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Catapult Learning West

Contact Information


Rich Coleman
Two Aquarium Drive
Suite 100
Camden, NJ 08103

Phone: (816) 289-8709


Julie Greer
Two Aquarium Drive
Suite 100
Camden, NJ 08103

Phone: (303) 250-7905

General Information

Screenshots / Demo: n/a
Effectiveness Data: n/a
Type of Organization: For Profit Company
Organization is best described as: For-Profit
Age of Firm / Number of Years in Operation: 35+ years
Level(s) services may be provided: - Elementary
- Middle
- High School
- District
Provides performance guarantees in contract: NO
Educational Services Provided Bully Prevention
Comprehensive Turnaround Provider
Curriculum Alignment
Dropout Prevention and Intervention Services
Educator Effectiveness
Professional Development
School and District Improvement
Family and Community Support

Name of Schools/ Districts that this organization has served in Colorado:

Catapult Learning has served numerous schools in Denver Public School District. Below, we provide our Denver Public School contacts and the contacts of a sample of the individual schools we serve. For a complete list of the schools we serve in Denver, please contact our representatives.

Denver Public Schools
Veronica Bradsby, Title I Director

Denver Public Schools
Seth Edwards
Federal Programs, Title I Principal on Special Assignment

Denver Children’s Home
1507 Albion St
Denver, CO 80220
Phone: (303) 532-8403 Fax: (303)399-9846
Director: Deb Huerta

La Academia
910 Galapago Street
Denver, CO 80204
Phone: (303) 629-0637 Fax: (303) 629-7703
Principal: Charleen Ramirez-Mares

Escuela de Guadalupe
3401 Pecos Street
Denver, CO 80211
Phone: (303) 964-0816 Fax: (303) 964-0755
Principal: Mariella Robledo

Presentation of Our Lady
660 Julian Street
Denver CO 80204
Phone: (303) 629-6562
Principal: Sandy Howard

Recent References:

Detroit Public Schools
Ronnie Sims, Principal
Brenda Scott Academy for Theatre Arts
Detroit, Michigan

Columbus City Schools
Jill Dannemiller, Director
School Improvement and Federal Programs
Northgate Center
6655 Sharon Woods Blvd
Columbus, OH 43229

Polk County Public Schools
Paula Leftwich
Senior Director of Curriculum

Name of Schools/ Districts that this organization has served in other states:

Catapult Learning has programs in more than 1,400 schools in over 250 districts nationwide and has served more than one million students in our 35-year history. We have provided a small sample of other schools we have served in other states. More information is available upon request.

Camden City Public Schools
201 North Front Street
Camden, NJ 08102
Mr. Byron Dixon, Principal - Octavius V. Catto Community School
(856) 966-4097

Winslow Public School District
10 Cooper Folly Rd
Atco, NJ 08004
Kim Garcia, Director of Special Programs - Winslow Township School District
(856) 767-7222 x 7998

Chicago Public Schools
125 S Clark St # 14
Chicago, IL 60603
Pamela Butts - Chicago Public Schools

Gardner Public School District
70 Waterford Street
Gardner, MA 01440
Christopher Casavant, Principal - Gardner Middle School
978) 632-1603

Worcester School District
20 Irving Street
Worcester, MA 01609
Robert Pelczarski, Assistant Principal - Elm Park Community School
(508) 799-3568508

Rialto Unified School District
Lupe Andrade
Director II Accelerated Achievement and EL Programs, (Retired)
182 East Walnut Avenue
Rialto, California 92376-3598

Brooklyn Dreams Charter School
National Heritage Academies
Ms. Yvette Wilds
259 Parkville
Brooklyn, NY 11230
(866) 642-3676

Qualifications of this Organization (licensure, trademark, etc.):

As an educational services provider with a 35-year track record of success, Catapult Learning is well positioned to partner with districts and schools to build their capacity. Our goals are twofold: 1) make an immediate improvement in the academic experience at a school and within a district and 2) create a framework for sustainable long-term change. We draw upon our vast experience, capable team, and considerable resources to bring about the fundamental changes necessary to turn around and take significant action for schools and districts.

