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CompassLearning, Inc.

Contact Information


Jackie Fairchild
203 Colorado St.
Austin, TX 78701

Phone: (702) 917-2019


Gina Rivera
203 Colorado St.
Austin, TX 78701

Phone: (800) 232-9556

General Information

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Effectiveness Data:
Type of Organization: For Profit Company
Organization is best described as: For-Profit
Age of Firm / Number of Years in Operation: 46 years
Level(s) services may be provided: - Elementary
- Middle
- High School
- District
Provides performance guarantees in contract: NO
Educational Services Provided Assessment
Comprehensive & Effective Planning
Content Curriculum Programs
Curriculum Alignment
Dropout Prevention and Intervention Services
Educator Effectiveness
Professional Development
Specific Content Area :
K-12 language arts and math, 6-12 science, 9-12 social studies, AP, electives and inquiry-based learning.

Name of Schools/ Districts that this organization has served in Colorado:

Compass Learning, a learning acceleration company, provides purpose-built solutions that are used by many school districts across the state of Colorado. A few references from Colorado are listed below.

Recent References:

Douglas County School District
Mike Loitz, Director of Employee Relations
(720) 433‐1276

St. Vrain Valley School District
Kahle Charles, Executive Director of Curriculum
Department of Assessment, Curriculum, and Instruction
(303) 702‐7591

Adams 12 Five Star Schools
Julie Bowline, Director of Instructional Technology and Library Services
(720) 972‐4000

Name of Schools/ Districts that this organization has served in other states:

More than 2,000,000 students and 70,000 teachers in 10,000 schools use Compass Learning purpose-built solutions on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices for personalized and differentiated instruction. The schools are urban to rural, large to small, successful to struggling.

Qualifications of this Organization (licensure, trademark, etc.):

Known for its academic rigor that is based on more than 45 years of research into how students learn, Compass Learning partners with educators to ensure that students achieve record academic results, one learner at a time. The Compass Learning K-12 learning acceleration software combines a rigorous instructional approach and actionable data with engaging digital content so students have fun while making real progress. Supported by innovative professional development, Compass Learning is a comprehensive answer for educators who want to inspire students on the path to success. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Compass Learning serves more than 10,000 schools across the United States.

The Compass Learning instructional purpose-built solutions have won numerous education and technology awards validating their quality.

REVEREawards: Winner of Resources for Learners with Special Educational Needs for Pathblazer (2015)

Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence: New Product awards for Pathblazer Hybridge and GoQuest (2015)

The CompuED Gazette EDDIE Awards: Best Upper Elementary Reading/Math Intervention Website for Pathblazer (2014), Best Middle School Reading/Math Website for Hybridge (2014), Best Science Website (2012), Best Multi-subject Enrichment Website (2012), Best Website (2010)

The CompuED Gazette BESSIE Awards: Reading/Math Intervention for Pathblazer (2015), Reading/Math Learning Acceleration for Hybridge (2015), Best Multi-Level Product and Best Multi-Subject Product (2013), Best Multi-Level Enrichment Site (2013), Best Multi-Subject Website (2011)

SIIA CODiE Awards: Best K-12 Course or Learning Management Solution Winner (2013), Best Solution for Special Needs Students Finalist (2013), Best Cross-Curricular Solution Finalist (2013)

Qualifications of Instructors/ Staff that Provide Services:

Headquartered in Austin, TX, Compass Learning is structured by function to ensure that programs are implemented and supported in the most appropriate manner. Our nearly 250 employees give the company depth and breadth of resources while still remaining agile in our ability to respond to customer needs. Compass Learning is a company of educators: 100% of the professional development team, most of the executive team, and 30% of company employees overall are former educators.

Compass Learning provides professional development based on National Staff Development Standards to support opportunities for active learning and content specific strategies, teacher application of learned material including modeling strategies, and effective data analysis towards identifying student needs. Professional development team members are former educators and administrators who have a focused commitment to student achievement.


Compass Learning offers several annual subscription models. Actual costs are based on the number of users and/or schools purchasing, the professional development model chosen, and the level of technical support desired. Please contact Compass Learning for a customized quote based on your needs.

Option 1: Site Subscription License (SSL)

The Site License Subscription model (SSL) provides a single site (school) with unlimited user (student and teacher) access to the purchased Compass Learning solution. The annual site license subscriptions must be renewed each year. Ongoing professional development is optional.

