COR Colorado Building Blocks Head Start Child Development & Early Learning Framework

Science and Technology

26 - Demonstrates knowledge of the physical properties of objects and materials




Physical Science

2 - There are cause-and-effect relationships in everyday experiences

a - Recognize and investigate cause-and-effect relationships in everyday experiences – pushing, pulling, kicking, rolling, or blowing objects


Earth Systems Science

1 - Earth’s materials have properties and characteristics that affect how we use those materials

c - Describe how various materials might be used based on characteristics or properties

Mathematics and Science

FF - Identifying natural and living things

4 - Child identifies a change (in a material or the environment) and a possible cause.


2 - Scientific Knowledge

Children learn about the development of the natural and physical world.

c - Investigate changes in materials and cause-effect relationships.


3 - Scientific Skills and Methods

Children begin to use scientific tools and methods to learn about their world.

a - Explore the natural processes of growing, changing and adapting to the environment.

Logic & Reasoning

Reasoning & Problem Solving: The ability to recognize, understand, and analyze a problem and draw on knowledge or experience to seek solutions to a problem.

Recognizes cause and effect relationships.

Science Knowledge & Skills

Conceptual Knowledge of the Natural & Physical World: The acquisition of concepts and facts related to the natural and physical world and the understanding of naturally-occurring relationships.

Observes, describes, and discusses properties of materials and transformation of substances.