While we deploy numerous, research-based methods to restart a school, all of our actions focus on our ultimate goal of improving the academic success of at risk students. Through efficient management, effective intervention, and valuable professional development we address various issues including administration and staffing, teacher effectiveness, and student attendance and motivation, and parental and community involvement.

Catapult Learning provides a multi-faceted solution to school transformation by incorporating all or some of the following components depending upon the needs of the school and the District:
• Data analysis –Sustaining Excellence™
• Professional Development Services
o Leadership coaching & seminars
o Instructional coaching & seminars
o Literacy First Process
• Targeted and intensive intervention for low performing students
• Common Core State Standards Alignment
• Family Involvement Seminars

In all of our programs, we use data (student test scores, school wide or district wide analyses, surveys from principals, teachers, and students) to drive decisions about our implementation, instruction, and management. We also use data to determine the method of differentiation and categories of intervention. Our professional development includes empowering teachers to collect and analyze school data, including both student achievement measures and tools for evaluating their own professional practice. Our professional development program also includes a value-added approach to data, and develops in each teacher the capacity to make that data actionable for their students. Our success with at risk student populations is evidenced in our student outcome data and positive feedback from our turnaround partners.

Catapult Learning will develop sustainability and transition plans to strengthen, support, and guide the school’s transformation. Our professional development for teachers addresses both content knowledge and pedagogical skills. Our data driven model incorporates socio-economic supports, and will transform the existing school culture to create a positive learning environment. We follow Mass Insight’s readiness model for high poverty-high performance schools to shape our school improvement model.

Qualifications of Instructors/ Staff that Provide Services:

We are a leading provider of educational programs that support school-based initiatives and student achievement nationwide. We have 35 years of experience implementing, staffing, and managing such programs.

Our central management team members are veterans within the educational sector. All prospective personnel undergo criminal background checks as well as extensive professional and personal reference checks.

Catapult Learning interviews and researches extensively all employees to ensure that they are capable of providing quality educational services and working effectively with students, teachers, administrators, and leaders.

We hire employees that have previous teaching experience, preferably with at-risk students. We hire employees that understand that all children can learn. Catapult Learning employees must demonstrate positive and enthusiastic attitude towards internal and external customers. They must also be flexible, kind, and willing to work with parents and administrators to affect positive change in student academic achievement.

To help assure quality services, we developed a system of personnel management to maximize staff motivation, commitment, and skill. We pay a competitive hourly rate, which we review annually with increases based partially on merit. All full time employees receive a benefit package, which includes a co payment health, vision, and dental plan; a company-contributed 401(k) plan; tuition reimbursement; and sick and personal leave. We value our employees and have maintained positive morale, steady motivation, and minimal staff turnover by offering these important benefits. Our experience employing and managing large numbers of professionals enables us to be a reliable service provider.

We provide brief descriptions of qualifications for the types of positions we provide during a school improvement initiative. However, we will work with individual schools and districts to ensure we are providing the appropriate level and qualifications of staff on each initiative.

Catapult Learning program supervisors have a wealth of classroom experience. Each manager or supervisor leads the overall direction, the management, and communication of every project/program. Our supervisors/managers are experienced leaders with district and school level leadership knowledge and skills, and have demonstrated management expertise of multi-organizational programs. Part of their role is to guide and support implementation and compliance of the activities and tasks in their programs.

These positions require a bachelor’s degree and valid teaching certificate and at least two years related supervisory experience in education. Must be able to teach all basic skills or other related areas and interact with students and administrators.

Catapult Learning assigns a Regional Education Quality Manager (REQM) to each site to assist with training, monitoring, and reporting on compliance with program format and processes.

These highly skilled educators have a minimum of a Master’s Degree, three to five years of staff development training, knowledge of adult learners, Classroom Organization and Management Program (COMP) certification and memberships to professional organizations (e.g., ASCD, IRA, NCTM) to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and research in education. REQMs are responsible for training teachers and Program Supervisors on how to deliver the curriculum and monitor program quality. REQMs also conduct quality assurance checks to ensure that the program is being delivered as designed.

