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Renaissance Learning™, Inc.

Contact Information


Debra Schoenick
2911 Peach Street
P.O. Box 8036
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494

Phone: (800) 338-4204 ext. 4144


Submissions Services N/A
2911 Peach Street
P.O. Box 8036
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494

Phone: (800) 338-4204

General Information

Screenshots / Demo:
Effectiveness Data:
Type of Organization: For Profit Company
Organization is best described as: For-Profit
Age of Firm / Number of Years in Operation: 26 years
Level(s) services may be provided: - Elementary
- Middle
- High School
- District
Provides performance guarantees in contract: NO
Educational Services Provided Assessment
Curriculum Alignment
Dropout Prevention and Intervention Services
Educator Effectiveness
Professional Development
School and District Improvement
21st Century Skills
Specific Content Area :
Reading, Writing, Math

Name of Schools/ Districts that this organization has served in Colorado:

Rhonda Gettel, Media Specialist and District Liaison
Pueblo School District 60 (Customer since 2000)
Pueblo, Colorado

Nick Carochi, Curriculum Director
Canon City School District (Customer since 2003)
Canon City, Colorado

Stephen Lehman, Director of Assessment, Department of Accountability, Research, and Evaluation
Denver Public Schools (Customer since 1999)
Denver, Colorado

Bridgett Muse, Director of Curriculum and Assessment
Eaton School District RE-2 (Customer since 2006)
Eaton, Colorado

Recent References:

Sean Taylor, Director of Assessment
Mesa County Valley School District 51 (Customer since 2006)
Grand Junction, Colorado

Michael Atkins, Teacher
Godsman Elementary School (Customer since 2007)
Denver, Colorado

Ron Marostica, Assistant Superintendent
Valley School District (Customer since 1999)
Sterling, Colorado

Name of Schools/ Districts that this organization has served in other states:

Warren Goetzel, Library Services
Atlanta Public Schools (Customer since 2001)
Atlanta, Georgia

MaryAnne Hutchenson, Teacher
Hungerford Elementary School (Customer since 1997)
Maitland, Florida

Diane Kutsch, Literacy Coach
Lawrence Elementary School (Customer since 1995)
Wichita, Kansas

Belinda Guild, Technology Coordinator
Chesterfield County Public Schools (Customer since 2000)
Chesterfield, Virginia

Qualifications of this Organization (licensure, trademark, etc.):

Renaissance Learning is a leading provider of technology-based student practice and assessment programs for K–12 schools. Our software and hardware tools provide daily formative-assessment and periodic progress-monitoring technology to enhance core curriculum, support differentiated instruction, and personalize practice in reading, writing, and math. In conjunction with research-based best practices shared with educators and school leaders through professional development services, Renaissance Learning tools help teachers accelerate learning for all students.

As of July 2012, Renaissance Learning technologies are supported by 366 scientific research studies and reviews. This large evidence base includes experimental and quasi-experimental research studies, generally considered by both the No Child Left Behind Act and the research community to provide the strongest evidence of effectiveness and to be consistent with the definition of scientifically based research. Many of these studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

According to the National Center on Response to Intervention, the STAR assessments, Accelerated Math™, and MathFacts in a Flash™ all meet rigorous scientific standards for screening and progress monitoring. With 170 scientific research studies, Accelerated Reader™ is one of the few products with studies that meet the selective criteria of the What Works Clearinghouse. Favorable reviews of multiple programs have been received from the Nevada List of Effective Remedial Programs, the South Carolina List of Formative Assessments, the California Learning Resource Network, EvaluTech Southern Regional Education Board, Southwest Educational Developmental Lab, WestEd Regional Educational Laboratory, and numerous other national, regional, and state organizations and publications. In 2009 and 2010, Renaissance Learning was named one of Forbes magazine’s Top 100 Most Trustworthy Companies for the second consecutive year—the only K–12 education company to make the 2010 list. (Note: As of October 2011, Renaissance Learning is no longer a publicly traded company and thus will not be eligible for this recognition.)

