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The purpose of this glossary is to help the user better understand the terminology used in the Colorado Academic Standards. It is intended to assist educational practitioners and pre-service educators in understanding the standards. It is not intended as a study guide for students nor does it represent a comprehensive list of all academic terms.

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W -


A good or service that is desired. It is said that every person has unlimited wants, but limited resources.

Content Area: Social Studies

warm-up activities

Movements and/or movement phrases designed to raise the core body temperature and bring the mind into focus for the dance activities to follow.

Content Area: Dance

warm-up exercises

Low-intensity exercises that prepare the muscular/skeletal system and heart and lungs (cardiorespiratory system) for high-intensity physical activity.

Content Area: Comprehensive Health and Physical Education

weight-bearing activities

Any activity in which one’s feet and legs carry their own weight: walking, running, tennis, and dancing.

Content Area: Comprehensive Health and Physical Education


The process of giving or receiving weight between two or more dancers.

Content Area: Dance


An approach to health that focuses on balancing the many aspects or dimensions of a person's life through increasing the adoption of health-enhancing conditions and behaviors, rather than solely attempting to minimize conditions of illness.

Content Area: Comprehensive Health and Physical Education


Works of art characterized by a dominant European influence.

Content Area: Visual Arts

western notation

Notation is the method used to write down music. Western notation is a staff-based notation system, using traditional note symbols and clefs to indicate pitch locations and durations.

Content Area: Music

whole numbers

The numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, ....

Content Area: Mathematics

word order

The patterns or arrangement in which words do or may occur in a grammatical utterance in a given language.

Content Area: World Languages

work of art

The outcome product or result of using a creative process to produce/delineate objects and or images produced or intended primarily for aesthetic purposes and to communicate ideas through visual language: drawing, painting, sculpture, or other artistic productions.

Content Area: Visual Arts

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