Catapult Learning’s Leadership Coaches support implementation of the leadership activities in the schools they serve. The leadership coach will support and work with the principal and school leadership team. Our Leadership Coaches are experienced leaders who have leadership coaching expertise and district and school level leadership knowledge and skills. The person assigned to the role will have a solid working knowledge of school turnaround leadership.

Catapult Learning requires a Master’s degree and at least five years of experience as a school or district-level leader/administrator, and/or university-level experience working with school administrators in university classes or in schools for our leadership coaches.

Catapult Learning's teacher coaches are highly experienced K-12 educators who possess expert knowledge of research-based instructional strategies. Our coaches provide at the elbow, classroom-based support to help to change instructional practices and ensure that shifts in classroom practice are reflected in improved student achievement.

Catapult Learning requires a bachelor’s degree, classroom teaching experience, and coaching/professional development experience.

The Catapult Learning intervention programs can be taught by either District teachers or Catapult Learning teachers and are accompanied by our training, quality assurance personnel and procedures, and supervisory and management staff. Since we can provide our program via both models, the District can select the model that works best for its administrators and students.

Catapult Learning has worked successfully with school-employed teachers in our programs. Under the guidance of Catapult Learning management staff, teachers who demonstrate an interest in working in a Catapult Learning program will be interviewed, appropriately trained, and placed in the program.

In either model, Catapult Learning will interview and select qualified teachers for this summer program. We train each teacher to implement a proprietary direct instruction curriculum.

All teachers selected for the Catapult Learning program will meet or exceed District and Catapult Learning minimum requirements. Prior to working with students, each teacher in the Catapult Learning program, whether hired by Catapult Learning or employed by the District, is required to participate in initial and ongoing teacher training. Topics covered during training vary by instructional program. Teachers learn how to implement Catapult Learning programs while, at the same time, receiving professional development in research-based “best practices” and strategies that they can apply to their own teaching when they return to their classrooms.

All of Catapult Learning teachers are required to have a Bachelor’s degree and valid teaching certificate, as required by contract. Teaching experience is preferred. Excellent writing skills are necessary.

Catapult Learning tutors receive intensive training in administering assessments organizing materials, supporting program teachers, documenting student attendance and performance data, and maintaining student motivation and engagement. Catapult Learning training includes basic training in Catapult Learning methods and best practices in reading, math, and writing instruction.

Our tutors must have a high school diploma, college enrollment preferred. Teaching experience preferred.


Cost of services will depend on information about the size and scale of the educational services requested. Catapult Learning will work with district and school leaders in order to create the most cost effective solution.

Explanation of how we are able to provide differentiated services to meet the individual needs of schools and districts.

All Catapult Learning programs are customized to meet the individual needs of the participating schools and districts. We tailor our services to ensure we provide the best solution at the best price. We can provide professional development for teachers, leadership development for principals and district leaders, intervention for students and a variety of other services. Our organization supports the principal, school leadership team, and school staff with the mission of ultimately improving student performance and achieving school level accountability goals. We can assist the principal with school operations, planning, and enhancement of school programs. We can provide leadership development seminars and coaching, working with the principal and school leadership team.

We begin all of our programs through communication and consultation with the district and school leaders. We listen to the issues facing the district/school and then provide feedback and suggestions on the most effective solution.
• Data analysis –Sustaining Excellence™
• Professional Development Services
o Leadership coaching & seminars
o Instructional coaching & seminars
o Literacy First Process
• Targeted and intensive intervention for low performing students
• Common Core State Standards Alignment
• Family Involvement Seminars

We develop our professional development plans based on the results of our Sustaining Excellence analysis and inquiry. We develop data-driven, customized plans built to accommodate administration, leader, teacher, and student needs. Our ongoing evaluation allows us to alter professional development goals and plans as needed to ensure we are continually delivering the most appropriate and needed services. We incorporate surveys and leader and teacher feedback into our evaluation process.

