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Cambridge Education, LLC

Contact Information


Douglas Heineke
101 Station Drive
Suite 130
Westwood, MA 02090

Phone: 781 636 4045


Melissa Lara
101 Station Drive
Suite 130
Westwood, MA 02090

Phone: 910 385 6078

General Information

Screenshots / Demo:
Effectiveness Data:
Type of Organization: For Profit Company
Organization is best described as: For-Profit
Age of Firm / Number of Years in Operation: 15 years
Level(s) services may be provided: - Elementary
- Middle
- High School
- District
Provides performance guarantees in contract: NO
Educational Services Provided Assessment
Comprehensive & Effective Planning
Comprehensive Turnaround Provider
Content Curriculum Programs
Curriculum Alignment
Diagnostic Review
District Culture
Dropout Prevention and Intervention Services
Educator Effectiveness
Organizational Structure and Resources
Professional Development
Program Evaluation Services
School and District Improvement
Staff Evaluation
Family and Community Support
Unified Improvement Planning
21st Century Skills

Name of Schools/ Districts that this organization has served in Colorado:

Rebecca Grant
Director of School Turnaround and School Improvement Initiatives
Denver Public Schools
720 423 3995
Grant, Rebecca

Sharon Daxton-Vorce []

Westminster Public Schools (formerly Adams 50)
Copper Stoll

Recent References:

Mountain View Whisman School District, CA
Superintendent Ayinde Rudolph
Phone: (650) 526-3552

Mountain View Whisman School District, CA
Ryan Santiago, Principal Theuerkauf ES
Phone: (650) 903-6925

The School District of Philadelphia
Ryan Stewart, Ed.L.D.
Executive Director, Office of School Improvement and Innovation
(215) 400-5870
Stewart, Ryan <>

Buckingham County Public Schools, VA
Contact Name: Cecil C. Snead, Superintendent
Phone: 434-969-6100 ext. 101

Name of Schools/ Districts that this organization has served in other states:

Mountain View Whisman School District, CA
1 Superintendent Ayinde Rudolph
Phone: (650) 526-3552

The School District of Philadelphia
Ryan Stewart, Ed.L.D.
Executive Director, Office of School Improvement and Innovation
(215) 400-5870
Stewart, Ryan <>

Buckingham County Public Schools, VA
Contact Name: Cecil C. Snead, Superintendent
Phone: 434-969-6100 ext. 101

New York City Department of Education
Kiersten Ward
Principal Riverdale Avenue Middle School
76 Riverdale Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11212
(718) 346-0764

New York City Department of Education
Miles H. Doyle
Principal Orchard Collegiate Academy
220 Henry Street
New York, NY, 10002
212) 406-9411

Minnesota Comeback (formally Charter School Partners)
Minneapolis, MN
Morgan Brown
612) 643-1305

Georgia Dept. of Education
Director of School Improvement Will Rumbaugh
Phone: 404-463-1861

Renaissance Middle School
District: Fulton County Schools (GA)
Contact Name: Maureen Wheeler, Principal – Renaissance Middle School*
Phone: 404-802-7450

Qualifications of this Organization (licensure, trademark, etc.):

Cambridge Education is a global provider of a wide range of education services, with over 30 years’ experience. Since 2002, we have worked in partnership with schools, districts, states, charter management organizations, and other reform support organizations throughout the U.S. to deliver high quality services that improve learning outcomes. Our approach builds the capacity and capability of classroom teachers and school and district leaders to deliver people-led change.

We have designed, led, and managed Quality Review (or Diagnostic Review) projects in over 21 States, 100 districts, and in over 3,000 schools. Cambridge Education has supported many of the largest districts in the country (including the 3 largest systems in the U.S.: New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago) to develop their School Review processes.

We conduct capacity-building diagnostic reviews, design and execute
specific review protocols based on research-based educational priorities, produce high quality report findings and recommendations, engage review participants in their own professional learning, and use review
reports for improvement planning.

All our work is characterized by the belief that we can only be successful if our clients develop the knowledge, capacity, and mechanisms to help themselves. To that end, all our services:
● build on our clients’ existing strengths and resources while pressing our clients to address areas for improvement.
● ensure that our clients learn about widely recognized best practices and emerging research.
● encourage our clients to develop the habit of selecting and collecting essential data and acting on it.
● help our clients to work and learn collaboratively in teams.