Option 2: Single User Subscription (SUS)

The Single User Subscription model (SUS) provides per student access to the purchased Compass Learning solution. The annual single user subscriptions must be renewed each year. Ongoing professional development is optional.

Option 3: Concurrent User Subscription (CUS)

The Concurrent User Subscription model (CUS) provides per seat access to the purchased Compass Learning solution. The license can be shared by any number of students. However, the number of licenses purchased is the number of students who can be logged in at any one time. This is an annual subscription that must be renewed each year. Ongoing professional development is optional.

Explanation of how we are able to provide differentiated services to meet the individual needs of schools and districts.

The Compass Learning mission is to partner with educators to ensure that students achieve record academic results, one learner at a time. To do so, we bring together educational thought leaders, content experts, software engineers, designers, animators, and scriptwriters in our Austin headquarters and challenge them to provide educators with the tools and resources needed to ensure student success and make the most of educators' valuable time and energy. Our suite of software and service solutions help educators solve some of today's toughest educational problems through fun, digital content and real-time, actionable data to produce greater student progress. Compass Learning has a proven track record of positively impacting student outcomes through the utilization of technology based online assessment and instruction.

Compass Learning is dedicated to moving students beyond "just good enough" to "the sky's the limit". We combine an educator's passion for high-quality instruction with our expertise in developing fun, rich, rigorous digital content, projects, assessments and learning tools. In partnership with districts/schools, Compass Learning will provide interactive learning experiences that get young minds excited about learning.

Compass Learning offers proven Colorado Academic Standards-aligned student achievement solutions. Compass Learning solutions include:

* K-12 curricula
* Standards-aligned assessments and customization tools
* Data or teacher-determined instructional paths
* Online program management and reporting
* Professional development and technical services

Compass Learning thoughtfully combines scientifically-based curricula, assessments and performance outcome measures, data-driven instruction systems, and professional development to create student learning solutions customized to the needs of your district and students.

* Compass Learning offers flexibility to meet your needs:
* Intervention, blended learning, or credit recovery
* Web-based access from any location - 24/7/365
* Program hosting by Compass Learning or the district/school
* Onsite, online, or blended professional development
* Ownership or annual subscriptions

How will we evaluate our services and support to schools and districts and its effectiveness in school/ district/ student achievement?

To assure fidelity of the implementation, Compass Learning professional development will provide teachers, administrators, and specialists with the tools, resources, knowledge, modeling and support needed for those critical decisions towards students' success. Compass Learning professional development provides small chunks of learning over time via multiple delivery methods, supported by modeling, observation, coaching, and feedback to provide improvement of best practices systematically.

Professional development is more than training, each session is designed with adult learning research at the core and incorporates instructional and classroom management techniques that are known to work. Sessions are designed to be collaborative and highly participative including using strategically positioned knowledge checks for understanding to ensure what they know and where they need additional help.
District/School staff will discover:

* How this solution can specifically make a difference in their classroom
* How they can navigate the software including assignments and reports
* How they can organize their classroom for success
* How instructional practices can change with utilizing technology

Compass Learning experts' focus is to help district/school staff develop the right plan for each classroom and school to accelerate change. To achieve this, the professional development team offers engaging, relevant, timely flexible programs delivered by veteran educators who combine extensive classroom experience with expert-level knowledge of instructional best practices. Compass Learning professional development comprises a blend of workshops, leadership planning, real-world instructional modeling, and technology offerings that has measurable and sustainable impact on student achievement. District/School staff will analyze and interpret data as they explore ways to incorporate technology into the classroom environment and meet the differentiated needs of each student.

At the beginning of each implementation, evaluation goals are developed jointly between the site/district and Compass Learning professional development team. Throughout the year, progress toward these goals is measured and plans and goals are adjusted as needed. The most common measure of effectiveness is increased student scores on the state assessment, but other measures such as increased attendance, number of credits earned, grades, and teacher effectiveness may also be evaluated.

Sample of services offered for a school or district:

Under 500 Students:

Under 500 Students - 1000+ Students:

Compass Learning provides interactive learning experiences that get young minds excited about learning. Below we present a summary of Pathblazer, Hybridge, Compass Learning High School, and GoQuest. More information is available on our website, Each of these programs is available for purchase independently or together.

