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The CDE Scoop - May 30, 2012

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Accountability & Improvement

Webinar for Alternative Education Campuses

The Department will host an information and feedback webinar on Alternative Education Campuses (AECs) on Wednesday, June 6, from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. To attend:
• Go to
• Call 1-866-498-5411.

The first 30 minutes of the session will provide an overview of the AEC process, including the Application and Renewal Form for Designation as an AEC and the Selection of Accountability Measures Form for AECs; both forms are due July 2 for schools seeking first-time or renewal designation as an AEC. The last hour of the session will invite feedback for CDE’s consideration in longer-term modifications to AEC accountability.

Please RSVP to Donna Morganstern at by Monday, June 4.

If you have never attended a Connect Pro meeting before:
• Test your connection:
• Get a quick overview:

Updated forms and policy guidance are available at:
Click Here for Additional Information

For More Information, Contact:
Somoh Supharukchinda
Accountability and Data Analysis
Phone: 303-866-6778

Capital Construction

Allocation Availability for QZAB Program

CDE is currently accepting applications for QZAB (Qualified Zone Academy Bonds) allocations. Please submit complete applications to CDE Capital Construction Division. Applications are located at the web-site link

The QZAB program is a way for school districts to obtain low or interest free financing for renovation, repair projects, and other needs. Currently Colorado has $17,268,000 for 2010 in available, and $5,527,000 for 2011. CDE does not provide funding, but provides authorization to a school district to obtain the low or interest free financing if the school district qualifies. Requirements are listed on the website.

There are Colorado firms that have experience with QZAB transactions. Contact information for several firms is provided on the QZAB frequently asked questions attachment located on the web-site.
Click Here for Additional Information

For More Information, Contact:
Kristin Lortie
Phone: 303-866-6184

Data Systems

2011-12 Civil Rights Data Collection

The Colorado Department of Education has received clarification from the Office of Civil Rights regarding the duplicative nature of the collection. Administrative units that are comprised of one or more Colorado school districts have been exempted and will not be required to participate. Should one of these administrative units continue to receive requests to complete the collection, contact the CRDC Partner Support Center.

Phone: 855-320-6459
Fax: 888-329-3336
TTY/TDD: 888-403-3336

Click Here for Additional Information

For More Information, Contact:
Jan Petro
Data Services
Phone: 303-866-6838

Health, Wellness & Nutrition

New School Meal Patterns

Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act New School Meal Patterns and Nutrition Standards

Starting in school year 2012-13, schools participating in the USDA’s School Meal Programs are required to meet new nutrition standards for breakfast and lunch meals. The standards will be implemented gradually, over a multiple year period, giving school district staff and students time to adjust to the changes.

Focus on the Changes in the Lunch Meal Pattern for SY 2012-13. A reimbursable lunch must include at least 1/2 cup serving of fruit and/or vegetable, half of all grains offered must be whole grain rich (50% whole grains), and dietary specifications for calories, saturated fat, and trans fat must be met. Meals must also meet grade specific calorie ranges for grades K-5, 6-8, and 9-12. The only new breakfast requirement for SY 2012-13 is that unflavored 1% or unflavored/flavored skim milk must be offered.

Additional 6-Cent Meal Reimbursement from USDA for Meeting New Standards and Meal Patterns. The USDA will offer an additional 6-cent meal reimbursement to School Food Authorities (SFAs) that become certified by being in compliance with the new meal patterns and nutrition standards. The additional 6-cent reimbursement per lunch meal will be available to certified SFAs beginning October 1, 2012. Information on this certification process will be forthcoming to school food service directors. The CDE Office of School Nutrition is committed to providing technical assistance and training to support schools in menu planning and the certification process.

For additional information regarding the New Meal Patterns please visit:

CDE Office of School Nutrition will continue to periodically update the Scoop with information pertaining to the New Meal Patterns. Stay tuned!

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For More Information, Contact:
Brehan Riley
Office of School Nutrition
Phone: 303-866-6299

News & Notes

2012 CDE Summer Symposia Registration Now Open!

The 2012 CDE Summer Symposia, a two day learning opportunity facilitated by CDE, will assist schools and districts in unifying their work around Colorado's reform agenda.

Participants will:
. Gain knowledge related to the reform initiatives, including requirements, timelines, and resources;
. Increase understanding of the interdependent nature of the reform initiatives; and
. Expand capacity to plan and accomplish an integrated and effective approach to implementation of the reform initiatives.

Target Group: District leadership teams, comprised of district, school, classroom representatives, and grant project managers who are responsible for implementation. The intent is to enhance the capacity of all schools and districts to implement these important initiatives.

Dates and Locations:
-Monday and Tuesday, June 4 & 5 in La Junta (Registration CLOSED)
-Monday and Tuesday, June 11 & June 12 in Grand Junction (Register SOON!!)
-Tuesday and Wednesday, June 19 & 20 in Denver

Registration for the Grand Junction and Denver locations and dates is currently open,

The agenda and program for the CDE Summer Symposia have been posted to the CDE website. For additional information regarding the CDE Summer Symposia please go to the link below.

Click Here for Additional Information

For More Information, Contact:
Liz Lenz
Office of the Associate Commissioner
Phone: (303) 866-5648

Colorado Basic Literacy Act (CBLA): Correction to Announcement

Please note that the Scoop announcement published Wednesday, May 23rd included an incorrect date. The announcement previously stated that the Colorado Basic Literacy Act has been repealed as of July 1, 2012 due to the passage of House Bill 12-1238, the Colorado READ Act; however, the correct date is July 1, 2013. Therefore, State Board rules for CBLA remain in effect through July 1, 2013. Please continue to check the CBLA website for news and updates related to CBLA and the Colorado READ Act. You can find a copy of HB 12-1238 on the CBLA website.
Click Here for Additional Information

For More Information, Contact:
Dian Prestwich
Teaching and Learning Unit
Phone: 303-866-6150

Read the June Edition of the CDE Update

The June edition of the CDE Update is available at the link below. The Update provides a brief snapshot of the state's most significant education initiatives and key implementation milestones.

Click Here for Additional Information

For More Information, Contact:
CDE Communications Office
Phone: 303-866-2334
Email: CDE

School Finance

NCLB FY 12-13 Budget Webinars

Grants Fiscal Management Unit will host Consolidated Application Budget webinars for FY 12-13. All sessions will be recorded and posted to the Grants Fiscal website for later viewing.

When: Thursday, June 7 from 1:30p.m. to 3:00p.m.
Conference Room Number: 866.386.5651
To join the meeting:
No registration is needed to attend this webinar.

When: Friday, June 8 from 10:00a.m. to 11:30a.m.
Conference Room Number: 866.386.5651
To join the meeting:
No registration is needed to attend this webinar.

If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before:
Test your connection:
Get a quick overview:

For More Information, Contact:
Robert Hawkins or Martin Petrov or Debbie Wolfe
Phone: 303-866-6775 or 303-866-6389 or 303-866-6724
Email: or or

June 30 Request for Funds Deadline

The cutoff date for June 2012 Request for Funds is June 11. This will help ensure a timely reimbursement by June 30. Requests received post June 11 may not be received by June 30.

For More Information, Contact:
David Schneiderman
Grants Fiscal Management
Phone: 303-866-6689

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