Sustaining Excellence is a data-centered, value-added student growth model process that is flexible enough to allow Catapult Learning to tailor the process and services to the particular needs of participating schools. The service begins with analysis and in-depth understanding of quantitative and/or qualitative school data. Both existing standardized student test score data and either existing or new survey data (teachers, students, parents, and community members) make up this part of the service. This initial analysis promotes data-driven decision making about instruction, strategic interventions, and leadership for the entire learning community. Sustaining Excellence provides a blueprint and full guidance every step of the way for sustained improvement.

Catapult Learning provides job embedded professional development at leadership, teacher, and support levels.

Leadership Coaching & Seminars – Through research-based seminars and embedded coaching, we provide the school leadership team with an opportunity to sharpen their leadership skills and enhance a school environment that is positive, industrious, and reflective of best practices.

We guide principals on the core values of our leadership model:
• Socioeconomic status is not destiny.
• Nothing matters more than student learning.
• Results-focused instruction fosters consistent high achievement.
• Leadership for results can be learned.
• Enabling effective teaching and learning drives EVERY decision.

Instructional Coaching & Seminars- Catapult Learning has developed a model that focuses on sustainability. The model is characterized by three hallmarks: Capacity Building, Concrete Results, and Collaborative Conversations. Our teacher effectiveness services incorporate formal and informal learning experiences for large and small groups of teachers as well as onsite, job-embedded, one-on-one coaching for teachers as they work to integrate new instructional practices into their classrooms. Our flexible services allow us to match process and services to the particular needs of each teacher and school.

Our instructional coaches show teachers how to create school connectedness and positively affect the classroom’s culture. When teachers make learning meaningful and relevant to their students’ lives, students develop a stake in their own education. When teachers create a clear classroom structure with consistent expectations for behavior and performance, they provide a healthy setting in which students can exercise autonomy and practice decision-making skills. Teachers build connectedness in the classroom when they encourage team learning exercises. Cooperative learning tends to break down social isolation by integrating student teams across gender, academic ability, and ethnicity. Rewarding a variety of student achievements and recognizing student progress toward behavior goals, good citizenship, as well as academic goals, not only top performance, are also important components.

Literacy First Process – The Literacy First Process is a research-based, systematic, systemic and comprehensive reform process that accelerates reading achievement of all students in grades Pre-K to 12. In order to reform a school, Literacy First provides the following services:
• A comprehensive site analysis to determine strengths and deficits
• A personalized three-year plan for the building
• Coaching/Consulting days for school leaders over the three-year period
• Research-based, reading-focused curriculum
• Assessment tools for phonological awareness, phonics, spelling, fluency, and comprehension
• Intervention strategies for students performing below grade level
• Systematic, explicit instruction focused on each student’s proximal development
• Professional development for teachers over the three-year period
• Parental/Community involvement

We also provide instruction time for students who are performing below grade level. We will work with schools to make specific recommendations around the curriculum. Through discussion with the school and screening the students, we determine which reading or math program is most appropriate. Students at a 9.0 reading or math grade level will participate in our AchieveReading™ High School or AchieveMath™ High School and students below a 9.0 reading or math grade level will participate in our AchieveReading™ Flex or AchieveMath™ programs.

We are fully flexible and will work with our partner school to develop a program to meet specific needs. Technology on its own is not a solution for students who are struggling. They need contact with teachers who encourage them and create a supportive learning atmosphere directly connected to the core instruction.

AchieveReading™ High School - Our program focuses on reading comprehension and vocabulary development for students who have an instructional reading level of 9.0 or higher. Our high school program is designed to improve students overall reading ability, and enable them to perform tasks related to content area reading within grade level and school expectations. The program targets a culturally and economically diverse student population and is designed for a small group setting.

AchieveReading™ Flex - The program design draws upon current research indicating that instruction which is systematic (progressive in scope and sequence), intensive, (providing an instructional sequence that includes direct instruction, guided practice and independent practice) and explicit (carefully articulated instruction in target skills) is highly effective in addressing the needs of at-risk students who are struggling academically.