Qualifications of Instructors/ Staff that Provide Services:

Our staff are committed to Progress, Respect, Integrity, Drive, and Excellence (PRIDE), and we demonstrate these organizational values in all the work we do. We seek to make a positive contribution to the well-being of our staff, the environment, communities, and marketplaces in which we operate. As an employee owned company, we are free to pursue a fully integrated corporate responsibility approach.

We have a base of 30 highly-qualified full-time staff in the U.S., and an exceptional team of 400 professional staff and a network of 3,000 education consultants worldwide. We have a cadre of carefully-vetted reviewers, with the professional experience, education, and training to lead reviews.

Any individual employed to conduct a School Quality Review on behalf of Cambridge Education must meet the following general requirements:
 Have successfully completed Cambridge Education’s School Quality Review training program

 - Have a minimum of seven years’ experience as a qualified teacher

 - Have experience as a school administrator, ideally a school principal, or a district administrator, ideally with expertise in leadership, curriculum and instruction.

 - Have a track record of participating in ongoing personal and professional development

 - Have a commitment and belief that ALL students can learn

Select staff:

Melissa Lara - At the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI), Melissa worked with state leaders and consultants to develop a District and School Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) process (also known as a QR). As one of the first Instructional Review Coaches in the State, she collaborated with other state consultants and leaders in planning and rolling out the CNA state-wide to schools selected by the board of education. Once trained and certified as a Lead Reviewer and Quality Assurance Lead by Cambridge Education, Melissa led CNAs at the district and school level. In 2012, Melissa joined Cambridge Education, conducting school and district Quality Reviews across the country, and working as a thought partner with state leaders as they develop their own Quality Review systems. She currently serves as the Quality Review Practice Lead for Cambridge Education Americas. As such, she strives to ensure that each Quality Review

Trevor Yates - Trevor has over 25 years’ inspection and review experience and expertise. As Divisional Manager, Trevor was responsible for the development of Cambridge Education LLC’s District and School Quality Review processes in the US. Prior to his relocation to the US, in 2005, Trevor was responsible for Cambridge Education’s Inspection services both for the UK Government’s Office of Standards in Education (OFSTED) and for its International Inspection services in countries as diverse as: Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Jamaica, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand. Prior to joining Cambridge Education, he was Executive Director of the South
West Development Consortium (SWECON) which involved working directly with the Teacher Training Agency and the Department for Education to provide Leadership and Professional Development programs for School Leaders including programs related to school inspection. Trevor’s involvement in school inspections commenced when as school Principal his school was selected, in 1990 to be a pilot of the UK Government’s OFSTED inspection program.

Renee Perdue - Renee has facilitated professional development learning on a range of topics including School Quality Reviews with state, regional, district, network, and school leaders. In addition to large group trainings, Renée has worked as a lead reviewer to train team reviewers and provide feedback to individual reviewers as well as feedback to state level
representatives. Both in the capacity of lead and team reviewer, Renée has conducted school reviews in New York, Connecticut, North Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, Illinois, California, and Virginia. As a former school principal, Renée carries the unique experience of having led a school review and developed a team within her school community. Additionally, Renée has supported school and district leaders to develop school improvement plans based on the feedback from quality review reports.


Diagnostic Reviews
$ 10,200 per school, inclusive of all related expenses (elementary schools only; 1 CE Reviewer)
$ 10,200 per school, inclusive of all related expenses (elementary schools only; 1 CE Reviewer)
$ 12,750 per school, inclusive of all related expenses (2 CE Reviewers)

Improvement Planning: $2,325 per consultant day

All other services checked above can be provided at $2,325 per consultant day

Explanation of how we are able to provide differentiated services to meet the individual needs of schools and districts.

We recognize that our clients prefer services that are customized to meet their specific needs and are unique to their districts/schools. We can work with Colorado districts as a “thought partner” to discuss, design and test tailor-made services to ensure suitability for each school/district's needs.

