Capital Construction Assistance Grant Application (Form CC-03)   

Capital Construction Assistance Online Grant Application Tool

PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY before logging in.

To obtain a user name and password, call Anna Fitzer at 303-866-6184. Requests MUST be by phone and from the district or charter school personnel. Due to security reasons, emailing of user names and passwords is not permitted.


Grant Submission - Print one completed application for your records and one for submitting to CDE with signatures.

  • Do not: bind the application in a 3-ring binder, report folder, or book.
  • Do not: staple any of the pages. Dividers/tabs are acceptable, but not necessary.
  • Do not: send the pages loose but bind the application with a paper clip, binder clip or rubber band. If the application is too large to bind with a large binder clip, then separate into sections that fit a large binder clip and number the sections for order.

The original grant application with signatures must be submitted to 1580 Logan St. Suite 310, Denver CO 80203, before 4 pm on February 26, 2016.

  • Pursuant to 22-43.7-109(a) C.R.S., the Division may only provide financial assistance for a capital construction project for a public school facility that the applicant owns or will have the right to own in the future under the terms of a lease-purchase agreement with the owner of the facility or a sublease-purchase agreement with the State
  • If the Actual Match on this request is less than the CDE Listed Minimum Adjusted District Match Percentage:
    • You will need to submit a Waiver Application along with this application. (See Instructions on Page 2.)
  • If the Actual Match on this request is less than 75%:
    • This project might need to comply with Colorado's "High Performance Standard Certificate Program", pursuant to 24-30-1301 and 24-30-1305 C.R.S. Please call Scott Newell 303-866-6717 for additional information.

Photos: Please include an electronic copy (email, CD, flash drive, etc.) of your photos with the application. The photos should be hi-resolution and in a JPEG, GIF, PNG, or TIFF format only. Word documents, PDF's or PowerPoint's are not allowed. Photos should include:

  • A photo of the front of the facility;
  • A photo of a typical classroom;
  • A photo of a typical corridor; and;
  • A site plan, architectural rendering, or drawing of the proposed solution;
  • Up to ten additional photos specific to the project.
  • Paper copies will not be accepted.

Supporting Material - The original submitted grant application must include all the supporting items on the check-list below for a complete grant application or the application may not be accepted for consideration.


The following must be included in the grant application or the application may not be accepted.

CC-03 grant application
Detailed project budget
Electronic photos
Waiver application if not providing the minimum applicant match
Submittal requirements based on project scope

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