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Quantum Learning

Contact Information


Carol Fetzer
1938 Avenida del Oro
Oceanside, CA 92056

Phone: (800) 285-3276 ext. 106


Nora Barnhart
1938 Avenida del Oro
Oceanside, CA 92056

Phone: (800) 285-3276 ext. 141

General Information

Screenshots / Demo:
Effectiveness Data:
Type of Organization: For Profit Company, Other
and Learning Forum International, non profit foundation
Organization is best described as: For-Profit
Age of Firm / Number of Years in Operation: 30 years
Level(s) services may be provided: - Elementary
- Middle
- High School
- District
Provides performance guarantees in contract: NO
Educational Services Provided Bully Prevention
Comprehensive Turnaround Provider
District Culture
Dropout Prevention and Intervention Services
Educator Effectiveness
Professional Development
School and District Improvement
Family and Community Support
Specific Content Area :
Instructional and acacemic coaching

Name of Schools/ Districts that this organization has served in Colorado:

CIVA Charter School Randy Zimmerman (719) 633-1306
Cardinal Community Charter School April Dowdy (303) 732-9312
Community Leadership Academy Tina Jajdelski (303) 288-2711
COVA Kathryn Knox (970) 222-5001
Early College High School Sarah Brock (303) 275-7140
Frontier Academy Rebecca Dougherty (970) 330-1760
Monument Academy Lis Richards (719) 481-1950
Windsor Academy Tracy Stanford (970) 674-5020

Recent References:

CIVA Charter School Randy Zimmerman (719) 633-1306
Community Leadership Academy Tina Jajdelski (303) 288-2711

Name of Schools/ Districts that this organization has served in other states:

John Hancock Charter School Utah Julie Adamic Principal (801) 796-5646
Williamson County Schools,Franklin,TN Denise Goodwin Asst.Super. (615) 472-4000
Cypress Fairbanks ISD,TX Robin McGlohn Dir. (281) 897-4069
Houston CAN Charter TX Dr. Joyce Phillips Principal (713) 651-1493
Layayette Parish School Dist., LA Suzanne Thibodeaux,Dir (337) 521-7165
Prince Georges Cnty Pub. Schools, MD Edrika Hall Dir. (301) 669-6038

Qualifications of this Organization (licensure, trademark, etc.):

- Over 45,000 educators have been trained in Quantum Learning through school-wide, district-wide, regional and public programs.
- Accredited by: Commission on International and TransRegional Accreditation (CITA. Also accredited by the, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
- The Quantum Learning Comprehensive School Reform Model is only one of four models selected in 2004 by the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory for their national Catalog of School Reform Models.
- Over 55,000 students have attended Quantum Learning programs for students in both public program offerings and customized, on-site programs.
- Over 4,000,000 students have been positively impacted by Quantum Learning education programs

Qualifications of Instructors/ Staff that Provide Services:

All Quantum Learning instructors are certified professional educators who either currently teach or work in an administrator capacity in the public school system, or they are retired and now work full time for Quantum Learning. Instructors are selected from top educators across the U.S. and recieve hundreds of hours of training before becoming Quantum Learning instructors.


Quantum Learning for Schoohl Administrators Professional Development $3,000 - $3500 per day plus manuals
and leadership book costs ($55 per person)

Quantum Learning for Teachers (QLT) Trainings and Coaching Program Fee
QLT for Districts/Schools
Districts/Schools $2,750 per day
Implementation/Reinforcement Day(s) $2750 per day
Classroom Coaching Day(s) $2,750 per day
Lesson Design Workshop $2,750 per day plus cost of materials
Learning & Life Skills Facilitation Course $2,750 per day plus manual and cost of scripts
Quantum Learning for Students
Learning & Life Skills Training $1700 per facilitator per day for up to 40 students.

DVD Quantum Learning for Teachers Level 1 training $795. Includes 20 manuals.

Parent Involvement Programs - Range from $600 per evening to $2700 for a full day.

Site Licenses and Train the Trainer programs/certifications - Range between $3000 per day for trainng and $5000 for site licenses

Explanation of how we are able to provide differentiated services to meet the individual needs of schools and districts.

Over the past 30 years Quantum Learning has partnered with schools and school districts across the U.S. with a diverse student population from highly at risk, high poverty situations to elite private school populations. Programs are tailored to the specific needs and learning modalities of the students we are supporting through our professional development programs for administrators, teachers, workshops for parents and student learning and life skills programs.

How will we evaluate our services and support to schools and districts and its effectiveness in school/ district/ student achievement?

Pre, during and post evaluations and assessments help us to guage the progress and needs of the individual clients. Following is an example of the assessement results from our work with CIVA Charter School:

9th grade 2008 2009 2010
Reading 33% 71% 79%
Writing 19% 43% 48%
Math 10% 7% 14%

10th grade 2008 2009 2010
Reading 44% 59% 76%
Writing 28% 38% 48%
Science 31% 31% 38%
Math 13% 7% 17%

- Note percentage of increases between 2008 and 2010.

There has been a huge shift in overall achievement since CIVA began implementing Quantum Learning over the past two years. Discipline problems are next to none.

The 8 Keys are so easy to use. They mean something on their own and then we incorporate them throughout the year. Students understand them and really like them. They support each other and talk about Living Above the Line with each other

CIVA has an arts and science focus, but are happy that math scores are also improving. They're even better this year!

Overall 82% reduction in teacher disciplinary referrals.

Sample of services offered for a school or district:

Under 500 Students:

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See separate e mail

500-1000 Students:

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1000+ Students:

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