To be effective, a unified and comprehensive strategic plan must be aligned with district needs and be realistic about the issues the district will face in bringing about accelerated improvement. Any plan is about what people do. An effective strategic district plan captures the energy and passion people commit to as they strive to do the best for students. It must be a living document, vividly integrated into the work of those who will implement it, that reflects honestly and transparently on what has been achieved and what needs to be done. An effective strategic plan requires the use of evidence by the district to self-evaluate, define key issues, and assess its capacity to bring about change. It must facilitate an ongoing evaluation of each initiative’s impact and provide a framework for deciding what needs to be done next. Most importantly, it must generate buy-in and ensure meaningful input from all relevant stakeholder and resource groups, including finance, legal, and human resources departments.

How will we evaluate our services and support to schools and districts and its effectiveness in school/ district/ student achievement?

Our quality assurance processes and procedures, which are both robust and transparent to our clients, underpin all aspects of service delivery. We have a documented Quality Assurance process for the project overall, for each deliverable, and for each reviewer. We use these processes to continuously evaluate and improve upon our work, to ensure that our services, reports, and relationships with our clients are of the highest quality.

Our systems are rigorous to ensure consistency, eliminate bottlenecks, and provide the highest quality. We have developed materials and processes we use to monitor reviewers conducting site visits, as well as those involved in other aspects of review support—such as follow-up site visits and the provision of professional development. We customize our quality assurance processes and materials with respect to our clients, and will do so for Colorado districts.

Specific quality assurance procedures include:
- onsite Quality Assurance Monitoring Visits by a CE staff member independent from the delivery team
- a minimum of 2 Quality Assurance reads of all deliverables/reports. Completion of required forms to document the completeness, consistency and clarity of writing.
- robust quality checks of Reviewers' Record Books (evidence base)
- online surveys to collect feedback from clients on what we did well and what we need to improve

For our approach to school improvement planning, we initially perform the role of plan manager, facilitating regular meetings in which progress on plan benchmarks is collaboratively assessed. We gradually release responsibility for plan management as we build the capacity of staff members to play this critical coordinating role. Plan management meetings are an opportunity to identify bottlenecks and obstacles and coordinate solutions across teams and departments, and they play an important accountability function as well. A key focus of plan management is using data-driven inquiry to monitor EARLY EVIDENCE OF CHANGE and short-term outcomes and adjust action plans to ensure the greatest impact on student learning.

Sample of services offered for a school or district:

Under 500 Students:

Cambridge Education has been supporting Riverdale Avenue Middle School since the award of its School Improvement Grant (SIG) in the summer of 2014. Services provided to RAMS have included after-school tutoring, professional development, coaching and, notably, School Quality Reviews. Utilizing the NYCDOE Quality Review Rubric and City-wide Instructional Expectations, Cambridge Education coaches conducted several quality reviews at RAMS (comprehensive; data-focused; culture-focused) to provide feedback about what was working well and high-leverage areas for improvement. The outcomes of each Quality Review provided purpose and PD foci for the ongoing work with teachers and school leaders.

500-1000 Students:

Westminster Community Charter School - Buffalo, NY
Following an initial School Quality Review in the fall of 2012, Cambridge Education and Westminster Community Charter School embarked upon a program of comprehensive professional development and technical support. Guided by the SQR findings, the school principal determined that he wanted to focus mainly on the development of robust lessons plans, and the administrator capacity and capability to observe lessons and provide effective and critical feedback. This led to a tailored program of consultancy that included: School Progress Reviews; Asking Better Questions (an Assessment for Learning Module); and intensive SQR capacity-building training that included analyzing data, observing and calibrating evaluations, scrutinizing student work, gathering evidence and recording judgments.

