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The purpose of this glossary is to help the user better understand the terminology used in the Colorado Academic Standards. It is intended to assist educational practitioners and pre-service educators in understanding the standards. It is not intended as a study guide for students nor does it represent a comprehensive list of all academic terms.

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Excess body fat that is much greater than what is healthy and results in adverse health effects.

Content Area: Comprehensive Health and Physical Education


The character’s wants, needs, and desires.

Content Area: Drama and Theatre Arts


The act of sensing or perceiving through sight.

Content Area: Visual Arts


What stands in the way of the character achieving his/her objectives.

Content Area: Drama and Theatre Arts


An interval measuring eight diatonic degrees. Two pitches an octave (or multiple octaves) apart have frequencies that are exact multiples.

Content Area: Music


Verbal or movement suggestion given by one actor to another to initiate or further an improvisation.

Content Area: Drama and Theatre Arts


A market structure containing just a few sellers.

Content Area: Social Studies


A use of words in which the sound of the word suggests the sound associated with it: buzz, hiss.

Content Area: Reading, Writing, and Communicating

opportunity cost

The value of possible alternatives that an individual gives up when making one choice instead of another; also known as a trade-off.

Content Area: Social Studies

oral history

Historical information obtained through interviews with individuals with firsthand knowledge of an event.

Content Area: Social Studies


The art of arranging a musical work for performance by an orchestra having regard to balance, tone color, and texture.

Content Area: Music

order of operations

Established order in which to perform mathematical operations.

Content Area: Mathematics

ordered pairs

A pair of numbers that describe the position of a point on a coordinate plane by using the horizontal and vertical distances from two reference axes.

Content Area: Mathematics


Shapes and/or forms similar to those found in nature, such as plants, animals and rocks, often curvilinear in appearance.

Content Area: Visual Arts


A unique personal expression of art knowledge and skills.

Content Area: Visual Arts

osmotically balanced

A solution whose ion concentration is the same as another solution so osmosis will not take place between the two solutions.

Content Area: Science


A musical phrase repeated over and over during a composition; plural: ostinati.

Content Area: Music

outdoor adventure activities

Physical activities centered in natural settings: orienteering, backpacking, hiking, rope activities, canoeing, cycling, skating, and rock climbing. See also: adventure activities.

Content Area: Comprehensive Health and Physical Education


Data points that are distinctly separate from the data.

Content Area: Mathematics


A recording technique that facilitates the combination of separately recorded performances.

Content Area: Music


A principle of training in which the demands placed on a system must be increased systematically and progressively over time to cause physiological adaptation.

Content Area: Comprehensive Health and Physical Education


The state or fact of exclusive rights and control over property, which may be an object, land/real estate or intellectual property.

Content Area: Social Studies

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