Compass Learning purpose-built solutions for Colorado schools include:

Reading and Math Intervention for Elementary and Middle School Grades

Pathblazer is a purpose-built solution to addresses critical thinking and 21st century skills with fun, rigorous, Colorado Academic Standards-aligned content, making effective intervention easier. Pathblazer learning acceleration software includes:

* Adaptive screeners to determine a student's functional performance level for diagnostic assessments that pinpoint specific skill and concept gaps
* Full integration with Renaissance Learning STAR, NWEA MAP, or Scantron Performance Series assessments to create prescriptive learning paths with no additional testing
* Automatically generated individualized learning paths based on Colorado Academic Standards
* Scaffolding and non-repetitive reteach
* Highly engaging video, animation, audio, graphics, and tools
* myON e-reader fiction and nonfiction texts available for additional purchase
* Questions that emulate tech-enhanced item types
* Reporting functions to generate easily actionable data
* Anytime, anyplace, web access via desktop, laptop, or mobile device

Reading and Math Blended Learning for Elementary and Middle School Grades & Middle School Science

Hybridge offers Colorado Academic Standards-aligned digital content to support blended learning, data-driven differentiated instruction, and full integration with Renaissance Learning STAR, NWEA MAP, or Scantron Performance Series assessments.

Additional features include:

* Diagnostic assessments to drive differentiated instruction
* Create assignments or use the pre-built single objective based assignments
* Pre-built assignments that match the chapters of popular math and language arts textbooks
* Reporting tools to make data useable
* Questions that emulate tech-enhanced item types
* 24/7 web access from desktop, laptop, or mobile device
* myON e-reader fiction and nonfiction texts available for additional purchase

Compass Learning High School
English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Electives, AP

Compass Learning High School helps teachers connect with today's high schoolers. With anytime, anywhere access to rigorous, Colorado Academic Standards-aligned content, students can work around their busy schedules. Unlike other digital programs with flat, boring lessons, Compass Learning High School grabs student focus with fun interactive lessons and a teen-friendly voice that presents learning on their terms.

* Colorado Academic Standards-aligned assessments and curriculum
* Diagnostic assessments for targeted, individualized instruction
* Mastery-based or full-course format options for credit recovery, whole course, and classroom supplements
* College readiness and diploma equivalency prep
* Full integration with Renaissance Learning STAR or Scantron Performance Series assessments to create prescriptive learning paths with no additional testing
* Robust reporting tools to make data actionable and inform instructional decisions
* Interactive writing tools and virtual manipulatives
* 24/7 web access via desktop, laptop, or mobile device

GoQuest by Compass Learning

GoQuest enables students to take ownership of their learning experience, not only by presenting methodologies and scenarios for inquiry and project based study and providing access to a research database of more than 40,000 vetted resources, but also by matching content, activities, and project outlines to specific student interests and learning preferences.

GoQuest is a student-centered tool that facilitates strategic inquiry and critical thinking, encouraging students to explore and follow their interests, while outfitting educators with tools to assign, facilitate, mentor, and evaluate activities and projects that are appropriate for each and every student, regardless of ability level.

Program Management

The Compass Learning management system provides teachers and administrators with a tool to monitor student progress and generate data for program effectiveness evaluation.

* Allows teachers to create instructional sequences for individuals, small groups, or the whole class to match classroom lesson plans, standards, or meet the just-in-time needs of students
* Contains a searchable database of instructional and assessment items aligned to Colorado Academic Standards
* Automatically generates and assigns differentiated learning paths populated with Compass Learning activities tailored for each student based on his or her test scores (prescriptive mode)
* Provides tools for the creation of custom content and custom assessments, and uploading of external content
* Generates data to give teachers and administrator's immediate data about student performance and progress via reports, a teacher dashboard, and a grade book
* Facilitates the import and export of student information and achievement data between Compass Learning and the district student information system

Support Services

Compass Learning provides a variety of resources for fast response times and availability compatible with most users' needs. Our support team is located in our Austin, TX, headquarters where they have direct access to the product development and engineering teams for additional problem-solving support.

Before the implementation of Compass Learning, we work with customers to complete a complimentary site assessment to insure a successful technical implementation.

Technical professionals provide 24-hour system monitoring of the browser-based solution which is hosted on state-of-the-art, secure servers.

Compass Learning support personnel are available live from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. MST, Monday through Friday, via a toll-free phone, live chat, and e-mail. Use is unlimited for customers with active contracts. Case management protocols are used to assure that all customer contact with Compass Learning is logged, addressed, escalated (if necessary), and closed.

500-1000 Students:

See above

1000+ Students:

See above

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