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Colorado Education Consulting Services, LLC

Contact Information


Sharon (Tina) Kerschen
11362 Quivas Way
Westminster, CO 80234

Phone: (303) 469-2151 (office) or (303) 877-7390 (cell)

General Information

Screenshots / Demo:
Effectiveness Data:
Type of Organization: For Profit Company
Organization is best described as: For-Profit
Age of Firm / Number of Years in Operation: 16 years
Level(s) services may be provided: - Elementary
- Middle
- High School
- District
Provides performance guarantees in contract: NO
Educational Services Provided Assessment
Comprehensive & Effective Planning
Comprehensive Turnaround Provider
Content Curriculum Programs
Curriculum Alignment
Diagnostic Review
District Culture
Educator Effectiveness
Organizational Structure and Resources
Professional Development
Program Evaluation Services
School and District Improvement
Staff Evaluation
Family and Community Support
Specific Content Area :
Comprehensive School (SST) and District (CADI) analysis; improvement planning and implementation; capacity-building for leadership teams

Name of Schools/ Districts that this organization has served in Colorado:

Comprehensive Appraisal for District Improvement (CADI reviews) provided to the following districts:
-Brighton 27J
-Fort Morgan
-Grand Junction
-Rocky Ford

School Support Team (SST) school reviews provided to schools in the following districts:
-Adams 12 Five Star
-Adams 14
-Brighton 27J
-Denver Public Schools
-Greeley-Evans District 6
-Jefferson County
-Pueblo 60
-Westminster 50

Districts, schools, and educational organizations provided with customized support include:
-Arvada Middle School, JeffCo (Rod Pugnetti;
-Baker Elementary, Westminster 50 (Neal Wolcott;
-Brush District*
-Cameron Elementary, Greeley (Juan Verdugo;
-Centennial Elementary, Greeley (Jan Jervis;
-Cherry Creek District (Eileen Elles;
-Cheyenne Wells*
-Colorado Department of Education (Anita Foxworth;
-Colorado Consortium for Data-Driven Decisions (C2D3) (Julie O'Brian;
-Eagle District (Traci Wodlinger;
-East Central BOCES* (Susan Sparks;
-Edgewater Elementary, JeffCo*
-Evans MS, Greeley (Dawn Hillman;
-Fleming District*
-Ford Elementary, DPS*
-Greeley District 6 (Kathi Van Soest;
-Jackson Elementary, Greeley (Ingrid Dillehay;
-Kullerstrand Elementary, JeffCo (Bill Blandón;
-Lincoln High School, DPS*
-Madison Elementary, Greeley (Valerie Smythe;
-Martinez Elementary, Greeley*
-McGlone Elementary, DPS*
-Metz Elementary, Westminster 50 (Neal Wolcott;
-New Raymer District*
-North Elementary, Brighton (Rick Budher;
-Overland Trail Middle School, Brighton*
-Pleasant View Elementary, JeffCo* (Connie Brakken;
-Sheridan District*
-Skyline Vista, Westminster 50*
-Sterling School District*
-Valdez Elementary, DPS*
-Vikan MS, Brighton (Ana Mendoza;
-Wiley Elementary*

* District or school leadership has changed / is unavailable since services were provided.

Recent References:

Centennial Elementary, Greeley (Jan Jervis;
Evans MS, Greeley (Dawn Hillman;
Greeley District 6 (Kathi Van Soest;
Madison Elementary, Greeley (Valerie Smythe;
Metz Elementary, Westminster 50 (Neal Wolcott;
Jackson Elementary, Greeley (Ingrid Dillehay;
Arvada Middle School, JeffCo (Rod Pugnetti;

Name of Schools/ Districts that this organization has served in other states:


Qualifications of this Organization (licensure, trademark, etc.):

Scalable services depending on need - one consultant to a large team
Certified CDE team leader for SST and CADI reviews
Trainer of CDE SST team leaders and team members
UIP Cadre member
Associates include a National Principal of the Year; a published author and international consultant; Presidential Award winner for Excellence in Science and Math Teaching; Innovation Schools consultants; expertise in a variety of areas including: data-driven decision-making, instruction(elementary and secondary), assessment, leadership, special education, ELL, effective improvement strategies, curriculum/new standards, classroom management, teacher leadership

Qualifications of Instructors/ Staff that Provide Services:

Tina Kerschen, Team Leader and Primary Consultant
Education Consultant:
-Consultant, facilitator, and trainer for high needs and low-performing schools and districts, state-wide
-Facilitator of school leadership teams; coach for school and district administrators
-Team Leader: School Support Team (SST) for elementary, middle schools, and high schools
-Team Leader: Comprehensive Appraisal for District Improvement (CADI) for rural, urban, and suburban districts
-Facilitator: Debriefing of school and district reviews
-Project developer (program, processes, and materials) and trainer for SST team members, leaders, and facilitators
-Consultant / Facilitator for Closing the Achievement Gap pilot project for CDE

School and District Experience:
-Executive Director of Learning Services
-Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
-District K-12 Literacy Curriculum Specialist
-Director / Founder, District Teacher Induction Program
-Staff developer
-Clinical Professor, Partners in Education, C.U. Boulder
-Teacher, Drama Director, National Honor Society Sponsor, English Department Chair

Other related work experience:
-Instructor for the Teacher Certification Program for Cherry Creek Schools
-Developer: CDE Parent Involvement Resources special project
-Trainer and consultant for Colorado Principals' Center and The Center
-Trainer and facilitator for Front Range BOCES Professional Learning Community and Facilitation Cadre
-Project developer and trainer (2004-2007) for Colorado Consortium for Data-Driven Decisions (C2D3)

Areas of expertise / experience include:
-School and district improvement planning, including Unified Improvement Plan development and review; UIP Cadre
-Effective instruction
-Research-based practices at the classroom, school, and district levels
-Curriculum development and alignment
-Assessment design, formative assessment, data-based decisions, rubric development and selection
-Facilitation and team building
-Conflict management, change management, school and district culture
-Coaching (cognitive and technical) and mentoring

Qualifications of associate staff members include:
-National Principal of the Year, Milken Foundation winner
Expertise: School improvement, equity, closing achievement gaps, collaborative teams

-Presidential Award-Excellence in Science and Math Teaching. University instructor and consultant
Expertise: Effective instruction, classroom management, staff development, climate and culture

-Retired Director of Secondary Education, Former Principal and Assistant Principal; Author, international consultant, teacher
Expertise: Leadership studies, change and transition

-Retired Director of High School Education, Director Achievement, Principal and Assistant Principal
Expertise: Instructional effectiveness, Educational Equity School culture and climate

-Retired Assistant Area Superintendent for K-12 Schools, special educator, and elementary principal
Expertise: Data-driven instruction, Effective Schools Research, Professional Learning Communities, Effective Practices for English Language Learners

-Retired District Elementary Director, principal, and teacher
Expertise: Effective schools research, Practices for highly impacted schools, Data-driven decision-making, Professional Learning Communities
-Retired Human Resource Director, Learning Services Director, TOSA, teacher, President of local Teacher Association
Expertise: Professional Development: teacher preparation; induction, secondary literacy, evaluation system development; HR procedures


Daily rates are $800 and up, depending on the duration, scope, and specific services involved.

Explanation of how we are able to provide differentiated services to meet the individual needs of schools and districts.

All services are based on analysis of a needs assessment such as an SST or CADI report, and/or a Unified Improvement Plan. Priority needs are identified and a customized plan for services is developed collaboratively with the leadership of the school or district. School-specific implementation support is provided. Progress monitoring is also available and includes feedback and follow-up support, such as technical or cognitive coaching and professional development.

How will we evaluate our services and support to schools and districts and its effectiveness in school/ district/ student achievement?

Development of a service plan includes specifying desired outcomes. Quantitative and qualitative progress benchmarks, including measures and metrics, are identified. Evaluation, reflection, and adjustment are put in the calendar as part of the planning development.

Sample of services offered for a school or district:

Under 500 Students:

Professional development on topics such as teacher leadership; enhancing school culture; assessment for learning; specific instructional strategies(e.g.,descriptive feedback, differentiation, vocabulary development, summarizing, student engagement)

Facilitation of school leadership team with differentiated goals and an emphasis on capacity-building

School review and debriefing with staff; setting of school improvement priorities

School improvement planning

500-1000 Students:

Turnaround strategies and capacity-building for improvement

Facilitation of school leadership team with differentiated goals and an emphasis on capacity-building

School review and debriefing with staff; setting of school improvement priorities

1000+ Students:

Curriculum alignment
Assessment for learning
School review and debriefing with staff; setting of school improvement priorities
Facilitation of school leadership team with differentiated goals and an emphasis on capacity-building
School improvement planning
Professional development

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