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The CDE Scoop - June 19, 2013

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Capital Construction

Review the Statewide Facility Assessment Reports

The deadline to review the reports for your schools and provide comments, corrections or clarifications to CDE is January 31, 2014. CDE staff will address your comments and post a revised report, which will become static until next year. Once the static reports are posted, comments can be entered again but the reports will not be updated until the next cycle for annual data updates.

It is important the information in the reports accurately reflects actual building conditions. Your comments and review will help assist CDE with capital construction grant awards in the future.

Contact Dustin Guerin to have reviewers added to your review teams.

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For More Information, Contact:
Dustin Guerin
Capital Construction
Phone: 303-866-6263

Data Systems

Data Pipeline Goes Live in One Week

We are just one week away from Student/Educator IDs and Directory collections opening in Data Pipeline on Monday, July 1, 2013.

The Data Pipeline project team would like to thank all the LEAs for their support, feedback, and help throughout the year. This has been an 18-month effort and we appreciate all the hard work everyone has put into developing and piloting the system. We look forward to moving ahead and making Pipeline a great success together.

Check out the following links for help.

Ensure you have reviewed and downloaded the new file layouts at

Register for EDIS training date:
-Tuesday, June 25: 12:30 to 2:30pm

To register for a training session, please visit:

Training agenda:
-Submitting an EDIS Read file
-Using the Match Tool when submitting an EDIS Read file
-Submitting an EDIS Batch file
-Running Cognos Reports

If you missed any of the town halls and training, documentation and webinar recordings can be found at

Check out the frequently asked questions resource at

For questions and support, please contact the Data Pipeline project team.

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For More Information, Contact:
Lisa Bradley
Information Management Services
Phone: 303-866-4902

Submit Your Request for 2013-2014 School Code Changes

Requests for new school codes, school closures, name changes and grade changes for the 2013-14 school year are due to CDE by June 30.

This information is crucial to ensure accurate Title IA funding, NCLB ESEA waiver implementation, on-time and accurate release of the School Performance Frameworks and earlier dissemination of the pre-populated Unified Improvement Plans. Additionally, having a final 2013-14 school list earlier will allow for better reporting in SchoolView and access to grade specific assessment materials.To submit school changes, visit the link below.
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For More Information, Contact:
Dennis St. Hilaire
Data Services
Phone: 303-866-6840

Exceptional Student Services

Read About Special Education Fiscal Advisory Committee Funded Administrative Units

The Special Education Fiscal Advisory Committee reviewed 2011-2012 special education high cost in-administrative unit and out of district student applications in April 2013. The State Board of Education approved the recommended IAU and OOD allocations in May 2013.

In making these decisions, SEFAC, as required by statute, considered each student’s cost and the percentage those expenditures represented of the district’s total audited expenditures. The statutory citation for this grant process is contained in section 22-20-1145 of the Exceptional Children’s Educational Act.

Four million dollars was appropriated in the Exceptional Children’s Educational Act to reimburse administrative units for students in high cost placements or programs -- $2 million for IAU high cost programs, and $2 million for OOD high cost placements.

Out-of- district high cost
• The threshold was set at $40,000 per student.
• 24 AUs submitted applications representing 110 students.
• The $2 million appropriation funded 40 students in 19 AUs.

In-district high cost
• The threshold was set at $25,000 per student.
• 30 AUs submitted applications representing 546 students.
• The $2 million appropriation funded 72 students in 14 AUs.

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For More Information, Contact:
Elizabeth Macek or Judy Brown
Exceptional Student Services Unit
Phone: (303) 866-6736 or (303) 378-2296
Email: or

News & Notes

Submit a Proposal for Presentations for the December 5-8 CASB Annual Convention

CASB needs your expertise to help create exceptional learning experiences for our annual convention attendees. We are seeking session proposals from school districts, school board members, thought leaders and like-minded organizations that support our theme of Building Better Boards: Leading, Learning, Listening.

Sessions must demonstrate ways for school boards to become more effective, building upon a foundation of leadership excellence. Presenting at CASB’s Annual Convention is the ideal way to share best practices, disseminate successful strategies and deepen understanding of education issues. We are looking for fresh ideas, proven strategies and a collaborative spirit to help build better boards

Please review the call for presentations webpage and submit your proposal by Monday, July 1. For questions, contact Nancy Weiss at 303-832-1000 or

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For More Information, Contact:
Kristine Woolley
Phone: 303-832-1000

Join the Colorado Legacy Foundation

The Colorado Legacy Foundation is a nonprofit organization working in partnership with CDE and public education stakeholders to accelerate bold improvement in student achievement through innovation, collaboration, and capacity-building.

CLF seeks a Coordinator of Communications and Strategic Engagement, an Accounting Clerk, a Director - Development and a Literacy Specialist.

For detailed information and to apply for any of our posted positions, visit the link below.

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For More Information, Contact:
Jean De la Mata
Phone: 303-736-6477

School Finance

View the Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Special Education Preliminary Allocations

The allocations listed below are posted on the CDE Office of Grants Fiscal webpage.

FY13-14 ECEA – Special Education Preliminary Allocation
SB13-260 provided an additional $20 million for the 2013-2014 budget year for Tier B students. Unless future legislation changes, the language that was adopted per SB13-260, the $20 million will be an ongoing allocation in future years for Tier B students.

FY13-14 IDEA – Part B Preliminary Allocation

FY13-14 IDEA – Preschool Preliminary Allocation

Please note: Preliminary allocations are subject to change. You will be notified when final allocations are posted.

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For More Information, Contact:
Tiffany Brodie
Grants Fiscal
Phone: 303-866-6129

Standards & Assessments

Register for July and August School Readiness Assessment Training

Kindergarten teachers can now register for a Teaching Strategies GOLD training.

Trainings will be held:

Monday, July 29: Sterling
Tuesday, July 30: Denver metro south
Wednesday, Julyl 31: Pueblo
Friday, August 2: Eagle
Monday, August 5: Denver metro north
Wednesday, August 7: Alamosa

Trainings are funded by the Early Learning Challenge grant and limited to 50 educators per location. Specific venues will be announced soon.

For more information and to register, visit the link below.
Click Here for Additional Information

For More Information, Contact:
Melissa Colsman
Teaching and Learning
Phone: 303-866-6737

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