AchieveMath™ High School - AchieveMath™ High School uses a research-based, instructional approach to strengthen the math skills of underachieving students in a motivating, engaging, and successful manner. The program targets students in grades nine through twelve who are struggling with basic math and algebra skills and who require more systematic, intensive, and explicit instruction than can be provided in a classroom setting. AchieveMath™ High School is designed for students who need help with general math skills in order to improve their proficiency in mathematics and/or to prepare for ACT success and course completion. The program incorporates instruction in skills ranging from numeration through algebra, and follows a sequential continuum of objectives within a scaffolded lesson design.

AchieveMath™ - Our program uses a research- based, group instructional approach to strengthen the mathematics skills of students. Teachers introduce students to new skills along a hierarchy that builds on previously learned skills and prior knowledge. We introduce new concepts through the demonstration and use of manipulative materials. Teachers model problem-solving skills and assist students as they demonstrate their understanding of new concepts through manipulatives. Following concrete practice, teachers carefully observe and support students as they work from pictorial representations to algorithms. It builds basic skills instruction into every lesson.

AchieveEnglish™- AchieveEnglish™ develops the language proficiency of English language learners and improves their overall academic achievement. Instruction is delivered in a small group environment and addresses the needs of students in grades K-12 who fall within any of the five stages of second language acquisition; preproduction, early production, speech emergence, intermediate fluency and advanced fluency. AchieveEnglish™ is built around the English-language development (ELD) standards, which address the English literacy skills, including phonemic awareness, decoding, vocabulary and comprehension skills. AchieveEnglish™ emphasizes communication and grammatical accuracy. Students learn to communicate in social settings and develop academic language proficiency, a critical ingredient for academic success.

Learning Leap Summer School System – Learning Leap utilizes our proprietary AchieveReading™ Flex, AchieveMath™, and AchieveWriting™ instructional programs, along with a variety of engaging enrichment activities. Learning Leap creates a positive, student-centered atmosphere over the summer months. Each group will consist of 20 students in grades K-8 with one teacher and one trained tutor. The program includes the support of our educational quality staff and management tools to ensure the highest level of fidelity.

On August 2, 2010 the Colorado State Board of Education unanimously adopted the CCSS. We assist schools with implementing the new CCSS by:
• Developing a gap analysis of existing standards, assessments, instructional programs, technology use, accountability measures, and student achievement levels to those required for the implementation of CCSS
• Building awareness, understanding, and ownership of CCSS and the need for change
• Providing educators and leaders with resources and tools to adjust classroom practice
• Providing professional development focused on how CCSS impacts teaching practices
• Identifying instructional materials needed to align to new standards
• Developing/identifying assessments to measure student progress against CCSS

The results of recent research studies are very clear: when parents are actively involved in their children's education, they do better in school. There are many factors which impede families from becoming involved with their children’s schools. Poverty, language barriers, negative school experiences, poor communication, low self-esteem and limited skills are some obstacles which families must overcome before an effective partnership between family and school is forged.

To help bridge the connection between families and schools, we offer family involvement workshops, which can cover a variety of topics, including instruction in reading and math, as well as introducing parents to concepts such as learning styles, creating successful school relationships, and fostering a career and college ready school community. Catapult Learning will work closely with administrators to select topics and create custom schedules that work best with families and provide marketing and registration support to help maximize attendance.

How will we evaluate our services and support to schools and districts and its effectiveness in school/ district/ student achievement?

Catapult Learning’s Research and Evaluation Department is responsible for evaluating our professional development and training services programs. We have extensive experience in program evaluation, client survey processes, and designing and creating end-of-year reports in collaboration with district partners.

In the beginning of the program, we identify specific goals, in terms of desired teacher and instructional behaviors that guide the work of Catapult Learning’s presenters and coaches during the professional development seminar sessions and one-on-one coaching sessions.

In addition to detailed seminar evaluation forms, we compile a Daily Record of Activity that we provide to school administrators at the end of each coaching visits. Coaches also maintain chronological logs for each teacher they work with that record not just the actions taken, but specific progress against goals. A monthly report is provided to the administration that summarizes the content of these logs.

