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Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning

Contact Information


Peter Janssen
1610 Emerson Street
Denver, CO 80218

Phone: (303) 863-0188


Gaye Horne
1610 Emerson Street
Denver, CO 80218

Phone: (303) 863-0188

General Information

Type of Organization: Other
Adult Education
Organization is best described as: Non-Profit
Age of Firm / Number of Years in Operation: 32 years (1979)
Level(s) services may be provided: - Elementary
- Middle
- High School
- District
Provides performance guarantees in contract: NO
Educational Services Provided District Culture
Dropout Prevention and Intervention Services
Educator Effectiveness
Organizational Structure and Resources
Professional Development
Staff Evaluation
Family and Community Support

Name of Schools/ Districts that this organization has served in Colorado:

Fort Morgan
Mark Rangel, Director of Instructional Support, Work (970) 370-6121

Denver Public Schools
Erin Kobler, Resource Advocate
Place Bridge Academy, 7125 Cherry Creek Drive North, Denver, CO 80224, (303) 514-4482
Cell, (720) 424-0990 - Welcome Center Office Phone

Englewood Public Schools
Linda McCaslin, Principal
Bishop Elementary (303) 806-2462

Cherry Creek Public Schools
André C. Pearson, Principal
Mission Viejo Elementary (720) 886-8000 (office)

Recent References:

Mi Casa Resource Center
Karen Fox, LSW
Director of Youth & Family Development
Mi Casa Resource Center - Headquarters
360 Acoma St. Denver, CO 80223
(303) 573-1302 (main)
(303) 539-5658 (direct)
(303) 595-0422 (fax)

Denver Public Library
Pilar Castro-Reino
Cluster Manager
(303) 880-2105

Name of Schools/ Districts that this organization has served in other states:

Joyce L. Troop
Language Services, Title III
Kansas City Missouri School District
1215 E. Truman Rd. Suite 2045
Kansas City, Missouri 64106
phone: (816) 418-8916

Diane Gutierrez
Amphitheater Language Acquisition Department
435 East Glenn Street
Tucson, Arizona 85705
phone: (520) 696-6950
fax: (520) 696-6953

Dr. Tangela Sylvester
Director Of Programs
South Sioux City Community Schools
2219 Dakota Ave
South Sioux City, NE 68776

Susan Kash-Brown
ESL Assistant Director
Continuing Eduction Division
Southeast Community College
8800 O Street
Lincoln, NE 68520

Qualifications of this Organization (licensure, trademark, etc.):

ACCET Accrediting Council on Continuing Education
ACCET was founded in 1974 for the purpose of improving continuing education and training and has been officially recognized by the U.S. Department of Education since 1978 as a "reliable authority" as to the quality of education and training provided by the institutions it accredits. In 1998 ACCET became the only recognized accrediting agency to be certified as an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, under the international standards established by the International Organization for Standardization, and continues to hold that unique status.

Literacy Information Authorization Colorado Certified Teachers

National Trainers for the Office of Refugee Resettlement

Board members of Co-TESOL and Colorado Adult Education Professional Association

Qualifications of Instructors/ Staff that Provide Services:

Spring Institute staff has at a minimum a degree related to the subject area being taught and/or at least three years of recent experience in the subject area being taught.


Cost of services is flexible and depends on level of customization, duration and complexity of the services.

Explanation of how we are able to provide differentiated services to meet the individual needs of schools and districts.

Spring Institute is able to provide a variety of services that support integrating diverse families into schools and communities. We specialize in working with refugees, migrants, and immigrants who are second language learners.

Topics that Spring Institute provids to various schools and districts include: parent engagement, family literacy, adult ESL classes, cultural competency training, workforce training, translation and interpreting services, financial literacy, health literacy, mental health education, and strategic planning.

We differentiate our services through developing customized programming that meets the needs of individual organizations, schools and districts.

Our staff is highly qualified for the areas mentioned above.

How will we evaluate our services and support to schools and districts and its effectiveness in school/ district/ student achievement?

For each project Spring Institute develops assessment and outcome measures that show the overall success and sustainability of the contracted services.

Sample of services offered for a school or district:

Under 500 Students:


500-1000 Students:

In the Englewood School District, Bishop Elementary has been identified as a school that needs improvement. Spring Institute was brought in to help engage parents in the district improvement process and to provide educational activities to build parent leadership, specifically focusing on second language learners. After assessing the needs of the school Spring Institute was able to assist the administration in the development of a Parent Advisory Council that now expands to the District Accountability Committee. Spring Institute assists the school with adult second language classes that focus on parental engagement and provide a vehicle to assist parents in working with their child. The schools CELA scores are well above expectations for the second year in a row. Spring Institute also assists with identifying funding sources and grant writing, in order to create sustainability of successful programs.

1000+ Students:


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