District and School Accreditation and Request to Reconsider Form

Each school year, districts must submit each schools' accreditation category to CDE. Through this process, the district will indicate if:

  1. The category aligns with CDE's plan type assignment, based on the School Performance Frameworks, or
  2. The category does not align. If there is not alignment, then the district must submit the performance framework used by the district for that accreditation assignment, including evidence of the school's level of attainment on the State's four key performance indicators: Academic Achievement, Academic Growth, Academic Growth Gaps and Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness, as well as a request to reconsider of the school's plan type assignment.

Districts may use the State's School Performance Framework, in which case the CDE plan type serves as the accreditation category. Alternatively, districts may use their own local, more rigorous framework, in which case it must include the same four performance indicators and give the greatest weight to growth and, for high schools, postsecondary and workforce readiness.

In addition, each school year, if a district disagrees with the Department's initial assignment of an accreditation category for the district or if the district disagrees with any of the Department's initial assignments of district accreditation or a school plan type for any of the district's schools, the district must notify the department by September 15th of intent to submit additional information for CDE's request to reconsider process. All documentation must be completed by October 15th; CDE will not be doing further follow-up with districts after October 15th.

Districts must submit this information using the on-line District and School Accreditation and Request to Reconsider form by October 15th of each school year. The form must be signed by the district superintendent and the local board chair.

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