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The Flippen Group, LLC

Contact Information


Michael Holt
The Flippen Group
1199 Haywood Drive
College Station, TX 77845

Phone: (800) 316-4311


Tami Farr
1007 Pruitt Place
Tyler, TX 75703

Phone: (903) 561-1111

General Information

Screenshots / Demo:
Effectiveness Data:
Type of Organization: For Profit Company
Organization is best described as: For-Profit
Age of Firm / Number of Years in Operation: 21
Level(s) services may be provided: - Elementary
- Middle
- High School
- District
Provides performance guarantees in contract: NO
Educational Services Provided Assessment
Comprehensive & Effective Planning
Comprehensive Turnaround Provider
Curriculum Alignment
District Culture
Dropout Prevention and Intervention Services
Educator Effectiveness
Professional Development
Program Evaluation Services
School and District Improvement
Family and Community Support

Name of Schools/ Districts that this organization has served in Colorado:

Dr. Nancy Aschermann
Rocky Ford School District
601 South Eighth Street
Rocky Ford, Colorado 81067
(719) 254-7423

Dr. Jim Christensen
Former Superintendent
Douglas County School District
6312 Holly Cross Lane
Castle Rock, CO 80108
(979) 575-4346

Dr. Michael Clough
4000 South Lowell Boulevard
Sheridan, CO
(720) 833-6991

Recent References:

Dr. Scott Palczewski
Kentwood Public Schools
5820 Eastern Avenue Southeast
Kentwood, MI 49508

Dr. Harold Ramm
Groesbeck Independent School District
1202 N. Ellis
Groesbeck, Texas 76642
(254) 729-4100

Name of Schools/ Districts that this organization has served in other states:

The Flippen Group has served more then 6,000 schools and districts across the United States, training over 55,000 teachers, staff and district administrators. Below are a few references from these other states.

Texas City Independent School District
Galveston County
Texas City High School
1800 Ninth Ave N
Texas City, TX 78520-1476
Phone: (409) 942-2645
Dede Heidt, Deputy Superintendent

Chinle Unified District
Apache County
P O Box 587
Chinle, AZ 86503-0587
Phone: (928) 674-9630
Dr. Jesus de la Garza, Superintendent

Beverly Kingery, Superintendent
Nicholas County Schools
400 Old Main Drive
Summersville, WV
26651 Phone: (304) 872-3611

Qualifications of this Organization (licensure, trademark, etc.):

We have worked successfully with underperforming schools across the country. We also have numerous published research articles in peer reviewed journals. The success of our research includes the following:

1. The Flippen Group has 2 manuscripts from our (BOCES) New York/California (Riverside) study that have been accepted by a peer-reviewed journal:

Holtzapple, C.K. (2011, accepted). Measuring behavioral outcomes associated with comprehensive character education programs: A practical approach to using fewer schools in school-randomized controlled trials while maintaining adequate statistical power. J. Research in Character Education.

Holtzapple, C.K., Griswold, J.S., Cirillo, K.J., Rosebrock, J., Nouza, N., & Berry, C. (2011, accepted). Implementation of a school-wide adolescent character education and prevention program: Evaluating the relationships between principal support, faculty implementation, and student outcomes. J. Research in Character Education.

2. We have presented our work in Washington, DC for the past several years at the Society for Prevention Research in May. The SPR presentations are listed below (including the 2010, 2009 presentations):

Holtzapple, C.K. (2011). Critical parameters that impact statistical power affecting cluster-randomized research trials. 19th Annual Meeting of the Society for Prevention Research 2011.

Holtzapple, C.K., Frank, J.L., Swain-Bradway, J. & Valentine, J.C. (2010). Addressing statistical issues involved in developing experimental studies designed to document the effectiveness of prevention programs in schools. 18th Annual Meeting of the Society for Prevention Research 2010.

Holtzapple, C.K. (2009). Controlling for baseline covariates to improve the statistical power of efficacy trials involving whole school prevention programs. 17th Annual Meeting of the Society for Prevention Research 2009.

3. Our programs have recently been accepted for review by SAMHSAs National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP), meeting all requirements set forth by the federal program.

4. A copy of additional research can be found on our website at:

Qualifications of Instructors/ Staff that Provide Services:

Our leadership team, with more then 100 years of combined experience, has been assembled to meet the needs of Colorado Schools. It consists of successful public school administrators and teachers who have worked in schools, mastered the skills of school improvement, and personally implemented the models we teach. Our teaching staff is extensively trained using a process that includes co-trainings, effective feedback, and rigorous evaluations. We've come to expect our clients will experience a training process of the utmost quality; of the thousands of Flippen Group evaluations collected from our participants, 96% ranked the trainers a "4" (excellent) out of a possible 4 points.