Qualifications of Instructors/ Staff that Provide Services:

Renaissance Learning employs approximately 900 people worldwide, including many experts who hold advanced degrees in their fields and hundreds of employees dedicated to customer support. Renaissance Learning employees include accomplished educators, skilled computer technicians, a knowledgeable product-development team, and a psychometric team experienced in the technical aspects of test design and analysis.

All Renaissance Learning personnel who visit schools to provide product support, training, or presentations are highly educated and experienced in the field of education. We conduct background checks on all staff members who will work on-site with administrators and educators to ensure the highest levels of quality and security. Renaissance consultants participate in a certification process that includes guided study, direct instruction, training at a Renaissance Learning facility, and monitored practice. Consultants and program managers receive certification in instructional practices for adult learners. Program managers develop knowledge related to working with customer accounts as well as product knowledge. They learn to coordinate an implementation, review data, and advise customers on best practices.

In addition, Renaissance Learning is a member of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) and the National Staff Development Council (NSDC). Working in conjunction with Fogarty and Associates, a Chicago-based professional development company, we have certified many of our consultants and program managers to deliver training on key educational and professional development topics beyond the use of our hardware and software products.


Working closely with school and district personnel, Renaissance Learning implementations are tailored to the objectives and needs of the individual schools or districts and vary in length, size, and cost depending on the number of students to be served and other district-defined parameters. Renaissance Learning participates in several purchasing programs and state contracts. We have an outstanding reputation for delivering the contracted products and services within the agreed-upon timeline and at or below the contracted cost.

For specific cost information and to determine the best implementation for your school or district, please contact your Colorado District Account Executives Sherilee Kerschen at (866) 391-5131, and Daisy Becker at (877) 988-6657.

Explanation of how we are able to provide differentiated services to meet the individual needs of schools and districts.

For 26 years, Renaissance Learning has been a leading provider of educational assessment technology for continuous progress monitoring and personalized practice in pre-K–12 schools and districts. We work with schools in Colorado and across the nation to provide industry-leading computer-adaptive screening assessments as well as practice- and progress-monitoring tools, research-based intervention programs, and comprehensive school-improvement solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. With easy-to-understand reports generated in real time, Renaissance Learning tools provide daily formative-assessment information and periodic progress-monitoring data to enhance the curriculum and support differentiated instruction for students of all ability levels in reading, writing, and math.

Just as our tools are used for differentiated instruction and learning, Renaissance Learning offers differentiated services in the implementation of these tools. Renaissance planning consultants work with district and school leaders to identify goals and plan a staff-development strategy that is right for them. Educators receive explicit and ongoing training to use these tools to maximum effect. We work with school leaders to ensure that our professional development sessions are tailored to each school’s needs, focusing on instructional strategies that create highly effective learning environments, such as differentiating for student needs, monitoring student performance, and ensuring consistent engagement in learning. With the program management services option, a program manager and program specialist support district staff by providing ongoing monitoring and communication regarding the status of the implementation plan.

How will we evaluate our services and support to schools and districts and its effectiveness in school/ district/ student achievement?

Renaissance Learning professional services help educators gain the knowledge and learn the skills—and transfer those skills into practice—that accelerate learning for students. Along with data-gathering technology, Renaissance Learning implementation personnel observe and measure both educators’ and students’ progress to continually assess whether the programs are being implemented with fidelity and whether the intended outcomes are being met. Program managers, consultants, and coaches work with educators to adjust teaching and learning techniques until outcomes are consistently achieved. (See the Professional Development section within the Sample of Services Offered response below.)

The effectiveness of Renaissance Learning technology and best practices for implementation is supported by extensive and ongoing scientific research. As indicated above, numerous studies and reviews support Renaissance Learning’s products, including favorable reviews by the What Works Clearinghouse, the National Center on Student Progress Monitoring, the Florida Center for Reading Research, the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory, the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, and the National Center on Response to Intervention. By conducting continuous research, we ensure that our software and hardware programs perform as intended and confirm the impact our programs and assessments have on student learning.

