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The CDE Scoop - October 31, 2012

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Accountability & Improvement

Need Help with Your UIP? Sign Up Now!

Based on your feedback, CDE has developed a new half-day informal UIP help session. This session will help ensure your plan is complete and headed in the right direction, and allow your questions to be answered by the CDE Improvement Planning staff. This session is open to schools and districts, whether submitting to CDE in January or April.
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For More Information, Contact:
Erin Loften
Improvement Planning
Phone: 303.882.3728

View the 2012 Equitable Distribution of Teacher Displays on SchoolView

The display enables users to examine the distribution of staff within a district by student and staff variables. For additional context, CDE has included the student growth ratings from the school performance frameworks. The toggle for past years' displays is being upgraded in SchoolView and should be available soon.

No Child Left Behind Title I requires that the state and districts examine and address the issue that less experienced and qualified teachers are more likely assigned to teach poor and minority students. Previously, districts were required to analyze their data annually and address any issues in the NCLB consolidated application. For 2012 the expectation is to address EDT requirements in the district level Unified Improvement Plan. CDE will review the EDT analysis as part of the UIP reviews in January. For districts that are not required to submit a UIP in January, CDE will review the EDT analysis as part of other NCLB monitoring activities.

The reports may be accessed by following the instructions at:

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For More Information, Contact:
Lisa Medler/Cheryl Miller
Improvement Planning & Federal Programs
Phone: Lisa: 303-866-6993/Cheryl: 303-866-6214

Capital Construction

Complete the Charter School Capital Construction Eligibility Questionnaire

The charter school eligibility questionnaire for FY2012-13 capital construction funding is available. All Colorado school districts and the Charter School Institute are required to complete Form CSCC-02 and return it to CDE by Friday, Dec. 7 to continue receiving funding. Original signatures are required from the school district or Charter School Institute and the charter school. Once all forms are received and the pupil count audits are completed, the remaining charter school capital construction funding will be distributed on the new calculated amounts.
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For More Information, Contact:
Scott Newell
Office of Capital Construction
Phone: 303-866-6717

Federal Programs

Attend a Comparability Webinar

No Child Left Behind requires districts that receive Title IA funds to demonstrate that their Title I schools are comparable to non-Title I schools in the same grade span and that Title I funds supplement, but do not supplant, state and local funds. The online comparability system will open soon, pre-populated with 2011-2012 data. Authorized respondents will need to update the system with 20120-2013 data.

Webinars are scheduled for those involved in comparability data collection and reporting. Pre-registration is not necessary. The dial-in and room number are the same for all three webinars.

Dial-in: 1-800-832-0736
Conference room number: 7133264

Friday, Nov. 2, 10 11 a.m.

Monday, Nov. 5, 12 1 p.m.

Tuesday, Nov. 6, 1 2 p.m.

If your district does not have an authorized respondent already, or if your respondent has changed, complete the respondent information sheet at the link below and submit it to CDE for assignment of passwords.

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For More Information, Contact:
Donna Morganstern
Federal Programs
Phone: 303-866-6209


Affordable Educational Resources Available to Schools, Libraries

To help students with research and provide access to vital online information resources, the State Library is pleased to offer Lynx, an affordable package of databases, to schools that support 21st century skills acquisition. This suite of online tools can be used at home or school.

Thanks to a partnership with the Colorado Library Consortium and participation of schools and libraries throughout the state, the cost is far less than if purchased directly from the vendor.

Contact Jim Duncan ( or Kira Zimmerman ( with the Subject line: LYNX-EBSCO for details.

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For More Information, Contact:
Jim Duncan
State Library
Phone: 303.866.6900 |or| 303.422.1150

News & Notes

Read the November CDE Update

The November edition of the CDE Update is available at the link below. CDE Update provides a brief snapshot of the state's most significant education initiatives and key implementation milestones.
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For More Information, Contact:
CDE Communications Division
Phone: 303-866-4247
Email: CDE

Race to the Top

Education Innovators Needed: Shared Learning Collaborative (SLC) Camp

The Shared Learning Collaborative (SLC) is an open technology platform being developed to support personalized learning for U.S. students. Colorado is participating in the pilot version of the SLC technology, and we want it to work for YOU. We need your input at this stage of development -- so Colorado and the SLC is hosting a Base Camp on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 17 and 18.

Who Do We Need:
Teachers and curriculum specialists wanting to learn how to tag open source educational content and to help design and test applications that support personalized learning.

Saturday, Nov. 17: Explore the significance of personalized learning, deepen your understanding of the Common Core, work with quality online content, and collaborate with developers to build new, exciting tools for educators

Sunday, Nov. 18: Optional for teachers. An opportunity to continue work with tagging online resources or work more closely with developers on building tools and applications for teachers.

Where: University of Denver, in Denver

Visit the link below for complete details and to RSVP!
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For More Information, Contact:
Dr. Teresa Yohon
Vision 2020
Phone: 303-866-6312

Standards & Assessments

Provide Feedback for the High School Social Studies and Science Assessment Administration

A communication was sent to superintendents, district assessment coordinators, and social studies and science content specialists discussing options for the timing of high school science and social studies assessments. Currently they are scheduled to be given in grade 11. The alternative plan proposes moving the assessments to the fall of grade 12.

Consider potential challenges and advantages of the alternative plan and email your feedback by Oct. 31 to CDE at Comments should focus on whether you support the shift from spring of grade 11 to fall of grade 12.

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For More Information, Contact:
Joyce Zurkowski
Phone: 303-866-6929

Support & Intervention

Participate in the Credit Recovery Programs Survey

CDE is conducting a survey of public high schools regarding the use of credit recovery programs. Data collected will help identify the types of credit recovery programs currently in place, understand the perceived benefits and shortcomings of those programs, and determine what technical assistance and supports are needed to develop more effective credit recovery programs.

High school district- and school-based staff that make decisions about credit recovery programs, whether they have a program in place or not, are encouraged to participate.

Participation in this 35 minute survey is voluntary, but your responses are valuable. The survey closes Friday, Nov. 16.

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For More Information, Contact:
Peter Fritz
Dropout Prevention and Student Engagement
Phone: (303) 866-6601

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