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Contact Information


Debbie Hunsaker
3919 Remington Street
East Helena, MT 59635

Phone: (406) 439-4117


Piper Lynch
3919 Remington Street
East Helena, MT 59635

Phone: (406) 459-9726

General Information

Screenshots / Demo:
Type of Organization: For Profit Company
Organization is best described as: For-Profit
Age of Firm / Number of Years in Operation: 10
Level(s) services may be provided: - Elementary
- Middle
- High School
- District
Provides performance guarantees in contract: NO
Educational Services Provided Assessment
Comprehensive & Effective Planning
Content Curriculum Programs
Curriculum Alignment
Educator Effectiveness
Organizational Structure and Resources
Professional Development
Program Evaluation Services
School and District Improvement
Specific Content Area :
Literacy, Instructional Coaching, Instructional Leadership

Name of Schools/ Districts that this organization has served in Colorado:

Colorado Springs, D11
Christy Feldman

Colorado Springs, Harrison
Laura Spruce
719) 579-2078 office
(719) 510-3807 mobile

Shelly Renaud
Elementary Administrator
Oak Creek Elementary
(913) 484-7992

Recent References:

Education Northwest
101 SW Main Street
Suite 500
Portland, OR 97204

Carrie L. Cole
Cole Educational Consulting/Side-by-Side Educational Consulting
800.585.8304 toll free
406.293.4092 office

Name of Schools/ Districts that this organization has served in other states:

Heidi Stutzman
District Instructional Coach
Fremont County Joint School District #21
945 West 1st North
St. Anthony, ID 83445

Joslyn Davidson
Helena School District
55 South Rodney Street
Helena, MT 59601

Cynthia Green
Kent School District
12033 SE 256th Street
Kent, WA 98030

Qualifications of this Organization (licensure, trademark, etc.):

N/A - Consulting Firm

Qualifications of Instructors/ Staff that Provide Services:

All consultants have Master's of Education in either Literacy or Educational Leadership
All consultants have 20+ years in the field of education

STRIVE will ensure personnel have vast experience supporting schools and teachers with culturally and linguistically diverse learners in learning to read and have a deep understanding of the science of reading and the alignment with the Colorado Evidence-Based Teacher Literacy and Colorado Academic Standards.


Cost dependent on type of PD provided and development required for PD.
Base price $2,750/day
Consultant has expertise in the field of curriculum and instruction, Response to Intervention (“RtI”) processes, and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) in elementary and secondary schools, particularly in the area of literacy (collectively, the “Field”). In particular, the Field includes, but is not limited to, science of reading research and application, supporting the leadership team; effective RtI implementation; support to school administration in the area of RtI and instructional walk-through processes; phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency instruction; effective instructional techniques; analyzing data in order to inform instruction and intervention services, professional development offerings for teachers, coaches, and administrators, and instructional planning; increasing scaffolding to reach all students (challenging and supportive); lesson modeling; classroom observations and feedback, and Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) implementation; facilitation of on-site school visits; and “next step” RtI implementation goals, and virtual engagement.

Explanation of how we are able to provide differentiated services to meet the individual needs of schools and districts.

STRIVE consultants will analyze strengths and weaknesses of each system by supporting districts and schools by implementing a Continuous Improvement Cycle (CIC). A CIC helps academic leaders and educators develop and sustain local plans. Tracking student progress throughout the CIC is critical to ensure strong outcomes for teachers and students, including improvement within all subgroups of students. The CIC is organized into systematic steps: 1) Assess Needs, 2) Choose SBRR interventions, Strategies, and Practices, 3) Develop the Plan, 4) Implement and Monitor the Plan, 5) Revise and Refine the Plan. These steps are cyclical and ongoing, help schools to create and understand the larger Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS), and align to the school’s Unified Improvement Plans (UIP) and Colorado’s Every Student Succeeds State (ESSA) Plan.
STRIVE consultants will conduct on-site planning meetings with school leadership teams and also be available to the schools/districts via online video conferencing, phone, and email correspondence. Components of support include but are not limited to the following:
• District and schools develop a comprehensive assessment plan that includes interim and diagnostic assessments that are valid and reliable;
• Instructional programming and materials that include explicit and systematic instruction in the five essential components of reading instruction on a daily basis and that are of an appropriate level, duration, and content, and that targeted and intensive instruction is aligned with the universal/core instruction taking place in the regular classroom;
• An aligned professional development plan for principals and teachers that may include, but is not limited to, literacy and leadership coaching and on-going, job-embedded professional development for all educators including school level administration, as well as a plan to ensure that all teachers providing instruction to students reading below grade level are or will become highly knowledgeable in the teaching of reading;
• Dynamic instructional leadership, including school and district leaders;
• On-going monitoring of the reading program’s implementation and effectiveness; and
• A plan aligned with the school’s and/or district’s Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) goals for reducing the number of students identified with a significant reading deficiency.

How will we evaluate our services and support to schools and districts and its effectiveness in school/ district/ student achievement?

STRIVE will solicit post service feedback. For on-going support, this feedback will inform subsequent support. STRIVE will work with school and district leaders to address support needs.
This form will not allow inclusion, but an example of a STRIVE professional development logic model is available upon request. The logic model includes: resources, activities, participant engagement, outcomes short-term, outcomes mid-term, and outcomes long-term.

Sample of services offered for a school or district:

Under 500 Students:
ELG Approved Provider (see CDE grant page for qualifications)
Additional examples and PD outlines available upon request

500-1000 Students:
ELG Approved Provider (see CDE grant page for qualifications)
Additional examples and PD outlines available upon request

1000+ Students:
Additional examples and PD outlines available upon request

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