Sample of services offered for a school or district:

Under 500 Students:

Assessment: Daily Formative Assessment

Accelerated Reader Enterprise™ provides the practice component of an effective reading curriculum with more than 140,000 quizzes on books across a wide range of reading and interest levels. Over 66,000 of those books are nonfiction titles, a key support for Common Core State Standards (CCSS) implementations. AR™ includes Renaissance Home Connect™ to improve school-to-home communication, providing families with instant updates on student progress and goals.

Accelerated Math Enterprise™ provides teachers and students immediate feedback on critical math skills practice, with libraries ranging from early numeracy to calculus. AM™ includes access to the new Core Progress™ learning progression for math with embedded instructional resources as well as links to Renaissance Home Connect.

MathFacts in a Flash provides appropriate practice and mastery assessment of fundamental math skills to support core instruction in grades 1–6 and interventions for students in all grades. This program provides mastery measurement of each student’s progress through 71 levels of math facts, from simple addition through fraction and decimal conversions. MathFacts in a Flash directly addresses the development of math fact fluency, and also connects schools and families through Renaissance Home Connect.

Assessment: Interim Assessment

The STAR Enterprise™ assessments—STAR Reading Enterprise™, STAR Early Literacy Enterprise™, and STAR Math Enterprise™—are web-based computer-adaptive assessments that provide data and resources to improve instruction. STAR assessments are valid, reliable, cost effective, easy to administer, and they can be used for multiple purposes, including screening and placement, benchmark assessment, and progress monitoring within a Response to Intervention (RTI) framework. The STAR Enterprise assessments are aligned to the CCSS and linked to the Core Progress learning progressions. They are the first interim assessments to report student growth percentile (SGP), adapted from the measurement developed by Dr. Damian Betebenner from the National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment in partnership with the Colorado Department of Education. (See the Educator Effectiveness section of this response for additional information.) Newly released for the 2012–2013 school year, STAR Reading Spanish™ helps teachers quickly and accurately determine students’ Spanish reading level and receive timely data to help monitor Spanish reading growth.

Curriculum Alignment
Renaissance Learning has considerable experience researching and analyzing state and national standards and aligning practice and assessment content, textbooks, and curriculum guides to these standards. Our alignment professionals study and monitor state and national standards and employ a rigorous process to produce accurate alignments based on best practices in the industry. This dedicated team of alignment experts has followed rigorous procedures to align Renaissance Learning programs with the Common Core State Standards. We are well prepared to work with and support Colorado educators in the transition to the CCSS.

Diagnostic Review

Renaissance Learning’s top-rated short-cycle interim assessments, math and reading daily practice tools, comprehensive intervention programs, and educator support materials help schools and districts across the nation accelerate learning for all students. STAR Reading™, STAR Early Literacy™, and STAR Math™ Diagnostic Reports provide information about students’ reading, early literacy and numeracy, and math levels and recommend strategies to promote growth for individual students. The Accelerated Math Diagnostic Report helps carefully monitor students’ progress toward mastery of math objectives while the Accelerated Reader Diagnostic Report facilitates progress monitoring on overall comprehension of authentic literature. These reports and others can provide critical information in the data-review process within RTI or other multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS).

Dropout Prevention and Intervention Services

Accelerated Math and Accelerated Reader have earned the top rating of “Strong Evidence” as Model Programs for both Prevention and Intervention at all grade levels from the National Dropout Prevention Center. The large evidence base for these programs consists of a number of experimental and quasi-experimental research studies including independent studies and articles published in peer-reviewed journals. Studies have been conducted with a variety of students, including those in Title I classrooms, in free and reduced-price lunch programs, and in special education, as well as students learning English as a second language and other demographic groups.

Renaissance Learning also offers the following research-based intervention programs:
English in a Flash™ is a patented, research-based approach to accelerating English learning in K–12 students in bilingual, immersion, and ESL pull-out programs at multiple proficiency levels. The program provides the practice and repetition needed to quickly acquire the vocabulary, sounds, and grammatical awareness students need to be successful.

Successful Reader™ is an easy-to-implement Tier 2 reading intervention program intended for students in grades 4–12. This program focuses on the development of comprehension skills and robust vocabulary while also addressing the motivational needs of struggling readers.