In addition, we collect the products of all work, i.e. units of instruction, lesson plans, assessments, and so forth, and include them as a resource for all teachers at the school. Teachers and instructional SLTs also engage in self-assessment using a variety of protocols that Catapult Learning introduces, including frameworks to ensure instruction is rigorous and cognitively challenging.

We gather feedback and evaluation data about the implementation of all leadership seminars and coaching days. We use the analyzed information from these sources for program enhancements or adjustments wherever necessary, thus furthering our goal of continuous improvement. Positive evaluations from Catapult Learning seminar participants who participated in our seminars underscore the effectiveness of content and strategies presented.

Supporting students to achieve their highest potential requires an understanding of their current levels of achievement, their instructional needs, and the ultimate achievement goal. Engaging administrators, teachers, parents and community members in that process is essential. Through our professional development work around utilizing student data, teachers demonstrate a clearer understanding of each student as an individual. Teachers document how they use that information to make instructional decisions in the best interest of their students. We document the numbers of parents that attend our seminars. Parents and community members provide feedback on the family involvement programs. We encourage them to indicate areas of need and suggest topics where more support is necessary.

Additionally, we pre- and post-test all students involved in the Catapult Learning programs. There are a variety of assessments; we administer different tests for our different programs. At the end of every program, Catapult Learning also provides an End of Program report with an analysis of student achievement data over the course of the program.

At every Family Involvement seminar, Catapult Learning will distribute seminar evaluations to the parents. Their input will reflect the success of the family involvement event.

Sample of services offered for a school or district:

Under 500 Students:

All services specified in Catapult Learning’s application can be adapted to meet the needs of schools. We can customize our services based on school/district needs, size, and demographics. Catapult Learning will conduct a needs assessment, in partnership with the school/district, and base the services off the results. The extent of the services will be driven by the depth of the problem, areas designated for improvement, and the length of the partnership. For example, as the partner for Columbus City Schools restart at South High School (enrollment 500) Catapult Leaning provides:
• Leadership coaching
• Professional development for teachers through a daily classroom coaching model
• Customer service training and coaching for non-teaching staff
• Intensive tutorials for students in literacy and math
• Test prep focused on the Ohio graduation test
• Extended day tutorials – literacy and math
• Student leadership development – project based
• On site project manager to provide daily support, data collection and analyses, professional development strategy sessions for content teachers and the monitoring of all project components and deliverables
• School climate data collection and action planning with staff, student, and the school leadership team
• Family involvement workshops to build a parent coalition to sponsor and support initiatives at South High School

South High School is an only example of what we could provide to a school or district. Catapult Learning’s services are highly customizable to individual schools and districts. We tailor our services to ensure we provide the best solution at the best price. We are committed to working with our partners to develop a customized plan for their specific needs.

500-1000 Students:

For a school or district of 500 to 1000 students, Catapult Learning could provide varying degrees of service of our Data analysis –Sustaining Excellence™, Leadership coaching & seminars, Instructional coaching & seminars, the Literacy First Process, Targeted and intensive intervention for low performing students, Common Core State Standards Alignment, and Family Involvement Seminars.

As our program South High School shows (fewer than 500 students), Catapult Learning can customize our offerings for any size school or district. South High School is an only example of what we could provide to a school or district. Catapult Learning’s services are highly customizable to individual schools and districts. We tailor our services to ensure we provide the best solution at the best price. We are committed to working with our partners to develop a customized plan for their specific needs.

1000+ Students:

For a school or district of over 1000 students, Catapult Learning could provide varying degrees of service of our Data analysis –Sustaining Excellence™, Leadership coaching & seminars, Instructional coaching & seminars, the Literacy First Process, Targeted and intensive intervention for low performing students, Common Core State Standards Alignment, and Family Involvement Seminars.

As our program for South High School shows (fewer than 500 students), Catapult Learning can customize our offerings for any size school or district. South High School is an only example of what we could provide to a school or district. Catapult Learning’s services are highly customizable to individual schools and districts. We tailor our services to ensure we provide the best solution at the best price. We are committed to working with our partners to develop a customized plan for their specific needs.

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