The following is an ala carte pricing for our products and services. A Lead Consultant negotiates the products and pricing with a district representative so that the district receives significant price breaks for packages of professional development that impacts the district.
Note: Peak Pricing (June-August & October); Off Peak Pricing (September, November - May)

Leadership Blueprint:
Off peak: $20,000 plus travel
Peak: $23,000 plus travel (Group size up to 40)

Organization Blueprint:
Off peak: $20,000 plus travel
Peak: $23,000 plus travel (Group size up to 40)

Capturing Kids Hearts:
Off Peak: $20,000 plus travel (Group size up to 50)
Peak: $23,000 plus travel

Process Champions:
Client booked $12,000, plus travel
Open Enrollment: $695/person

Coaching Greatness:
$25,000 plus travel (up to 40 participants)

CKH Momentum:
$3,000 plus travel(for 1-group of 50 participants or less).
$4,500 plus travel(for 2-groups of 50 participants or less each for the same campus).

Coaching Blueprint:
$300 - One 40 minute telephone coaching session with a TFG profile expert.
$1000 - Four 40 minute coaching sessions for the same person, ideally occurring quarterly.

Keystone Curriculum (K-5):
$149 each - K-5 Grade complete kits, plus domestic shipping - 10% (5-7 business days) and 20% for express (2-4 days)

Teen Leadership Curriculum (Middle School, High School):
Student manuals (consumable)
Quantity 1-99 $8.75 each, plus shipping
Quantity 100-499 $7.75 each, plus shipping
Quantity 500+ $6.75 each, plus shipping
Middle School Course Leader's Guide $195
High School Course Leader's Guide $195
Domestic shipping - 10% (5-7 business days) and 20% for express (2-4 days)

Teen Leadership Certification:
$295 per person open enrollment
$2,950 plus travel for a client booked training for up to 10 participants, $295 per person beyond 10 not to exceed 50 participants.

Flippen Reading Connection:
Open-Enrollment: $3,000 per person (includes an in-depth teacher's manual)
Client-Booked: $21,000 plus Travel: $3,000 per person beyond 7 participants not to exceed 10 total.

District Consulting (District By Design Only):
$3000 per day in 2 or 3 day Pacs Plus travel
$1500 - 2 day
$1800 - 3 day

Priority Customer Calls and Phone Consulting(District By Design):
$300/hour and recommended monthly.

Campus Consulting (District By Design or Campus By Design only):
$2000 per day in 3 day Pacs = $6,000 plus travel

Needs Assessment:
Client booked:
$2,000 - up to 50 teachers = 3 days(2 in district, 1 out) + travel
$4,000 - 51 to 100 teachers = 6 days (4 in district, 2 out) + travel
$9,000 - 101 to 150 teachers = 9 days (4 in district, 5 out) + travel
(need two consultants at this level)
$12,000 - 150 to 200 teachers = 12 days (6 days in district, 6 out) + travel (need two consultants at this level)
201 + teachers call for negotiated price

Data Walks:
Data Walks I - $8,000 plus travel
Data Walks II - $8,000 plus travel
(for up to 25 participants)

Curriculum Development:
$3,000 per trainer + travel

Safety Net Curriculum:
$3,000 a day + travel

Designing Engaging Lessons:
$4,000 a day per trainer + travel

Delivering Engaging Lessons:
$3,000 dollars + travel

Designing Engaging Student Work:
$3,000 a day + travel
$4,000 if booked on same day with any of the following:
o Delivering Engaging Lessons
o Researched Based Instructional Strategies: Feedback and Praise

Research-Based Instructional Strategies:
Feedback and Effective Questioning --
$3,000 per 1/2 day per trainer + travel.
$4,000 if booked on same day with any of the following:
o Delivering an Engaging Lesson
o Designing Engaging Student Work

Collaborative Coaching:
$3,000 per day + travel

Focused Coaching:
$3,000 a day per trainer + travel expenses
$4,000 if two 1/2 day sessions are booked on the same day:
Note: A minimum of two consecutive days must be booked (Training is up to 25 participants)

Research Based Instructional Strategies:
$3,000 a day + travel expenses
$4,000 if two are booked on same day
Includes training notebook, web based access to all forms and extra materials; Training is up to 40 participants

Please call the office for pricing discounts, further specifications and any changes or additions to the product and training list provided above.

Explanation of how we are able to provide differentiated services to meet the individual needs of schools and districts.

We offer needs assessment process, as well as implementation evaluation services for any district or school. This helps us to differentiate and customize our services to meet the needs of schools and districts. We are also adequately staffed with a highly qualified professional team. The home office is located in College Station, Texas. Our customer service department is housed in Tyler, Texas, where our team of highly skilled service professionals meticulously manages the details of each event, including arranging appropriate meeting space, scheduling facilitators, and working with multiple project stakeholders. We also have branch offices in Houston, Texas, Temple, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona, and leadership consultants located throughout the nation.

How will we evaluate our services and support to schools and districts and its effectiveness in school/ district/ student achievement?