Accelerated Math for Intervention™ is a research-based math intervention program that is focused on filling critical skill gaps through diagnostic assessment, targeted instruction, and differentiated practice. Professional development provides continual support for the implementation of Accelerated Math for Intervention.

Educator Effectiveness

The STAR Enterprise assessments are ideal components of a comprehensive educator effectiveness system. They deliver more student growth data in less time than any other interim assessments available to educators, and they provide insights into student achievement and teacher effectiveness that look beyond state summative test scores. Relying on multiple measures of student growth can potentially make principal and teacher effectiveness evaluation more objective and actionable. In this way, the STAR Enterprise assessments support the very intention of teacher and principal evaluation systems—to improve educator effectiveness and student outcomes.

STAR Enterprise reports provide multiple lenses through which to view student achievement and growth. This actionable data, generated immediately after a student completes a STAR assessment, gives educators essential information in time to make instructional changes that will benefit their students. With STAR Enterprise, teachers and principals are empowered to frequently monitor progress, promptly review student data generated by the assessments, develop action plans based on the data, and ensure the ongoing advancement of student achievement as well as their own instructional effectiveness.


Successful teaching relies on data-informed instructional decisions based on clearly identified student needs. Schools that currently own and use Renaissance Learning programs (including many schools in Colorado) already have real-time access to valuable data about student learning. Renaissance Learning products are designed to make it easy for teachers to use data to inform instruction, at less cost.

In addition to providing data, many of our software tools include embedded resources that help teachers target instruction to the skills their students are ready to learn. Successful Reader includes instructional materials co-written by reading-instruction expert Dr. Roger Farr, while NEO 2™ includes hundreds of built-in writing lessons and many other features to facilitate writing instruction. Keyboarding instruction and learning resources to support student achievement are provided with KeyWords™, another feature of NEO 2. (See the Dropout Prevention and Intervention section of this response (above) for additional information about Successful Reader and the Technology and Technical Services section (below) for more information about NEO 2.)

Renaissance Learning professional services provide even more instructional support with training on key topics and ongoing coaching and implementation scaffolding. Studies indicate that teachers who use Renaissance Best Practices™ in implementing our products with fidelity are more effective than those who use the software and hardware alone. (See the Accelerated Reader Software and AR Best Practices booklet at, and the Renaissance Learning website ( for research study examples. Also see the School and District Improvement section of this response for additional information.)

Professional Development

Renaissance Learning is a leader in the educational services industry in delivering research-based professional development and related services designed for K–12 schools. Our experienced coaches (generally providing remote training and support), consultants (provide both remote and on-site training and support), and program managers (provide targeted and comprehensive on-site coordination of the implementation) work with elementary, middle, and high school educators in schools of all sizes across the nation. These efforts support the successful implementation of our software and hardware products to accelerate learning for all students.
In keeping with principles of effective staff development and to accommodate educators’ schedules and school budgets, Renaissance Learning offers a variety of formats. The Renaissance Training Center™, our professional development website, provides 24/7 access to self-guided learning opportunities. Web Seminars can be scheduled at times that are convenient for the district. Implementation coaching provides telephone support to ensure that implementation moves forward successfully. Renaissance consultants work with individuals or small groups on-site or via remote technology to discuss specific concerns that arise as teachers put the software and strategies into practice.

The School Mentors Package and Training of Trainers Seminars provide support that will foster continued improvement long after the sessions have ended. Program management services provide ongoing assistance to ensure that the benefits of professional development become embedded in the school culture, implementation goals are achieved, and school improvement initiatives stay on track. A program manager visits on-site to coordinate all aspects of the implementation while a program specialist provides remote implementation support. Program management services include directing the installation process for all software, coordinating and managing professional development and technical services, and holding regular status meetings with key district leaders.

The DEEP (Developing Enduring Excellence through Partnership) Capacity™ plan provides further evidence of Renaissance Learning’s commitment to ongoing acceleration of learning. DEEP Capacity helps schools and districts build an internal support structure. This extended professional development plan will allow the school’s own “embedded” experts to provide the ongoing professional development and support that will ensure fidelity of implementation over time.

