EDAC Survey

How Are We Doing?

Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey on the timeliness and quality of the service you received at the EDAC meeting. EDAC welcomes your feedback. Thank you for your participation.

Please complete the following survey questions.
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General Information
1. For what type of review was your collection?
Update Approval
Full Review
Email Conference Call
2. How easy did you find the paperwork (Update Approval Form or Review Form) to fill out?
Very easy
Very difficult
3. How long did it take you to fill out the EDAC paperwork?
Up to 15 minutes
16 to 30 minutes
31 to 60 minutes
Over 60 minutes

4. Please rate the degree to which EDAC's suggestions helped you to improve your collection?
N/A-No suggestions given
No Improvement
Slight Improvement
Moderate Improvement
Considerable Improvement

5. How long after the meeting, did it take you to receive your EDAC Stamp?
1-3 Business Days
4-5 Business Days
6-10 Business Days
Over 10 Business Days
6. What was your overall impression of your EDAC experience?
Very Dissatisfied
Very Satisfied
Additional Feedback
7. Please list any areas in which our service could be improved.
8. Please share any additional comments.