06-07 NCLB District/School Profile Data

The following school and district profiles report on progress being made towards two of the major goals outlined in No Child Left Behind. Specifically:

The intent of the NCLB district and school profiles are to inform parents, the general public, and decision makers about the status of education in Colorado in relation to the above goals. Additionally, they provide easy access to Adequate Yearly Progress and Highly Qualified Teacher data. Simply click on the district in which you are interested, and access school and district NCLB data.

Note: You can use the alphabetical list below to limit the list of districts by first letter.

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0230Walsh Re-1District DataSchools Data
3080Weld County Re-1District DataSchools Data
3140Weld County S/D Re-8District DataSchools Data
2505Weldon Valley Re-20(J)District DataSchools Data
2190West End Re-2District DataSchools Data
1340West Grand 1-Jt.District DataSchools Data
0070Westminster 50District DataSchools Data
0990Widefield 3District DataSchools Data
2515Wiggins Re-50(J)District DataSchools Data
2680Wiley Re-13 JtDistrict DataSchools Data
3100Windsor Re-4District DataSchools Data
3020Woodland Park Re-2District DataSchools Data
3070Woodlin R-104District DataSchools Data
3210Wray Rd-2District DataSchools Data

*School and district profile data unavailable due to Natural Disaster