School and District Improvement

Renaissance School Excellence™ is a comprehensive, multi-year instructional program that transforms schools and creates a culture that accelerates learning for students of all abilities, in all types of schools. The program is built on sound data, is organized around yearly targets, and is sustained by ongoing professional services. Its primary objective is to help educators use data obtained from Renaissance Learning computer software and research-validated best practices to improve teaching and learning primarily in reading, writing, and math.

Renaissance School Excellence is customized to individual school and district needs. Specific goals for administrators, teachers, parents, and students are identified at the outset of a Renaissance School Excellence implementation. Goals for administrators and teachers include ensuring fidelity of implementation by increasing academic learning time, assessing students, using data to make instructional decisions, and more. Goals for students include time for daily reading practice at a high comprehension rate, daily work on mastering math facts and personalized objectives, and more. Goals for parents include monitoring their children’s progress and motivating them to practice reading and math skills, both of which are facilitated by the online resource, Renaissance Home Connect.

Technology and Technical Services

Renaissance Learning software and hardware products offer the technology that enables teachers to efficiently manage the student practice and data required to integrate elements of effective instruction into their daily classroom routines. Our hardware tools include the following:

NEO 2, an affordable, durable, and versatile educational tool designed specifically for schools, with a full-sized keyboard and extraordinary battery life. NEO 2 can be used for keyboarding- and writing-skills development, Accelerated Reader quizzing, Accelerated Math scoring, practicing MathFacts in a Flash, as well as to check comprehension of lessons and guide instruction across the curriculum. NEO 2 creates a wireless network within the classroom to help accelerate students’ learning while saving teachers’ time.

2Know! Classroom Response System™ is an educational technology tool that can increase students’ confidence, energize the classroom, and provide instant feedback to target instruction and accelerate learning. This breakthrough system utilizes wireless, hand-held Renaissance Responders™ which feature superior technology, performance, and functionality, while remaining extremely cost-effective. 2Know!™ combines easy-to-use software with these remote devices to help you engage every student in the learning process while gathering data to guide your instruction. Student-paced sessions, graded short-answer quizzes, built-in math-facts practice, homework, standards alignment and integration with Renaissance Learning and third-party content are just a few of the features that set 2Know! apart—at about half the price of similar systems.

In addition, we support our customers in their use of our software and hardware tools in many ways. Two examples are provided here:

Renaissance Hosting Service provides a number of advantages over local network servers, including cost savings, reliability, and security. Key aspects of Renaissance Learning’s security measures include 24-hour monitoring, SSL connection using 128-bit encryption, multiple firewalls protecting database servers, frequently updated antivirus software, and strict enforcement of password security. When software is hosted in the Renaissance Learning Enterprise-Class Data Center, customers receive software updates and upgrades instantly and automatically, freeing up school and district staff.

Renaissance Data Integrator (RDI) is a custom application that transfers data between the school’s or district’s student information system (SIS) and their secure Renaissance Place™ database. This data is synchronized automatically, on a regular schedule, saving the district time and costs.

21st Century Skills

Our practice and assessment programs align with the Framework for 21st Century Learning’s call for “teaching and learning that combine a discreet focus on 21st century student outcomes with innovative support systems to help students master the multidimensional abilities required of them in the 21st century.” They support a balance of assessment—including formative and summative—and help teachers utilize feedback on student performance that is embedded into everyday learning. Our technology-enhanced assessments measure students’ mastery of 21st century skills.

500-1000 Students:

This level of implementation includes all service categories and all products listed above for “Under 500 students.” Renaissance Learning serves schools and districts of all sizes with the computerized assessments and progress-monitoring tools as well as the professional development services described earlier in this response. We can help Colorado schools and districts of any size find solutions to the challenges they face.

1000+ Students:

This level of implementation includes all service categories and all products listed above for “Under 500 students.” Renaissance Learning has experience delivering the above-described quality programs at the state level and with some of the nation’s largest districts. Our research link (see includes studies from large east coast, midwestern, and southwestern districts. We can provide customized district-level and state-level dashboards to provide a window into real-time progress toward proficiency. We can help Colorado schools and districts of any size find solutions to the challenges they face.

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