1000+ Students:

Designated as an “intensive” school by Fulton County Schools, Renaissance Middle School (RMS) was entitled to receive extra support from the District and State. Using Title I funding, and on the heels of RMS’s School Quality Review (SQR), which was part of a district-wide program of SQRs led by Cambridge Education, it was arranged for CE to provide a comprehensive support package to RMS.
Cambridge Education provided a team of highly experienced educators who worked in concert to provide technical assistance, support and coaching to the school administrators and school leadership team members as they developed and implemented a comprehensive school improvement plan. Simultaneously, the Cambridge Education team supported the school administrators in providing instructional guidance, reflective feedback, support and assistance to the teachers. A strategic planning and implementation schedule was collaboratively developed to ensure that stakeholders were getting the most out of the program by delivering services during advantageously planned intervals and on specific dates.
The implementation plan developed by Cambridge Education was a truly comprehensive one, and included elements of several different CE service areas, including Accelerated Improvement Planning (AIP), the Common Priorities Approach (CPA), Effective Classroom Observation (ECO), and Assessment for Learning (AfL). Student perception surveys were also used to get an additional perspective on the quality of teaching in the classroom.
Benefits to the school:
 RMS saw immediate increases in Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT) scores from 2012 to 2013.
 In particular, 6th grade Science and 6th grade Social Studies scores increased by 15% and 23%, respectively.
 College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) scores also saw marked improvements from 2012 to 2013.
 In particular, RMS’s achievement gap score increased from 4/10 to 8.

Cambridge Education supported the Mountain View Whisman School District new Superintendents’ 100-day plan at the onset of his new post. We delivered a comprehensive, district-wide Quality Review program that helped to set a benchmark for school and district improvement.

Project Overview
We developed a tailored Quality Review package that provided the superintendent with a detailed account of the strengths and areas for improvement at each school and the district office. The program comprised the following components:
 a School Quality Review (SQR) orientation for principals
 SQR training for school and district personnel
 a two-day SQR for each school in the district (8 elementary and 2 middle schools)
 a meta-analysis report of the school findings
 focused improvement planning for all 10 schools
 District Quality Review (DQR)

The provision of the meta-analysis was of particular value in that it highlighted patterns and trends across all of the schools; recognizing these shared areas of need allowed the district to implement measures for improvement in a strategic and cost-effective way. Approximately one dozen MVWSD principals and central office staff were trained in the SQR process, building the district’s capacity to self-review, and Leaders from every school took part in a post-review action planning sessions, which assisted them in building on the findings of the SQR and beginning to implement the review recommendations.

Benefits/Impacts/Key Facts
 Capacity building and sustainability planning was central to the delivery of this work, and this was achieved in 2 ways:
- The project’s technical lead provided SQR training at the onset of the project to a group of trainees made up of both school principals and central office staff, building district capacity to sustain the core components of Quality Review and to lead SQRs “in house”, moving forward
- Following the SQRs, every school participated in an action planning session; this served as a catalyst to ensure that the highest leverage recommendations were being combated immediately and effectively using Cambridge Education’s focused improvement planning protocol.
 Because Mt. View has no high schools, the project involved a site visit at Mountain View Los Altos High School District where many students go on to attend school after leaving MVWSD. This aspect of the review, which involved focus groups of teachers, students, and administrators, provided the Superintendent with key recommendations on how to better prepare 8th graders for their transition to high school.
 The DQR process as well as the meta-analysis identified significant deficiencies in key areas, and also provided key recommendations on how to remedy them. The DQR process involved a thorough review of the relationship between the District Office and the District’s Board of Trustees, and laid out strategies on how to improve the effectiveness of their twice-monthly Board Meetings.

Cambridge Education served as a thought partners to the Georgia Department of Education beginning in August 2014. In this capacity, Cambridge worked collaboratively with state level leaders to review and revise their District Review process and materials.

Cambridge Education was charged with using current documents and practices of the GaDOE to improve and update the system for district reviews that would provide the state with better information and align to the Georgia School and District Performance Standards.
Work components included:
• Documents alignment to GA Performance Standards
• Processes and procedures
• Establishing a grading system
• Moving from a compliance mind-set to an improvement mind-set
• Capacity-building of state team
• Identifying and collecting appropriate evidence

Cambridge Education’s experience working at state level provided the perspective and credentials necessary to support the work with GaDOE. In order to address the challenges, Cambridge provided the following support:
• Participated in a 3-day work session with state team leaders
• Reviewed and provided feedback with specific revisions and support materials to the rubric
• Facilitated group work to help team meet daily goals
• Provided perspective of potential obstacles the state must consider and plan for prior to rolling out a district quality review system
• Provided guidance for piloting process
• Created experiences for team members to build capacity of moving from compliance monitoring of districts to establishing a baseline for improving the work of districts

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