The Flippen Group's research and evaluation team assists schools with study design and reporting outcomes. As evidenced by one of the largest districts in the state of Michigan, The Flippen Group's comprehensive services have been invaluable to successfully documenting district outcomes, essential in their quest to sustain and build campus improvement efforts. The Director of Research continues to look for ways to support studies at the campus and district level, presenting her research in both peer reviewed journals and national conventions.

"Data drives decision-making in schools. School boards, governmental organizations and funding sources need research and evaluation data. The Research & Grants Team provided documentation on the effectiveness of Capturing Kids' Hearts. With valuable assistance from the Research & Grants Team, Kent Intermediate School District helped schools evaluate the impact of The Flippen Group processes and programs. With the results of the local evaluations, Kent Intermediate School District secured local, state and federal funds to help sustain Capturing Kids' Hearts in our schools and classrooms." Steve Dieleman, Kent Intermediate School District

The Flippen Group offers a comprehensive array of services to ensure effective implementation. Our research team has developed assessment tools to help leaders determine the level of implementation on campus and make course corrections along the way. Follow-up visits, as well as telephone and on-site consultations to schools and classrooms are provided in order to support educators in mastering the skills. Interventions that impact an entire school community must be implemented fully and with fidelity in order for schools to obtain the maximum effect. A number of studies (Durlack, 1997; Gresham et al. 1993; Domitrovich & Greenberg, 2000) report that few programs provide data on levels of implementation or consider whether implementation quality is related to intervention outcomes. Hallfors & Godette (2002) found that while most school districts selected research-based prevention programs, many programs were implemented with low fidelity. Other studies (Kam et al., 2003, and references therein) demonstrate that implementation quality impacts student outcomes; thus, even an empirically-validated, school-based prevention program will not produce consistent student outcomes if it is not implemented with fidelity.

Sample of services offered for a school or district:

Under 500 Students:

We offer both Campus By Design and District By Design for schools and districts.

The base groups of offerings for culture and climate change is called Campus By Design, which includes the following:

Capturing Kids' Hearts: Capturing Kids' Hearts (CKH) is the core of a powerful process that transforms schools by building trusting relationships among teachers, staff and students.

Process Champions: Process Champions are teachers and administrators who act as CKH mentors, helping their colleagues apply and master all aspects of Capturing Kids' Hearts. In the Process Champions training, these faculty and administrators receive special additional instruction that prepares them to assist and support their peers in the CKH effort.

Campus Consulting: The objective is for the campus consultant to observe implementation of the CKH processes in classrooms, hallways and in professional campus meetings to identify "sticky points" and empirically measure implementation through data collection. The consultant provides feedback and coaching to campus principal(s) and Process Champions to help them gain traction and breakthrough. Project Consulting is delivered by a senior level CKH trainer and is designed to ensure systemic implementation of skills and processes learned in CKH.

Phone consulting: Provides further assistance and availability to the campus leaders to call TFG campus consultant for executive coaching for principals and Process Champions and miscellaneous needs.

Curriculum and Instruction products would be added to this price as needed. For example, Data Walks is a vital tool for campus principals. It is prescriptive for determining precisely the professional development sequence necessary to get break through. We believe in tailoring our selections to the needs of each client. So, we may suggest Curriculum Development (which requires 7 days of training on campus spread through out the year), Designing Engaging Lessons (1 full day), Delivering Engaging Lessons (1/2 day), Research Based Instructional Strategies and Collaborative Coaching (where we create C&I experts on each campus over an intensive period).

500-1000 Students:

Depending on the needs of the campus or district, we would prescribe a series of trainings that would first impact climate and culture, and build relational capacity across campuses and at the administrative level.

Capturing Kids' Hearts
Process Champions
Campus Consulting
Phone consulting

Again, Curriculum and Instruction products would be added as needed.

1000+ Students:

Flippen Group District by Design is a comprehensive improvement package that includes training and coaching products sequenced to meet the district's needs in improving the culture and climate and/or the curriculum or instruction. These include Lead Consulting by an expert who has many years experience in education at the campus level and at central office or higher. This product is created by proposal only and includes the products agreed upon by the lead and district administration. Based on the needs assessment of the district, we may begin with a sequence of leadership trainings: Leadership Blueprint is a three-day learning experience in which leaders learn to connect with colleagues toward common goals, open lines of communication to give and receive feedback effectively, use the EXCEL model during interpersonal interactions, build high-performing, self-managing teams, resolve conflicts, overcome personal constraints, and develop action plans to overcome constraints. Organization Blueprint helps leaders understand how to overcome system constraints, facilitate a strategic-planning process, set priorities, and optimize staff performance.

Added to this at the campus level:
Capturing Kids' Hearts
Process Champions
Campus Consulting
Phone consulting

Curriculum and Instructional Support will include:
Data Walks 1&2
Designing and Delivering Engaging Lessons

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